Stopping each other.

Because of the magnificently wonderful and complex way we, as human beings, think, there exist the possibility that a group of two or more individuals would stop each other from getting something which they both desire in common.

Without a doubt this has happened to all of us at least once in our lives and is definitely bound to continue to happen with a very constant frequency.

Though, If we educate ourselves and change our perspective, then we empower ourselves to easily eliminate many of this inhibiting inefficiencies.

The feeling is very familiar, and I believe it is also universal. The very distinct feeling of our guts telling us that it is very clear that the group or individual whom we are interacting with is thinking and desires exactly the same thing we are thinking and desire.

But, the inefficiency arises when we allow small doubts to wander through our heads; trying to convince us of why that gut instinctive feeling we have is completely off.

And as we all know very well, there is a very displeasing result when the gut feeling we had was not exactly what the other person had in mind.

Therefore fear is the instrument that acts upon us trying to stop us from behaving according to the feeling that is intensely hitting our gut.

And the killer comes at the very precise moment that you surrender all of your power to fear. The killer comes at that precise moment, because it is also very likely that the other person (or the group) is going through exactly the same process.

Therefore, a whole group becomes paralyzed by fear. Two individuals stop each other from doing something they are both very willing to do, because they allow doubt and fear to dominate and unbelievably stop them from doing what they both want to do.

The One starts to let the doubts convince him that the other is not thinking X. Meanwhile the other does not dare to express the fact that he is thinking X because doubts have stimulated fear of what if the one is actually not thinking X (which he is).

They both want to X, they both have an intense gut feeling that the other also wants to X, but they let fear take over and they make X impossible because of the unconscious stopping of each other.

Now, if one of the two (or of the group) understands the mechanics of how this common issue disables our lives, then that one could save the day.

Of course, not all of our gut feelings are always right. Many of them are way off many times. But if we get deep into understanding the mechanics of how all of this works, then we have a chance at having a much more wonderful and fun life.


About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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2 Responses to Stopping each other.

  1. Sanjay M Bhaskar says:

    This is very true.. nice post.. ☺

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