Different than Animals.

Lately I have been pondering upon the fact that we are just like animals are. The only difference between us and animals is our ability to reason. Which, if you really think about it, is an enormous difference that allows us to dominate over them. I believe that God gave us our brains and their capacity so that we can easily rule over animals.

If it was not for our ability to use our brains and think as we human beings do; it would have been a very difficult task to rule over many animals. Many Animals, as it might be clear, are way ahead of us when it comes to strength, speed, stamina, agility, and physical ability. Among animals themselves these are mainly the aspects which determine who dominates over who. But when we include human beings in the picture then our intelligence goes way beyond the level of intelligence of any of these animals.

And it is because of our intelligence, that we are easily able to control and dominate animals. We go higher in the pyramid of power because of the intelligence God has given us. But, one could ask oneself, if animals mainly depend on physical ability to see who dominates among themselves then what do humans depend upon in order to determine who is on top?

Well, if we think about this question, we will ironically realize that whoever has the ability to think better is the most powerful one. In other words, whoever has the strongest brain (mind, reasoning ability) goes higher than the other. Many people focus on intensely training their muscles but often neglect their most powerful muscle: the mind. The mind could, and must, be trained just like any other muscle. The more we train our mind, the healthier, stronger, and more efficient it becomes.

When we train our mind we create synapses, we stimulate our brains to continue building more and more within itself, we encourage our neural pathways to get stronger and closer in order to allow electrical signals to flow a lot faster and smoother. We give the brain food to process every thought and experience a lot more efficiently, we create an incredibly widely extended, efficient, and powerful network which becomes available for us to use with every thought, every situation, every experience and every feeling we go through.

We encourage the flow of blood to go more intensely and more freely to our brains. We train neurons to fire quickly and effectively. We create a snowball effect in which we interconnect every single new thing we learn with the millions of thoughts, memories, experiences, etc. that we have saved in our brains. As we train the mind we encourage the production of more matter in our brains, we could even say tissues, which would give us a much more powerful brain.

And at the end of the day, whoever has developed the mind the most, whoever’s brain is more robust, whoever’s brain fires neurons more quickly, whoever’s brain has more memories and knowledge saved on its memory, always goes higher on top and lives a better life. And that is why God gave us such a powerful brain created in His likeness and image so that we can enjoy life and also the eternity of our souls if we obtain salvation.


About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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2 Responses to Different than Animals.

  1. themrrodge says:

    Thank you for your post. Can you believe there is debate about animals being more intelligent than humans? Really ??? Can any animal build a car or fly a plane? Anyhow, great post in demonstrating how intelligence equals power.

    • vicj92 says:

      Thank you for reading it. I can not believe that a human being with a proper functioning brain would dare to even slightly entertain the thought of any animal being more intelligent than humans. I would consider such a dispute to be a joke and a waste of time. But yes indeed, intelligence equals power.

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