Pay Attention

How the heck did I not notice that? Is a question which I believe we all ask ourselves at least once in our lives. And using the phrase at least once might be an understatement to the fact of how often we ask ourselves a question along these lines throughout all of our lives.

We find ourselves amazed at the fact that, for a long period of our lives, we missed something which, now, may seem as almost impossible to miss. Something that could have had helped us so much in our past, but we were never able to use it to our advantage because we didn’t even know it existed to begin with.

I’m pretty sure you can easily relate to this notion which I am trying to explain. It seems to strike as a bitter and sweet moment, when we finally make the discovery and it hits us like a bolt of enlightenment. It stamps us with an amazingly desirable insight, which changes the way we see the world for ever.

In most instances, we discover this extremely valuable pieces of knowledge, insight, and wisdom as we grow older. The feeling of reaching that place for the first time gives us an exhilarating excitement, created by the understanding that this experience will critically improve our lives in many aspects, and will open doors for more such experiences that serves as a means to continue to open our minds more and more.

The bitter aspect of reaching such point, is the not so pleasant argument that people might pose to themselves. A person might be a little harsh on himself for taking too much time to come to the realization of such an important aspect in his life. Something that could have helped him so much in his past years. And as if that was not enough, the person might start to critically think and realize that many other people he knows already had a strong grasp and a deep understanding of what to him is now a new notion. A new learning. A new discovery.

Thus, the person might feel as if they are way behind, or too slow. The person might blame himself for not taking the time to pay close attention and get a grasp of what now seems to be so easy, clear, and obvious.

But what people don’t usually realize is the fact that this happens to everyone else. Other people might feel even guiltier, because they discover things, which you have had in a strong grasp for a very long time, while they discover it later in their lives (if they ever do).

This previous approach, is not a very wise one. When a person takes this route they fail to realize that for every thing that only others deeply understand there is another thing that only they deeply understand.

There is no competition. They know x, and you know z. The winner is the one that sets out to learn and get a grasp of as much as possible of what might be presented as an opportunity in his environment (which might require a mental effort to notice).

It does not matter if you believe that it took you too long to reach that point, you should simply be happy that you got to reach that point of enlightenment, and you should be willing to go for as many as possible, as fast as you can. Because, unfortunately many people die without ever reaching many of the points you have already reached; regarding the enlightenment of your mind.

Thus, you should simply set out to conquer the world. Because every time you reach such points, your life becomes greater, you become greater, and you begin to enjoy life even more with each discovery.

If you want to reach a very high level, which one can easily sense on the highly successful, then you need to pay very close attention.

Paying very close attention is the key to reach a deep understanding of the billions of details and insights that so easily go unnoticed by the average person.

If, everyday, you set out to pay very close and very intense attention to everything in your surroundings, and I mean EVERY SINGLE THING no matter how small or insignificant it might seem, then you will provide your brain with a wealth of insight, a wealth of information, and wealth of knowledge that will lead you towards living a beautiful life, and incredibly loving it more every time.

Therefore, in conclusion, I encourage you to constantly have a very powerful and intense laser attention that thoroughly scrutinizes even the most minimal, small, trivial, and apparently insignificant details in life. Trust me, you will be so delightfully amazed by how much you will expand your mind and how much more enjoyable your life will become.

You might get mentally tired, when implementing this philosophy, but you know that this mental exhaustion is a very good sign; because that means that you are excising your brain, and an exercised brain attracts the most beautiful things life has to offer.


About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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