Irrational Desires

Every now and then, all of us, as human beings are confronted by irrational desires. Desires which may arise out of the blue and try to push us in an intense manner.

Desires which most of the time come at the least appropriate time. Desires which continually insist in giving us reasons on why they are reasonable, why they are logical, and why they are urgent.

Ninety nine percent of the time, this irrational, strange, and compulsive desires, are neither rational, nor logical, nor urgent. A narrow mind will easily be convinced by all of the deceiving arguments which this desires present as proof of their high degree of importance.

If the mind is not adept at identifying, and using intelligence in order to destroy this irrational desires with our rational understanding, then this desires can take over and make life miserable.

Many people allow these desires, to ruin a large part of their lives. These desires are very rarely attainable, since they usually occur in situations and at times when their achievement is very unlikely and out of order.

In order to escape from the agony and misery that is brought about by this irrational desire, an expanded mind is necessary. A mind with a decent understanding of it’s own mechanics, feelings, emotions, thoughts, and most importantly a mind that is capable of capturing the whole picture, seeing and planning several years ahead into the future; instead of a mind which takes every hour and perceives every specific hour as the whole of life and the only moment which matters and is thought about.

This desires distract us from extracting the most benefit possible from the moment in which we are living. Every moment could be fully taken advantage of to the max, when we are capable of setting our minds to identify and then focus on what is the absolutely most efficient things to do at that particular moment.

The problem with this irrational desires, at irrational times, is that they distract one from maximizing the benefit that one is capable of absorbing from that specific moment, instead of focusing all of our energy in the one thing which maximizes the benefit of the moment, we (if narrow minded) might allow the irrational desires to create feelings of sadness, impotency, inadequacy, lack of ability, lack of skill, lack of knowledge, lack of talent, etc.

Thus if narrow minded, we give the irrational feeling the authority to hijack our minds and stimulate feelings and electrochemical reactions in our brains which lead to  the sense and mentality of depression.

But again, when we train our minds, learn to master ourselves, and feel our brains with knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, and understanding, then we are able to easily identify what is going on deep within and we are easily able to entirely control our own selfs, and lead a life of happiness, joy, success, confidence, peace, and the beautiful thrill of life that comes with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.


About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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