Knowledge Is Power.

When I was younger, every single time somebody would try to talk and convince me about education and its great value; I would just turn my brain into blah blah blah mode.

I believe this still goes on, in the mind of many young kids going through their middle and high school years. And I also believe, this way of thinking takes away a lot of the potential that education could give us.

Now, in my college days, I have learned how fascinating and powerful education is. Now I have great motivation to learn stuff, to develop my mind, develop my person, and even to put a deal effort to educate myself.

College really did open my mind. In college, I learned how to learn. I learned how to apply what I learn to real life. It wasn’t just one specific class or my specific major but the whole college experience overall. That is one of the things I really appreciate about college; although I’m not sure if everybody is illuminated throughout their college days in the same way I have been.

Of course, I’m not saying that I know everything in the universe now. But now, I clearly have a much more clear idea of what knowledge is, how to get it, and how I might use it to my benefit in the future. After many years of just wanting to pass and be done with my classes, now I see the value of learning new stuff, the benefits of applying what is learned to my daily life, the power of connecting old and new knowledge to create something nobody ever thought of. All while constantly becoming a better and improved version of myself.

But the problem I see is: that it is really hard for adults, teachers, and schools to express to young kids what education really is and how immense is the potential it has to improve their life. Although, when I was younger, I did kind of grasp that it was very important, but I never fully understood why or how.

I guess I never found anybody that made it attractive enough, nevertheless I was always dedicating time to it, because of the constant stressing of how important it was for my future. That is also the same case I find a great amount of students in; they are just going after a degree, a diploma, or a grade to have a better future for themselves.

The knowledge, the development of your mind, and the powerful skills and abilities are all overshadowed by graduating and getting a diploma. After classes are taken and passed much of the knowledge, which in many cases, sadly, just becomes memorized facts and numbers, is thrown away in a corner of our brains right after passing grades are posted.

I ask myself; where is common sense? because the diploma just serves as proof that your brain is filled with good knowledge and you have developed a pretty sharp mind. But why would one posses the diploma when one did not attain the necessary level of knowledge? Why would somebody with the necessary level of knowledge be rejected because they  don’t posses a diploma?

The times we live in offer us the Internet. A great and extremely powerful tool that could either  develop our minds beyond what we could imagine, or waste a lot of our precious time. The Internet is a very good opportunity to put your knowledge to play, and develop it to the max. But when it comes to balancing your time, wisdom is what comes into play, which is the best thing you could ever acquire under the sun.

A diploma should not define who you are, or your education level, because right now it is very possible to know a lot more than a college graduate without the need to ever step on a college campus.

I, finally, really understand and appreciate the famous quote: “Knowledge is power”, and I hope you feel the same.

Because it is simple to get a diploma, but it is complicated to get all of the knowledge and wisdom that should also come with it.


About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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