Hey happiness! is that you?

I am so happy. Not because of people surrounding me, or circumstances outside. But rather because of God. He gave me just a little bit of the same kind of wisdom and knowledge he granted to Solomon, and now I have a slight idea as to how and which buttons inside of me are necessary to be pushed in order to live happy.
Now I can see a lot of the things I didn’t see before. I have slightly developed the ability to combine past, present and the expectation of the future in order to create a happy outcome. I no longer fall into the trap, in which many of those with low level of wisdom fall; the trap to go like crazy looking for happiness all around the world. When happiness is right inside of us all the time. And, unfortunately, sometimes many never even get to know it.
Many times our lack of wisdom also leads us to believe that there is  someone out there who possesses our happiness; someone who has the ability to come and grant us, our so desired, happiness. But sometimes we just don’t have the sufficient knowledge to understand that, in reality,  what we really need to do; is to choose a person to share our happiness with.
Choose a person which you can trust, then take that stake of happiness out of your heart and put it in their hands. Sometimes, we miss the fact that the only thing, outside of us on this earth,  which can give us the satisfactory lasting joy and happiness we need,  is the very act of sharing that part of our heart. That part of your soul. Sharing them with another human being, while you hold part of theirs (making a trade). Trusting that they will take care of your happiness as if it was theirs, even when it is something that doesn’t really belong to them.
Be very careful who you share this part of yourself with, unless they appreciate it so much and want it so extremely bad to the point where they grow to believe it is their personal property. If you find somebody who feels like this about your happiness, if it was in their hands, then you should consider thinking about giving them a chance to hold it. But you have to be completely sure that they mean it, with all their heart and soul.  Because if they don’t and you allow them to hold it; chaos will destroy much of the happiness left inside you, plus that which you’ve already lost to them . In that very unfortunate case you’ll need to rebuild that happiness inside of you and make it whole again. Thanks to God our bodies are capable of healing themselves, in many cases; and thanks to Him also, we have a brain to battle emotions.
After you rebuild your happiness, don’t be afraid to continue looking for that special somebody else to share it with. Don’t let your past negative experience deny a stake of  your happiness to someone who would do and give the universe to have part of it. To have part of you. To make you theirs. Til death do you part. Because yeah it is amazing to have all of your happiness healed and working for yourself, but there is nothing in the world like sharing with all confidence that treasure of your happiness with someone who you trust like yourself. But if you ever come across somebody, in whose hands you trust your happiness. And if you trust, with all heart and soul,  your happiness in their hands; even more than in your own hands, then know that you have  found your soul mate. And I would advice to never let him or her go.

It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere. Agnes Repplier


About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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