Good Luck With Life

I do not understand why,

But the feeling’s pretty intense

The feeling of me not losing

But the loser, being you, only you,

yes dear, only you and no other, only you, my dear friend.

Friend, a title I strictly avoided

Because of my craving to, go far and way beyond it,

With no other more than you.

But you rejected, you neglected, girl, my mind you even infected.

Without properly you having, even had a taste of me.

Reluctant, indisposed, guilty and also unwilling,

For me to take you to moon and bring you back, oh girl so quick.

Give a ride to all your feelings,

like I’m sure, nobody has.

You placed yourself way higher

Even higher than the stars.

I hope your landing is quiet,

I hope, girl, it’s not too rough.

Although, it seems to be impossible;

Perhaps, Even out of reach.

Like the fact of us together,

Knowing I’m way out your league.

By your foolishness, so blinded,

You despised your very own.

You despised not only body, but

your future, mind, and soul.


Humble, you know me, I am not cocky

But for you I’m going to be,

Because you showed it big time,

In Interactions with me.

Girl, you misunderstood my level,

and to yours added too much,

And I know you’ll realize it;

Too late, far, down the wrong road.

You’ll moan, cry, call yourself dumb

I’ll try hard to sympathize

But I’ll be, having some fun.



You will feel it many times,

So the only thing I wish you

is my friend Good Luck With Life.



About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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