Beauty in the flexibility of Life.

Lately I have found myself constantly meditating upon the beauty of how flexible life presents itself to be for many of us.

Life provides us with the beautiful opportunity to write our own story. If you think about it you could realize that we always have a billion different options to choose from.

Now, those billions options are present for many different aspects of life, now combining all of those billions of options with other aspects, which also offer billions of different options, gives us trillions of different possible combinations.

This incredible amazing fact is responsible for the nature of each and every single human being living on this earth to be his or her own unique person. Out of the billions of humans living on this earth,  you will never be able to find at least two who are even close to being identical.

We might find some who are slightly similar, although we tend to perceive them as almost identical when we only know very few aspects of their lives.

Even those whom we may consider to be similar, can definitely prove to be extremely opposed when you get to know more than just the tip of the iceberg.

In other words, if each and every individual was to write an autobiography about the story of their life, and express their thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, likes, dislikes, fears, insecurities, etc. We would easily notice the vast difference that could arise eve when examining identical twins who were brought up and raised together.

There is where the beauty lies, that we become the one and only of our kind to ever walk on this earth. There has never been anyone like us on this earth. Also, after we leave this earth there will never ever again be anyone like us.

That is the beauty, we get to make this unique selection of one combination, out of trillions of trillions of possible options. And each and everyone of all of those billions of choices we take make us who we are.

Because of the nature of the decisions we make, and the fact that our lives are inevitably paced by time, others always want to suggest when it is time for us to make a certain decision, to make the same choice they made when their lives was at the point we find ourselves in.

Many times these people have good intentions and want us to have a good and happy life. But many other times these people are just blindly following a type of collective ignorance which dictates that at a certain time every single individual from a society must take a certain standard decision.

In this cases one must be very wise. There is, indeed, a tendency of the masses to just follow the choices of the majority when they do not have an adequate enough amount of knowledge.

If one is capable of reasoning and has some intelligence, one must never take a decision just because everybody else is doing it without using the beautiful gift of reasoning which God has provided us with.

It is sad, how a person, can kill the beauty of creating their own life, the beauty of writing their own story, the beauty of growing to be an amazingly impressive unique and original person, the beauty of being the one and only of your kind, by just deciding to blindly follow what the masses say or what others say.

One must never be so weak as to take a certain action in a certain time just to please others. Who cares if others insist, we should simply let them be just another one of the pack. Let them be just another average guy writing many aspects of his book just like everyone else.

Enjoy your ability to write your story, program yourself, write something original, something inspiring, something unique, something beautiful, write what you want to write. Take suggestions, but don’t just copy and paste them, write them in your own words.

Because you have the ability to write, you have the ability to create, you have the ability to choose, and you have the ability to enjoy your own book.


About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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