A Billion Others of the Opposite Sex.


If you are going through a tough psychological, mental, or emotional period simply because of someone of the opposite sex, then this blog is for you.

It is also, for those who still have not yet gone through this unpleasant moment in their life. Trust me, sooner or later, you will encounter this phenomenon in your life. Not only one time but probably one too many.

There is a rule in this world, and that is (just like in the jungle) the survival of the fittest. But unlike in the jungle this rule does not refer to the physically fittest, but it rather refers to the mentally fittest, as I have argued in a previous post.

Those with a strong, down to earth, empowered, and enlightened mind will have very little pain when this, unfortunately very common, virus, tries to come and take over their lives. A developed mind will easily fight off this disease which tries to deeply damage your feelings, emotions, mind, and self-esteem.

But the weak minds, which are unfortunately many, do not posses the knowledge, the wisdom, the intelligence, the brains, and the enlightenment of mind which are necessary in order to combat this dangerous disease.

In many of the cases the disease is  eventually killed by the agent ‘time’; which is said to have the power to cure all things. But if ‘time’ becomes the only option for a person to heal, then this dangerous disease has the potential of leaving many permanent marks.

The symptoms for this very dangerous disease include:

  • Thinking of him/her for extremely prolonged periods of time.(When there is no relation between the two at all).
  • Believing that without him/her  life has no value.
  • Believing that there is no way that there is anyone, in the entire world, better than he/she is.
  • Thinking that while you find yourself obsessed about them, they do not even think of you, not even for a second.
  • Going, over and over again, through old conversations the two of you had in the past.
  • Crying because you can’t have him/her.
  • Feeling that you have no personal value at all because he/she doesn’t want you.
  • Believing you are worthless just because he/she is not willing to be with you.
  • Desiring with all your soul to receive a text or a call form him/her.
  • Constantly going through his/her pictures on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Frantically rehearsing what you will say or do to get him/her back.
  • Constantly wondering whether they are thinking of you, while inaccurately and naively thinking they have a prefect, beautiful, and happy life. While you are suffering for them.
  • Among many others, which cannot be added to this list due to the overwhelming amount of space they would take. (After going through this list, it is normally very easy to identify symptoms of this disease which are not explicitly expressed on the list.)

By looking at the previous symptoms,  one can easily come to the conclusion that this can be a very threatening and devastating disease.

For this reason, one must consistently exercise the mind in order for it to stay in top shape and top health, so that this disease has no chances of entering our system in no way or manner.

To have a strong, illuminated, sharp, vibrant, and enlightened mind, that will instantly destroy this virus without giving it any chance to affect us, let alone leave scars, one could consistently take doses of the following medicine:

  1. Make a habit of deeply thinking, realizing, and internalizing the fact that in this world there are billions of (other) males/females. And there is a 99.9 % chance that there is a male/female which largely and by far surpasses all aspects of the male/female that you’re crying for.
  2. Be happy, because God is probably giving you a chance to be completely free for a, now unknown, male/female that you will meet in the near future, which is a hundred times greater than the male/female you are suffering for right now.
  3. Understand that this is a great opportunity to improve yourself; so that you can see him/her cry and feel extremely miserable about his/her life, when he/she sees you again down the road and then he/she realizes how dumb they were to let you go.
  4. The rejection of a person is always an opportunity to go for something better. (relates with #2).
  5. He/She will become really jealous, in the future, when they see that you are not only much more attractive than before, but you are also highly desired by those who are way above his/her level.
  6. Understand that some people are not very intelligent, and will reject you just because of the fact that they themselves recently have also been rejected. Naively thinking that this will help restore his/her brainless pride and ego.
  7. Simply understand that there is a billion other individuals of the opposite sex. And you have only met 0.000000000000001% of them.
  8. Everybody has been rejected before, it is not a big deal. There is a 99.9% chance that he/she has also been rejected before. And there is also a 99.9% chance that you also have rejected somebody else before. Don’t make it bigger than life, it’s not a big deal.
  9. Life goes on and there is a million other things that we must continue to work with in our lives.
  10. Realize that, although they are very good at hiding it, there is a great chance that the other person is suffering a lot more than you are.
  11. Don’t give this the power to take over your ability to create a happy and beautiful life for yourself.

If you follow these instructions, and constantly give your mind healthy doses of this concepts, thoughts, and beliefs then this dangerous disease will not even dare to approach you in any way, because the virus knows that it will easily be destroyed.

Funny thing is that this virus, attacks both individuals at the same time, and each of them usually thinks that they are the only one being affected, while the other person is not.

Of course, if one of the two has had healthy doses of the medicine mentioned above, then the disease only affects the other individual: the one with the weak mind due to the lack of essential vitamins and nutrients provided by the medicine.

If both are immune due to the medicine, then the virus has no chances of affecting neither one them. In a case like this, Life would simply go on in a very smooth and peaceful manner. Without any of the individuals experiencing any pain or suffering.

Unfortunately, this case where both individuals are unharmed is very rare to find.

But, there it is for you. Now you know how to be protected for the future. Also, you now know how to kill the virus if it is already starting to attack your system.

And, Remember! unless you are in your 80’s or 90’s, there still is at least one or two thousand more males/females that you will meet throughout your life.






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Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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