All of this Poem.

I’ll just let the pencil flow

On this case is the keyboard

When I start to express the feelings

Something very deep inside me, expresses an explicit roar.

Is the lion that’s inside

of the kid that’s nice and fine

but don’t step on the wrong space

that’s like stepping on a mine.

And it is completely mine

The right to let the lion out

When you’re trying to take advantage

on our daily go about.

And it’s not that I’m a maniac

In my mind there’s no disease

very clear and pretty intact all the world I can perceive.

I might be writing a lot, but what the heck

We got blogs, we got newspapers

we got pencils, we got pens, and we got maps.

You’ll probably never find time to read it

Or if you find it, you probably never will

but I do it for my mind to keep it sane

away from Ill.

Because If God told me the secrets

that are hidden when I write

Why should I come to a stop?

If you’re not who owns my mind.

I’ll just leave my thoughts imprinted

for history out on the web

Maybe someday people know me

And they’ll come and check the net

But I really have a feeling

And there seems to be no doubt

that one day after long time

but before when I retire

people will look at my writings,  with them

they’ll be inspired.

I know today’s a lot,

but the mind needs a discharge

I will try to be smart

because many words can harm

the reputation of the writer,

but without words I can’t charm.

Since that happens most when one speaks

I’ll just continue to write, to the rain that’s slowly falling

and to this addictive beat.

If the reading feeds your mind

then this peace should be some meat.

If the writer is the waiter

Then I sure deserve a tip.

But is fine Do you prefer the meat with just a little wine?

but not too much because it could take over your mind

And take you do things you never intended

make you do things that could get others offended.

It’s not for kings nor for princes to drink wine

away from it, is being wise

That was told straight to Lemuel

And could for us make many bells

ring, in celebration of our success

don’t give all your strength to women

don’t become a slave to sex

everything has its time

they call it delayed gratification

it could sometimes be compared to what we call medication

at the time it wouldn’t taste so fine

but you’ll see after a while

but those that couldn’t wait

will be crying in the end.

Because really is an investment

with amounted interest, just need to wait.

just wait, simply little more, and you’ll find some inspiration

cuz you read all of this poem.


About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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