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Won’t use the dictionary to look for fancy words, I’ll go, and just sit out here and simply use my own. I didn’t really invent them But I think it’s still fine Together with my expression those words are only mine. … Continue reading

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“Don’t worry, don’t assume they have always been this good. Just like you, they had to: make many mistakes, embarrass themselves a couple of times, and  also assume others had always been that good. Of course by never telling you about their rookie days, they are … Continue reading

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“The ability to laugh and joke even when you are having a bad day…. That’s having a sense of humor! Anyone could do it on a good day.”

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That’s Life

“Black or White. Big or Small. Cute or Ugly. Smart or Clumsy. Rich or Poor. We all have troubles.”

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“Fight against your ego, everyday, because he could stop you from learning a lot of things you thought you knew.”

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