It’s not a big deal.

As human beings, we might be prone to assign more importance than deserved to situations which in reality are not such a big deal.

Because of the power of the mind, God has allowed us, to, with our thinking, completely change our perception. Thus, some people might erroneously misuse the incredible power of our minds to organize, rationalize, interpret, and understand the things we are perceiving.

See, we all perceive exactly the same. The same biological energy reaches our brain and is transformed in neural impulses.

Now, although we all sense exactly the same physical objects, each an everyone of us has an exclusive and unique form of perceiving or understanding what we sense.

Following this logic, we can deduce the claim that we all are blessed with the ability to paint the world as we please. And not only that, but the way in which we paint the world, has not existed nor will it ever exist in any other mind but our own.

We miggt , try to explain, and try to lead others into painting the world in the same way we do; and they might indeed reach a level which is similar, but never ever will two people in this world paint any moment of their life in the same exact way.

Thus, every single human being sees and understands the world in an entire different way. Hence the same world is being experienced in billions of ways.

It is like one of those pictures, which you could see and understand in one of two different ways. The same exact picture, the same exact Lines, but what it really is depends on the mind of the perciever and his understanding. The world is exactly the same, the only exception is that it could be perceived in billions of infinite ways.

Our fingerprints, could be another analogy, which could be used to help us get a better grasp of this philosophy. We all have fingers, and they are for all of us the same, simply fingers. But if we look at the finger print we then can appreciate the fact that there has never, ever, among the billions and billions of humans who have inhabited this world, been a person with the same fingerprints you posses.

From this we can learn that there is literally an infinite, unlimited, eternal, amount of perceptions we could have. And that is beautiful. We have the power to paint the world, if we are skilfull, wise, and intelligent enough.

Those with a shadow understanding, miss out on the powerful and enlightening experience of giving color to each moment of their life. They allow ignorance to condemn them to a life filled with dull moments, they allow much of their life to pass on as black and white scenes. They might be so unaware that they reach a level in which they allow others to paint their world, firfeting the unbeliavable power of their minds and simply allowing someone else to come and paint as they please without their awareness nor concern.

Once an individuals decides to open the eyes of his mind, once an individual falls in love with knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence, once an individual becomes the sole master of his mind, and once an individual opens his soul to be enlightened, then and only then, the individual gains full control over the painting of his life, the individual finally finds the joy, power, confidence, and hapinness which his soul has for so long been yearning for.

Once we reach the level in which we can freely paint every moment of our lives as we which, then we will be truly free. It will feel amazing, it can really not be expressed in words or given exact directions to reach the level. But once you get there you will know, you will feel it, you will love it, life will be the most amazing thing in the universe, and you will finally get a slight taste of the power and potential which God has placed in our minds.

If there is any piece of advice that could be given in how to reach that euphoric, exhilarating state, is this: become an obsessive lover of wisdom, intelligence, knowledge and understanding; as Salomon suggested thousands of years ago as he wrote the book of Proverbs.

When you reach that level, which by the way could always be increased, then you will start to feel an extremely pleasurable sense of peace, joy, confidence, enlightment, intelligence, and satisfaction.

Then, with the ability to paint the world, you will be able to clearly see, realize, and get a strong intuitive sense that what the average and below average make a big, if not huge, deal, is actually not a big deal.

The average and below average all try to paint their worlds in the same way, without even questioning why they are painting it in such way, or why are they making it black and white in some parts. And this, would be close to impossible, since they are completely unaware of their ability to paint the world and are prone to have a similarly damaged painting as the other posses.

Once you discover and put to practice your own ability of painting as you please, you then start to paint your world as you believe and understand its best. The more knowledge and understanding you acquire, the more beautifully you will be able to paint the world.

The mind of the unaware, is therefore, used against his own self, when brings into existence fear, fright, nervousness, stress, and worries which he himself unconsciously paints upon the situation, when thy did not even exist at first to begin with. Thus by calling in this trap caused by ignorance, they make a very big deal out of things which are not (to the enlightened man).

They then, promote that way of thinking, understanding, and painting their life, to extend to various areas of their life, thus creating for themselves a depressed and miserable life.

Meanwhile, they become extremely amazed when they see the enlightened man go through this situations as if they were just a breeze, a walk in the park. They think that reality is exactly the same as their for the enlightened man, but they fail to understand and deeply grasp the fact that the enlightened man paints his reality as he wishes, and thus he paints and fully percieves the situation, and thus his life not as a miserable hell (like the average do), but rather as a very pleasurable heaven.

The man who has enlightened his soul, does not, ever, allow anyone to paint his reality for him, unless once who has achieved greatness tries to explain how he paints his world, then he takes suggestions on how to paint, in that case.

This is why to the enlightened, those type of “big deal” situations are so easy, smooth, peaceful, empowering, enjoyable, and even (most of the time) fun. Because they have painted as they wish, with strength, with joy, with excitement, with confidence, with understanding, with good vibes, with happiness, with rejoicing, with peace, with ease, and with an infinite number of positive, empoering , and amusing qualities, which allow them to deeply know, believe, and understand that it is no a big deal.

Thus they go for and get the most out of life. Because they use their mind to paint a beautiful and amazing world, in which they get all of the things that the average could only dream about.


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Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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