Lucky me.

Lucky me that all I have is a few problems.

Although I think they are the worst.

Lucky me that life is beautiful.

Even when I’m not having fun.

The key is to picture the future,

and make it beautiful and bright.

Realize you are not the worst,

realize you are Okay,

Realize there is no need to cry,

to others, you’re doing, pretty damn well.

You have two arms, but you complain you don’t throw well.

You miss the point, you miss the things you could enjoy,

there is no point in having them if you don’t know they’re there.

It’s funny how one might not realize until they are not there.

That is when you appreciate when you’re saying farewell.





About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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