A misconception.

Many of our troubles and our pains, are simply the cause of a misconception.

A misconception of reality, a misunderstanding, a mistake, ignorance, lack of knowledge, lack of understanding, misguided belief, all of these might come together to an extent and form within ourselves fears, pains, and hurts that do not even exist.

Or rather, did not exist, because the power that God has placed in our minds, allow us to create things and make them a reality, by the constant for we give through thoughts, concepts, beliefs, notions, emotions, memories, imagination, and conversations conscious and subconscious.

Ignorance might be the term, which could be adequately used to explain the whole array of all of these fallacies, as they wander upon our minds and lead us into creating false and irrational fears.

So, in other words, it may be said, that a large portion of the fear and/or anxiety we experiment can be due to our lack of intelligence, wisdom, and understanding regarding a specific topic.

Our ignorance promotes the creation of fears which greatly limit and diminish our enjoyment of life.

If we are not diligent to acquire as much knowledge as possible and to illuminate our minds, with the purpose of destroying ignorance, then we will be granting this irrational fears to dominate part of our lives, and have very intense and noticeable psychological and physical effects.

Once, we reach a point of wisdom and understanding, once we illuminate our minds, those false fears are exposed to us as the mistake and the delusion that they always were. They disappear for ever.

Doing this previous practice, over and over again, because we all have some of those surreal, delusional, and irrational fears to some extent, will lead us closer and closer to reaching a very high level of happiness.


About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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