Nonexistent fears and worries.

If there was to be a clear downside to the incomprehensible power of our imagination and ability to think (to only name a few of all our mental prowess), it would be, in my opinion, our tendency as human beings to give life to what should have been a non-existent fear and/or worry.

God has placed so much power in our minds that, simply with our thoughts, we can bring into existence what did not exist before. In other words, with our thoughts, we can create. In fact, nothing of all that exists on this earth, was created without first being created in a mind. Be it God’s mind, or men’s mind, which was created similar to God’s.

Therefore anything created, be it material, psychological, emotional, philosophical, symbolic, anything that could highly impress us, anything which makes life more enjoyable, had to be first created in the mind of a man.

This is an incredible ability, which God has granted us. Nevertheless, when it comes to this type of powerful abilities, there seems to always be a necessity for us to know, learn, and deeply understand how to harness it and control it. Because if we don’t then this ability could, instead of benefit us, harm us.

Now, don’t get me wrong. this ability is so much more good than bad. In fact, it is not bad in any shape, form, or manner. It is only made bad on instances in which we are shallow with our knowledge and understanding.

Shallow knowledge, wisdom, and understanding lead us to misuse this unbelievably great power. Shallowness, can lead us to the factor which turns our power against ourselves. That factor is, the unfortunately very common practice of bringing to life fears and worries which should have been nonexistent, because they are always irrational, do not posses a strong base, and can never be justified in real terms.

This fears and worries, which should have been nonexistence, because they serve no purpose other than bringing an irrational and illogical disruption to our peace, joy, and happiness. But many times we, inadvertently, use the power of our thinking to make this objects a reality in our minds, and many times in the minds of others.

We many times, unfortunately, allow this  objects, which according to the level of ignorance in our minds, make themselves larger, stronger, more concrete, more solid. But do not worry, there is an antidote, it does not matter how many of these “fake” worries and fears start taking over your mind, you can always kill them and destroy them for ever.

The way to kill them and destroy them for ever is easy. It is by learning. Being Enlightened. Filling your mind with knowledge. Filling your mind with deep understanding of as many things as possible. Seeking wisdom from God. Choosing to exercise your ability and power to think. Expanding your mind. Killing your ignorance. This is the way in which you can easily identify and kill any fake fear or worry that may want to creep up and hijack your mind.

To illustrate this notion, let us think of a little boy. Let’s say this little boy is 4 years old. Lets say that at this age, this little boy, believes that a man in a gorilla custom on the street is not a gorilla, nor a man, but rather a monster which intends to hurt him real bad. Now, this kid really believes this intensely, and does not posses the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to realize that this is simply a man, who’s just trying to be funny, and would be in great trouble if he touched any kid.

Because this little boy, does not posses this understanding, because he is shallow in this respect (which at his age is allowable, and even expected) he uses the power of his little mind, to bring to life this fake, and unreasonable fear and worry. This fake and unreasonable fear and worry, hijacks his mind; causing the little boy to start flashing through his mind thoughts of fear and worry. Unreasonable fear and worry.

The little boy starts thinking: there is a monster! he will hurt me really bad! I’m going to cry! I might not survive! He will grab me with his claws! No body will be able to save me! I’m in deep trouble! What do I do now? Where is my mom? I’m scared! I need help! And as expected the kid’s heart starts racing, the boy gets a little adrenaline rush, and he will cry loudly and bitterly.

An adult might laugh. But to the kid this thoughts and convictions are very real. So real that they create a strong emotional, psychological, and physiological response on the kid. Although, his thoughts, beliefs, and convictions, about the situation are entirely naive, he believes them to indeed be the reality of the situation and of life.

And that state, illustrates how much fake fears and worries can negatively influence our pattern of thinking, our mental state, our psychological state, our physiological state, our emotions, and our behavior. Remember, in the reality of the situation this fears and worries did not exist, were not true, were unreasonable, irrational, and illogical, but in the mind of the boy, the lenses through which he sees the world, this fears and worries were, mistakenly, very real.

After the boy starts crying, mommy comes to the rescue, faster than the speed of light; as all mothers do when they hear the cry of their baby. And the sight of mommy, stimulates in the boy thoughts of: Happiness, joy, security, protection, love, peace, nurturing, etc.

Those good positive thoughts which mommy provokes, immediately stop the hijacking of the mind by the fake fears and worries. This batch of new thoughts stimulated by mommy and her body close to the boy, calm down the body, they calm down the mind, the emotions. And then the voice of mommy telling her baby that everything is alright is pretty much like heaven to any little boy who would find himself in such a situation.

At this point, the mother ought to feed the mind of her little boy and enlighten him with respect to the situation. She should provide him with the knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, and understanding that will allow his mind to grasp the fact that this is not a monster, but rather a man with a custom, and that he is just trying to be funny, but would never hurt him.

Once the boy, learns and acquires this knowledge and understanding, he then, immediately kills the fake fears and worries which hijacked his mind at that precise moment, and he gains a new perspective of the world. Even if done unconsciously, this kid gets to kill this misconceptions, and learns to not give rise to nonexistent fears or worries in situations like this.

Now, with his new level of knowledge and understanding, the world becomes different. His perspective, the lenses of his mind which he uses to see the world, are able to see better and with much better focus.

Now, guess what he will do next time he sees this man dressed as a gorilla? He will not cry, but rather he might even laugh. Because now he possesses the knowledge and understanding required to really experience this situation without allowing fake fears and worries to hijack his mind. Not only that, but the kid will also remember the past time, and the misconceptions. He will then not only use this new knowledge and understanding for that specific situation. But he will rather apply all of this to many other situations similar to this. Thus, it is not only the benefit of this specific knowledge, but it is also the benefit of blossoming the intuition of the boy.

This was a very simple example, which was used in order to clearly illustrate the notion. Now, this same framework, this same mechanics, applies to adults in the real world. In all types of situations. The only difference is that the boy had mommy to come to comfort him and enlighten him, but we adults, usually don’t have somebody to enlighten us with the knowledge and understanding necessary to kill the fake fear and worry.

Note that having someone to comfort and console us, is a very pleasant, but temporary fix. The real solution, the real fix to the problem is the enlightenment and growth of the mind. And such growth of the mind, like n the boy’s case, not only serves for the present problem, but it blossoms our intuition so that we can tackle many other problems and make life a lot happier and more enjoyable through this.

Thus mommy, for us, adults is: learning as much as possible, enlightening our minds, understanding as much as possible, asking and seeking for wisdom from God, thinking intensely, critically, rationally, reading, writing, creating, experiencing, expanding the mind, and all other activities and behaviors which lead to the growth and expansion of the unbelievably powerful human mind.

Also, a good trick is to really be aware of your thinking and your states. Whenever you experience fear or worry, try to clearly identify it, and ask yourself whether it is reasonable or not. Is it logical? Does it make any sense to be scared, nervous, or afraid at that particular time? what will happen to you? Are you going to die? Is it even going to affect you? Are you not going to forget it like in 20 minutes anyways? Is anything bad even going to happen? And seriously!! what is the worst that could happen!? that she says no? So what the world continues and she will certainly regret it in the future and realize how dumb she was, so it is actually a good thing for you. So why are you nervous, afraid, scared?

Oh! that’s why! It’s one of those fake fears and worries trying to hijack your mind! This question are also very good to uncover this fake, irrational, fears and worries ad then kill them right there and then, with the insight and enlightenment that you produce on yourself at that moment, by rationalizing, thinking intensely, and using your intuition to destroy this fake fear.

In reality this fake fears and worries are nonexistent. They do not really exist, They are like ghosts trying to hijack, but with a little bit of light the run away and never come again. Knowledge is power. This power will kill all of this misconceptions, and not only that, you see the world much better every time you get more of it. It stops being blurry, and you start to see very nice and clear. You clean the lenses of the mind, to see the world in high definition. See in high definition what others see as blurry.

You will be a lot happier, more peaceful, wealthier, more joyful, more confident, more attractive, more entertaining, more desired, you’ll life will basically just be grater, and brighter. The more you expand your mind, the more you get of all of these.


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Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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