Finding something to write

making a rhyme

creating something that sounds fine,

without having to drink, a cup of wine.

Alcohol to gets the brain flowing on it’s own

getting your juices they say to flow

getting words to get more along.

Being a father or a son

Writing music or writing poems

Anyway you can find the inspiration

You only need a little  dedication.

To your mind, more specifically your brain

give it stimulation and go make it rain.

Keep it sane, keep it inside a frame

If you work it good it could money and fame

But it’s OK, we just need to be happy

no need to get rude, no need to get cranky.

Peace in the world, peace in your mind

Don’t ask why, it’s just about time.


About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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