Humor from Pam and Fred.

Pam: Hey Fred, did you enjoy the play last night?

Fred: Yes, It was a great play. I had a really good time with you there.

Pam: Oh Thanks. Let me ask you something Fred; what was your favorite part of the play?

Fred: Well I think the entire play was my favorite part.

Pam: What do you mean the entire play was your favorite part Fred?

Fred: Well, what I mean is, that the entire play was my first time ever in which I was close to you and you did not make me dizzy with non-stop talk. I had never before witnessed your mouth closed for such a long period of time.

Pam: Wow, Fred. You are so mean.

Fred: Well, That is only if I do not count the many times you were tempted to give me your opinion on the play, but the crowd behind us gave you no chance. I really wish we could have a crowd of that magnitude behind us a lot more often.

Pam: Wow Fred. I also really wish we had more of all of those girls that were looking at you because they found you very attractive.

Fred: What!? why didn’t you tell me?

Pam: Well, because I figured that if they found you attractive they must have been pretty damn drunk.

Fred: Ha! funny. Pam getting back. I have to admit you have been getting pretty good at it.

Pam: Yeah I am learning from you, Thanks God you are somewhat funny. Because it really would be a tragedy if, with a face like yours, you had no sense of humor.

Fred: Yeah it would also be a tragedy if with, a sense of humor like yours, you did not have a pretty face.

Pam: Well, at least I get non-imaginary guys to come after me, because they find me attractive.

Fred: Well, at least I get non-imaginary people to laugh at my jokes.

Pam: I certainly would not be able to tell whether they would be laughing at your jokes or at your face.

Fred: Ahhh Pam, you are too good. I give up that’s it, white flag.

Pam: Nah Fred, you are much better, I have been learning from you. That is the only reason why I make you wave the white flag.

Fred: Makes sense. Too bad you can’t teach me how to have a pretty face though.

Pam: Easy, get a plastic surgery.

Fred: I will do it, only if you get a brain transplant. So that we could be on the same level.

Pam: HaHa! Shut up Fred! In all seriousness though that is the reason why I love you, because you can make me laugh so much.

Fred: I love you too Pam, Because you give me something beautiful to look at everyday.

Pam: Awwww…

Fred: Yeah, your dog is a very beautiful creature.

Pam : Ughhh! Fred!!

Fred: What? I am trying to say that your beauty is contagious. Your dog is prefect proof since you have been with him for so long.

Pam: Aww Fred. You are so sweet. And Apparently you also need to continue to spend a lot, and I really mean A LOT, more time with me.

Fred: I have been. That is the only reason why you are now able to have a rational conversation with a person.

Pam: Too bad I can’t have it with you. Not because you are not rational. But rather because you are not a person.

Fred: I guess I could become famous then. Rational being, who is not a person.

Pam: More like rational person who is not a being. Because you obviously do not exist in the eyes of beautiful girls like me.

Fred: Thanks God you gave me a chance and brought me into existence babe.

Pam: That is right. I brought you into existence, I said : let there be Fred, and there was Fred.

Fred: Wow impressive, I always thought a creator needed some wisdom and intelligence to make things happen.

Pam: I also thought the same. Until I saw how ugly my creation was.

Fred: HaHaHa! Okay, That’s it. I’m sleepy, I need some sleep. But seriously I want to dream with you because you are so beautiful babe.

Pam: Aww, good night babe. I seriously hope that in the future our kids come out with your brains not mine.

And Pam and Fred had a very long, amazing, beautiful and lasting relationship. Thanks to many moments like this one………. The End.


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