To the perfect girl.

Dedicated to all the perfect girls.

Hey, Can you Please, not allow me? Please don’t allow me to meet you, hey please, don’t allow me, don’t allow me to closely know you.

Please don’t bring a stop to my happiness, please don’t terminate the ability of my imagination to make me believe, believe that you and I would happy be. To make me believe that you are perfect and there are no defects in you. To make me believe that everything in you is as flawless as your beauty, as soft as your skin is.

Would you mind letting  me imagine? because that is my only escape to this harsh reality. My only escape to the fact that under your beautiful skin, there exists some ugliness, there is some kind of hate, and of course there always has to be something that I didn’t expect. Something too hard for my imagination to believe, because she knew you as someone else. Which is her job, so its ok, imagine everything will be just fine, imagine everything will go so well.

Please have some compassion. Would you never, oh girl please never, to me say even just a word? so every time I see you I can imagine and just fly straight, straight and far out of this world. Could you Please not look? Not even look at me, So happiness doesn’t just leave me when I doubt or  over think.

Oh Please forget it. Please just never mind. Go out with me, get close, be right next to my side. Let me know all your mysteries, All your secrets, all your dreams. But please let me just beg, just beg you something else, Please, while you’re with me, I beg you don’t be you, just  be somebody else. Would you just continue to be the girl I never met, the girl that stole my sleep, the girl I won’t regret?

Because it is pretty simple to assume a girl is perfect before you get to know her, but to claim that she is perfect after really getting to know her is pretty complicated.


About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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