The Struggle.

Oh life so sweet, and also sour,

I wish you gave me

only sweet hours.

Would you stop trying to break me apart?

But you don’t care if I am smart.

If pretty or ugly,

if black or white, if rich or poor,

if chill or tight,

if nice and tall or pretty small,

if smart and clever or just so dumb,

if one is boring or one is fun,

if one is sexy or not attractive,

if one is lazy or one is active,

if one is young or one is old,

if one is timid or one is bold,

if one is lucky or one is not,

if one is hot or one is cold,

if one is fine or one is mad,

if one is happy or one is sad,

if one lives here or one lives there,

if one is popular or one is nerd,

if one is proud or one is humble,

if one is up or one is down,

if one in heaven or on the ground,

if one is shy or extrovert,

if one is nice or just a jerk,

if one has blond or brunette hair,

if one is honest or just a liar,

if one is loud or is just quiet,

Oh, oh life there’s so much more

But I don’t want to get you bored.

I’ll ask you this,

without no mumble,

Why happiness we all must fumble?

Why should our souls go through the struggle?


About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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