First Post Ever.

My mind right now (in a nutshell).

Hey, whatsup!? My name is Victor, I am just a 21 year old boy trying to put my brain to work. Not that it is not working but I am in that stage of life, yeah that stage, where you just have so many questions in your head, and so much that you want to express but don’t know how to, or which words to use. And obviously the thought of creating a blog crossed my mind, pretty nice idea to develop your expressing and communicating skills, and probably to get to know yourself better, when you get in so much writing mode that your brain starts to just automatically express things in you subconscious, that maybe you didn’t even know were part of you.

It is really late right now, 1:49 am, and I’m just here trying to transfer my brain to a computer screen. Hoping my mom does’t wake up and tries to kill me for trying to write my first post ever at this time, when I should be sleeping. But Obviously I got a good reason to write this, I am excited, to write my first blog. To star my journey to becoming a very famous blogger, making a living out of it, and becoming very rich just by blogging. Yeah I am another one of the millions that were a little motivated by that highly unlikely idea, that was on their head even if they don’t want to admit it. I would say probably ninety percent of bloggers, well in my opinion.

It is funny how, right now, as I am writing this I am just thinking about people looking at this post as my first one ever before I got really famous and revolutionized society and the way people think, which is another motivation, that moved me to take the risk of starting this post at such a late time. I have been getting very inspired lately but it always happens late at night. Specially right before I go to sleep, my mind just takes me everywhere, she gets pretty impressive at that time.

Well, I hope somebody reads this someday, and if not, whatever, I will just read it myself in the future and laugh at myself; because it is pretty simple to create a blog and write your mind away on it, but it is pretty complicated to get millions of people to read it and influence the way they think with your writings.


About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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