A simple thing that could change your life.


I have recently learned a simple thing; that has been making my life a whole lot better. I felt the urgency to share it and spread the wisdom.

To be honest, these aspect, now seems as if it was so obvious, but I was never aware of them, until acquiring this knowledge and closely thinking about it.

It has given me much better days, and I hope I could do the same to you.

If you already know it, a reminder would still be beneficial. Here it is:

  • Be completely aware of your inner voice.

I started reading and studying a lot on the topic of confidence and mental toughness. And this point just kept coming up over and over again from many different sources.

Before deeply analyzing and thinking this, the eyes of my mind were closed to this fact so I was pretty much unaware of my internal voice for a long period of my life. It would just play automatically.

As I have discovered this treasure, I have been developing and harnessing my internal voice. The results are amazing, wonderful, delighting.

So, now by spreading the wisdom, I want to recommend you to listen very carefully to your internal voice at all times. Raise up the volume. And carefully analyze what you are telling yourself.

The Beauty about this is that once you have control and have developed your ability to listen and guide your internal voice according to your will; as opposed to the conditions suggested from outside sources, you will have a much greater control of your emotions.

Emotions impact your behavior and obviously how you feel, to a great extent. So if you have greater control over them your life could be so much better. This is when being aware and controlling your internal voice comes in handy.

Let me give you a small practical example:

In this very moment, become aware of your internal voice . It might be just repeating this article as you read, or expressing ideas you have which could relate to this. I want you to turn up the volume of the voice and make it very high so it has greater intensity and more influence.

Now say to yourself, internally, high volume. Or rather scream to yourself internally, five times, this phrase : ” I have to workout! right now! I am ready to do it right now! Bring it on! This is easy for me”

After this you should have transferred your mind, body, and emotions into a pumped state to workout which will definitively help you have more energy and a better workout.

Now try, five times, not so intense: “It’s fine, I don’t really have to workout today, I don’t really feel like doing it. I’ll do it tomorrow, let me just watch some TV and relax for now.”

After inducing yourself in the kind of state this internal dialogue would cause, it is very unlikely that you will have any kind of energy, or will power, to have an efficient workout.

This voice, is the negative voice, that stops so many people from doing great things. The biggest problem is that many of them are not even aware of it and just let it play automatically.

You can create all phrases and affirmations that, as you develop this ability, will give you the necessary mental, physical, and emotional state needed on any occasion. Obviously it is not going to be so effective on extreme cases, but even then it could still make a difference.

Be aware of the negative voice, whenever it comes up kill it, and switch to positive confident mode.

Hey, you will be with yourself 24/7 so might as well have a great relationship with yourself. Use your inner voice effectively, go out there and do great things. Hope this helps. Pass it on.


About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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