The Race

I don’t remember very well, but it was pretty dark. Me and a many  thousand others all racing to leave a mark. Thousands and thousands all going against the wind, you would think we were running, but oh man we had to swim!The moment is not engraved in memory so well, but easy it really  wasn’t and that I can just tell. I kept just swimming with all my might. The winner lives,  the loser dies.

It came a moment I felt at peace, couldn’t believe I won all this. All the other thousands, see them just die. Was I then happy or was I sad? I don’t remember that is a fact, but man it happened a good while back.

Then so much peace and joy, best time of my life. I really enjoyed it, lasted a while. It was like heaven, that’s how it felt, but dear fellow the race was hell.

Heaven it was. Heaven I lived. But then that day, I saw a fist. heaven just stopped, I was so scared.
Very bright light I couldn’t bare.

that day I thought that I would die. It just turned out to be first time I cried.

They took me out of heaven just after like nine months. Some get out there with others, I got out there alone.

And now Sometimes I wonder, in the mirror see  my face , and ask myself out loud: was it good to win the race?

Because it is simple to be alive but is complicated to live life.

About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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