Feeding the mind.

Many times, we fall victim, to the mentality of life being to dull. The mentality of life not having enough to offer in order for us to fully enjoy and deeply desire to continue to live every second to the max.

As I explained in the previous posts, this thoughts, feelings, and senses might be simply irrational impulses which randomly pop up into our minds out of nowhere. Maybe it is a slight biological cycle which we must go through, which is clearly much more intense for females due to the abrupt changes in their hormone system, at a certain period of the month (no pun intended).

But, in my opinion, this feelings, emotions, and senses which seem to come up out of nowhere, could be very much dominated, when we learn the art of mastering our own selves. When we develop the precious ability to control our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and moods instead of having them control us.

Many of this instances, in which, these strong feelings appear to invade and completely hijack our minds, in my opinion, are caused by what we have been thinking about, what has been the content of our thoughts. Not only at the conscious level, but also, and perhaps much more importantly, at the subconscious level, where I believe, hundreds of processes are executed as we are consciously thinking. All behind the scenes. Too fast, too subtle, for us to even be aware of them.

One might say, if they are hundreds of processes, and we have no awareness of them, then they have the power to control us, and we have no control over them. The answer to that is technically no, they don’t control us, we control all of them, if and only if we have educated ourselves and have the necessary level of understanding in order to guide our subconscious to flow as we please for it to do so.

The main thing here is, that the subconscious and all of the hundreds of processes that it performs every minute without us even realizing, uses what we have in our minds in order to operate.

Thus, in order for our subconscious to operate it needs to be fed with information, beliefs, knowledge, understanding, concepts, abstractions, intuition, memories, experiences, images, mantras, slogans, memory of feelings and emotions, consistent thoughts, opinions, likes, dislikes, and any other significant object which can influence our brain and intellect.

All of this objects, combine themselves, in order to become the tools which our subconscious mind utilizes to perform all of its processes. These Hundreds of subconscious processes utilize everything we have stored in our brains to influence every single second of our lives.

Thus, if we have a deep understanding on the subject, and if we are intelligent enough, we will realize that we can have 100 percent control of all of these processes, if we make the cognitive effort to consistently refine what we feed our minds with. What are we constantly and intensely thinking about, what are our beliefs, which intuitions have we reached, how much information do we have access to, which concepts do we have very clear in our minds, how do we explain these concepts, what are our main concerns, what do we think of ourselves, what do we think of others, what experience and memories do we reproduce more intensely in our minds?

All of this and much more, is the food which we feed our brains to use as tools for the subconscious mind to execute all of this subtle processes, and such processes are the ones in charge of bringing what we take as thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations, moods etc. which, we might think, simply come out of the blue.

Hence, a person which is educated and reaches a decent level of understanding on this mechanics of our minds, then becomes aware of the fact that he or she is completely controlling all of these subtle processes, because he or she has all of the power and authority to decide what he or she is going to feed his or her mind with.

For this reason, the uneducated and unaware, usually fills his or her mind with negative things, with average society conditioned thoughts, concepts, and intuitions. They unconsciously fill their minds with objects which will bring them weakness, pain, objects which will hinder their ability to obtain and exercise power. This people fill the mind with objects, concepts, images, memories, and abstraction which contribute to depression; the same objects which cause the random appearance of all of this negative, dull, depressive, dis-empowering thoughts, feelings, emotions, and sensations.

Meanwhile, the ones who have achieved an enlightening level of understanding, procure that everything they feed and imprint their minds with is objects which are great, positive, empowering, exhilarating, happy, admirable, intellectual, enlightening,  motivational, inspirational, superior, bold, clever, funny, joyous, sharp, calming, relaxing, confident, and all other objects which will make their life greatness.

So, in conclusion, we should understand the fact that we do not posses the power to control the hundreds of subconscious processes which occur behind our conscious awareness. But we, nevertheless, do have the power to feed our minds which whatever objects we wish for it to use as tools in order to perform the subconscious duties which so much influence our minds. Knowledge is power.



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Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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