Sober Mind

Once again Extreme Motivation

Out of nowhere mind is bright and sharp

If anyone tries to abuse me, I destroy them with my darts.

This inspiration out of the blue

gives mind and gives me letters so I can perform a woo.

Wooing of my twin soul

never speaking to be dull

In your mind there’s always more

let me sweep you off the floor.


Let me take you out

let me ask without no doubts

all the feelings and emotions

that arise from underground.


Underground all my feelings for you,

just like me playing the flute

trust me baby I’m not brute

I’m just wavy in my mind

I enjoy writing you rhymes

If I really could afford it

You would be on the new York times.


I love you eleven, out of every single time

which you asked me

which were ten.

Baby I love you now and then

I also did, Baby I’m not superficial


If I had to say something I would rather say official

As in officially crazy for you

Maybe getting way too clumsy

When I’m comfortable with you.


But it’s all fine, no need for wine

We could slow with our minds time.

Nine times, I told you I  love you

once again.

Because you asked me just eight times

Whereas last time was ten.


When, you find yourself in need

of a guy down at your knees

Let me love for some years

and then soon I’ll show the ring.


Because it’s a ring

in within I must just fight

Because you and me together

Seems to be darker than night


But don’t fight, I’ll say all the reasons why

All the reasons why I love you

All the reasons why I know

That as we grow deep together

Is the way that I adore.


Of you I’ll never be bored

God is opening a door

don’t you stay down on the floor.


We are going to go far

There’s no need to hit the bar

I will take you to the moon

All with my nice sober mind.






About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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