But Why?

But why do you posses a body and beauty? If you were never capable enough to develop and efficiently use neither your brain, nor your heart. But why can I feel any kind of attraction towards you?

I know is just my imagination, tricking me to believe that there would be a compliment to your body in your mind. A compliment that would entirely attach my body and soul to your person for eternity. But as you grow older, you learn the tricks of your imagination, with which she doesn’t really intend to harm you in anyway, but just to give you a small temporary burst of happiness.

But as you develop your mind, you start to learn how to play with imagination, how to understand her language. You start to take care of her when she gets afraid and starts to hug you really tight, asking you for help because she thinks something horrifying is about to happen. And then she paints a really ugly picture and shows it to you. We usually call those drawings fear.

And when imagination starts painting, you have to be very smart. Tell it whether to reduce or increase: happiness, fear, expectations, love, hate, and a whole bunch of thoughts and emotions that sometimes we cant even recognize.

Don’t blame imagination. She’s innocent, she has good intentions, she has the ability to make you feel very good. But unfortunately, she also has the ability to make you feel guilty and a lot more afraid than necessary; for no rational reason. But you have to teach her, train her, develop her; that she might continue to paint but become a much better artist  every single day.


About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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