An Entrepreneur.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been part of a program; which is dedicated to empower young entrepreneurs. This program has given me so much insight and has incredibly sparked my passion for entrepreneurship.

The URBN youth StartUP Program takes place in The City College of New York; it is intended to give young aspiring entrepreneurs all the required tools, ability, knowledge and mentor-ship required to be successful in business. Re:LIFE is the organization that makes this  program possible.

Business entrepreneuship

In only a month on this program, I have gained so much knowledge and insight. I really thank God and appreciate this opportunity very much.

We have class four days a week, for two and a half hours (each class), with Friday being the day for review of our Tuesday class.

But I love how classes here are not just your typical college-like classes. This classes are really down to earth and they are extremely related to the real world! Which is what I always look for in a class; how is it going to help me in the real world?

Getting different mentors with experience and success in business, is just such a great opportunity. Especially for me to ask questions, because, when it comes to people of that caliber, I always have a million questions to ask.

So if you are one of those people, and you enjoy enlightening the mind of young aspiring entrepreneurs, then please get in contact with me. I will definitely have tons of questions for you.


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Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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