A little more knowledge.

Hey there, here I am again. Trying to bring some of the knowledge I have been learning to the table. In order to share it with others; so that they can also satisfy their hunger and feed their brains as well. As promised I am bringing a little more of all that I learned in the meantime while I was inactive with the site. I thought I was going to be able to bring a lot more last time, but I took all of the post to express the power of words.

Now, this time I want to focus more on our perception of the world. To start off, I just wanted to point out the fact that we all live in the same world, with the same rules, with the same truths, and with very similar capabilities as human beings. But if you really analyze this point, and pay much more attention to your daily life, you will realize that there is no chances at all whatsoever of finding two people who perceive the world in exactly the same way.

God has given us this great capacity of being able to completely change how the world looks according to what we fill our heads with. That is the reason why we feel this disconnection with people we don’t know well or people whom we have just met; we feel a sense of confusion as to where they stand in their view of the world. They feel the same as well, given that they do not know you. Although we both physically see exactly the same, and experience the same truths, all of these aspects can be felt, perceived, and understood in an entirely different way according to what is in the mind of a person.

This phenomena is the reason why we see many things differently when we are kids. We are still the same individuals we are now as adults, and we still see the same objects we saw when we were kids. But because of what we have filled our minds with we go through different stages in which we see the same exact object or experience, in many different ways; it triggers different feelings, emotions, reactions, thoughts, images, etc.

For Instance, because of what we had in our head when we were kids, we might had seen a colorful toy as something great, something magical, something amazing, something extremely desirable. But as we continue to grow and fill our heads with other things we might start to see this toy as simply an object which we could very briefly looked at and then thrown away because it does not cause any type of excitement nor does it serve any significant purpose. When we were kids we did not put a limit to our imagination, nor were we so infatuated with the standards established by society for certain age groups that we would just get lost playing and imagining a magical word as we would use the toy.

This is a very small illustration, which intends to show the power which our perception could have in our lives. Therefore, the amazing part about our lives is that there is an infinite amount of ways that we can fill up our mind in order to see a different world. The more you fill your head with, the better you can see the world, the better you can understand how others see the world. and the better you are able to see situations from different angles.

Therefore, the more you have in your mind, the more light there is in your eyes to see the world; in contrast with those which decide to be blinded by ignorance. One of the worst enemies of humanity.


About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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