Growing up Faster.

Many times we as human beings have a tendency to match the level of wisdom or intelligence of a person to their age.

This natural insight that comes to us instinctively, is the result of our years watching those who are older than us have a better understanding and better grasp on many topics than we, as young ones, do.

This concept is even more ingrained upon us in our childhood, where we find ourselves being highly impressed by the wisdom and intelligence that our parents posses as adults.

There is a very high degree of truth in the fact that the longer we live on this earth, the more time we have had to have experiences and to think through situations which gradually increase our knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence.

A five year old boy, for instance, would not be expected to be even close to the intellectual level of a thirty five year old. And this is obvious, because the thirty five year old has had thirty more years than the boy to explore the world, learn things, create more memories, develop intelligence, increase wisdom,  and go through more experiences.

The problem arrives when people merit wisdom and intelligence merely to one’s age in and of itself. People tend to ignore the fact that what opens and develops the mind of a man, is not the number of years he has been on this earth, but rather how much he has learned, how much he has developed his mind in the time in which he has been here.

Therefore, the age should not be taken as the main and only measurement; but  the rate at which we learns and develops everyday of our lives should be a more important and useful unit for us to measure wisdom and intelligence.

For instance, a fifteen year old, who has made the effort throughout his years on this earth to thoroughly read and digest about 40 to 50 books, has most likely already learned and developed his mind much more than an average twenty or even twenty-one year old.

The rate of acquiring wisdom and intelligence has been a lot faster for the fifteen year old, although he has had five (six) years less to do so than the other individual has. Nevertheless, through the reading and learning the younger guy has experienced a lot more of life, and has made a lot more memories, developed more his wisdom and intelligence, while learning a lot more than the other.

Thus, one could not assume that the twenty year old is wiser or more intelligent just because he is twenty. In this case, the fifteen year old surpasses his level because he has developed his mind at a much faster rate.

Reading books can make us live a thousand lives, meanwhile the one that does not read lives only one life.

Therefore, we must hurry, because it would certainly be beautiful to know everything we will know by the age of 60 or 70 just when we are in our 20’s.

That way life is a hundred times more pleasurable. And there is a lot less of “I wish I would have known that back then”.

Plus, people will highly admire how our wisdom goes way beyond our age. And this will definitely take us places.

So, why not speed up our rate?


About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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