I have time.

I have time. One of the most famous misbeliefs which manage to, in a very easy way, establish itself in our minds and gain great power and control upon our plans and actions.

It is as though the notion of possessing the feeling that we have time, is innate and programmed as a default ability upon us as human beings, right when we are born.

We see this phenomena in both, small and large scales, in our lives. Small, on our day to day activities; the things which we are planning to do in the afternoon, because we will clearly “have time to do them later today”. It would be pretty hard to believe a human been who dares to proclaim that he has never fallen victim to the trap of “I have time”.

Thus, based on my assumption of every single human having experienced the essence of “I have time”, I could then confidently say that anyone reading this has a very clear idea of the concept which I am trying to expose at this moment.

The bitter and sweet expression or intuitive thought of having time, which by the way is a lot more intense and dangerous when applied on the large scale, is capable of bringing many of our goals, desires, joys, and even happiness to a stop. An incredibly large portion of the population exposes themselves as easy victims for the long term “I have time”.

What we do not know or understand so well is the fact that in reality we do not really have much time. From the point of view of simply living, it might be a decent amount of time, if we get to live to our late 90’s. But as seen time and again, from the point of view of achieving success, of reaching incredible happiness, of accomplishing goals, of experiencing great things, becoming great, living dreams, and a billion more wonderful things which could be accomplished in life, we have very limited time. A very small amount of time which should be taken advantage of as much as possible.

The “I have time” misconception, also provides motivation for us to irrationally waste and misuse much of the most precious resource we have in our lives, our time. This misconception leads us to develop an incredibly inaccurate perception of the value of our time.

Time is so precious and valuable that the saying “time is gold” might be an understatement; not that it is, but rather one could see how valuable time is by calling this phrase an understatement.

The earlier in life we grasp the real significance of time, the better our lives should be, given that we apply this notion in every area of our lives.

The ones that suffer the most from this disbelief are young people. Perhaps teenagers more specifically. In teenage years, one tends to believe and feel as if one still has a million years ahead of one to do, reach, and experience all of the dreams and goals one has.

This does not mean that adults and young adults, always have a great grasp of the reality of time. More like the opposite, adults, although more experienced and seasoned in the distresses caused by the “I have time” attitude, still tend to apply this attitude to their lives in very high proportions.

Those who really get a deep grasp of time and its value, are usually the most successful ones.

One could more easily understand a kid, compulsively expressing that he or she is bored; meaning that he or she has time in their hands but finds absolutely nothing to do with it. But to hear anyone in or passed their young adulthood express that they are bored, shows a very weak understanding of time and what it is, it shows a very low level of wisdom and intelligence.

How much I wish, I could regain all of those hours I lost as a child. All of those hours in which I simply stared at the clock or calendar wishing for time just to fly by. I regret it, but I understand that I was simply a child, and most definitely not the only one who wasted time as a child. Therefore I am not in any way harsh on myself because of these, but I am rather thankful because it taught me an enormous lesson.

And after all I am almost certain that I did not even waste all that time as a child in comparison to many others.

The most unfortunate fact is that, today, we still have many adults around the globe, who treat time just as I (and very likely you) did when I was a child.

In conclusion, never dare to express the fact or have the attitude of being bored. There is always a billion extremely beneficial things you could be doing, there is always a billion things which you still need to learn and which will make your life unbelievably awesome, there is always a billion books that you still need to read and will entirely change your life for good, there is always a billion experiences that you still have not experienced and will make you feel so much more alive by filling your life with excrement and happiness.

So, having said that, go do great things, right now! Because No… You do not have time!


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Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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