Back with some knowledge.

Hey, whoever is there. I am back after a pretty significant amount of time, there are many chances that you did not even notice my absence, but if you are one of those individuals which my imagination wants to make me believe were waiting for me, then welcome back. Although you may not even exist, but as they say, you never know. And if you do exist, be happy, because I am back and I have learned a bunch of things which have changed my life. For good of course.

I believe that by reading this piece you might be able to grasp some of all of the learning I have been given the privilege to learn. As you all know, words are never enough to entirely transmit your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and concepts in a crystal clear way, just as if transferring data from my brain to yours. Nevertheless, I believe and have witnessed the immeasurable power of words and I know that they are a pretty damn good tool for us to transmit much of what is inside of us.

Since we have gotten ourselves in the topic of words and their power, I believe this would be a perfect opportunity for me to share the wisdom God has lately enlightened my with in respect to words and their power. After much reading, listening, speaking and self-talk I have finally arrived at a stage in my life where I understand that words are not just sounds which we could emit through our mouths, but words are rather a lot more than simply a sound. When I was a little boy I found no interest, and also found myself highly bored when listening to somebody utter too many words. Back then I did not understand that words are magical.

Maybe if somebody would have explained the concept in those terms, maybe, then I would try paying more attention and displaying more love for words. But since I did not see nor did I understand the concept as so. I believed that anything that is not action, moving, or playing like (to me) speaking, writing, or reading were considered to be,  then it was worthless. Because to me, saying words was not accomplishing anything, saying many words was not making a lot of change, saying many words was just a fancy way to waste our time.

I wish I would have known the power of words back then, as I know it now. I probably would have been so much better at so many different things, and my life would have been so much better at this point. But still, I consider myself lucky to grasp this concept at this age, because I am certain that many people don’t really get to fully understand it until they reach their 50’s or 60’s. I am thankful to God that I am bale to understand this concept in my early 20’s and can take advantage of this knowledge to lead a brilliant, exciting, beautiful, and amazing life.

Now, I finally see, feel, grasp, and understand how words are magic. Words have the ability to create crazy reactions in our brains, words have the ability to take us to a million different places in an hour, words have the ability to make others feel beautiful, amazing feelings. Words have the power to create something, words have the power to change how we see the world, words have the power to change how somebody else sees us, words have the power to allow us to get the things we want, words can paint a universe in our heads, words can train us to be ready in certain life situations.

Words can do billions of things, according to how they are used, when they are used, and in which way they are used. This is the reason why those who get to master the use of words tend to live amazing, wonderful, amusing, and very rewarding lives. Because words have millions of powers. But to use those powers we need to learn how to use words, and not only how to use them but also how to process and understand them and a very quick and effective way.

Therefore, now I understand how far away from the truth I found myself, words are not only performing great action in our brains, words perform actions that can be greater than any physical action we may perform. Words develop our brains, the use of words help us see life, live life, and understand life in a way which is a million times better. This may be the reason why when we are babies we might find life dull and boring, because we have not mastered words, thus we have very little understanding of what life really is. But as we educate ourselves we start to see how amazingly magical the world really is.

Life becomes so beautiful. Have you felt how the words in a book can make you go to a thousand places without ever leaving your seat. That’s one of the best examples that could be use to try to illustrate how powerful words are. Do you realize that anything great, anything worth admiring, anything that leaves us in awe could not have been done if the use of words was not involved in it. All of the greats had to master and use words to get to where they were. Do you realize that words are powerful enough to give somebody a heart attack, powerful enough to make somebody fall in love with you, Powerful enough to start a war, powerful enough to inspire somebody to become the greatest, powerful enough to make somebody cry, powerful enough to make you a genius?

Words, when repeated hundreds and hundreds of times, for hundreds of hundreds of days, become our nature. Not the sound of the word, but rather what the word or string of words symbolize. Words are probably one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, tools that we have as human beings. Words shape our brains as to how they will see and react to the world. words are the ones that create or rather fill up our subconscious mind, words are the ones that allow us to grasp very valuable insights that could change our lives and the lives of many around us.

Man, I have learned so much but I just got caught up in trying to simply touch upon the surface of the power of words and all they can do. I really have just slightly scratched the surface of this topic, but I am sure that all these ‘words’ can spark in you the desire to continue to learn and grasp this very powerful concept. I encourage you to continue to read, write, listen, and (intelligently) speak  as much as you can. You don’t need to speak so much, but the others are imperative for you to master and enjoy the power of words. After strongly excising with the others then speaking will flow naturally and brilliantly. If you exercise this muscle of your brain then you will become great, you will be seen as a genius, because you will easily and clearly raise above the immense mass of average and below average human beings.

I will continue to write more posts, in which I share all the knowledge I have recently gained.  By looking at this actual post, I can see that it will require a good amount of lengthy posts in order to try to transmit a lot of what is in my mind. But those who love knowledge will easily go through all the posts, with all the words, in an easy and smooth manner, enjoying the developing of their brain with every word and sentence they read.

I will be back soon, with a lot more. If you go through them all they can do nothing but help you  have an amazing life.

PS. If you read it all the way to the end, without skipping, congrats! you are a lover of words, wisdom, and intelligence and you are or will soon be living a life that will be highly envied by the average.


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Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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