It’s not that crazy, just do it.

Sometimes we might complain that life is too dull. Sometimes we might get a sense that there is not much fun in life; and the moments when we do get some fun are very quick, and are gone before we can even enjoy them.

But there is one great point that we often miss, we can make our own lives, very adventurous and thrilling. All we have to do is be willing to learn, and take some risks.

Many times we can only imagine of how thrilling it would be if we got to do this or that, but then we think something along the lines of: “wow but that would be too much of a risk, what if I try and fail, that would be fatally devastating!”

In reality, most of the times, we neglect the thrill and fun, because our perception of the risk is very inaccurate, very blurry. In our minds we might be strongly convinced that taking such a risk is something way too dangerous. When in reality it’s not even dangerous at all; it has no potential for any kind of harm or danger, the only thing it has to offer is great enjoyment and fun.

But, as I wrote in a previous post, whatever we conceive and strongly believe of a situation, becomes a deeply rooted reality within ourselves. Even if that is not the reality in and of itself. Our misconception becomes a conviction which starts to rule our subconscious mind, our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings, our beliefs, our behaviors, our desires, our plans, our actions, our security, our confidence, etc.

In many occasions, we simply posses a very vague and fuzzy conception of the risk being too much, and being to crazy for you to take it. We might seem other people take it, and we might say, wow they are so brave and courageous. But in reality, chances are they dis not have to be as brave or courageous, they just had a more clear mental conception which allowed them to perceive the situation as a no harm, no danger, nothing to lose situation, therefore they can easily go ahead and take the action.

When you have a strong belief, and conviction that a situation is easy, no harm, no danger, and has great potential for reward, then everything about you becomes intensely secure and confident to behave in the way which is necessary to obtain the benefit, which you will easily obtain.

Analyze the situation well, and realize that as in many cases, if you are definitively sure that you will not end up dying, if you are not putting your life or the life of anyone else in risk, if there is no real danger, then you should clarify your mind and convictions and understand that it is not so crazy, it is not such a big deal, and you really don’t have much to lose, all you have is a lot to gain.

And if in case you fail, who cares. It is not such a big deal. Right on the spot, you might think it is the end of the world. But if you are smart you will realize that it will simply go away in 2 or 3 days usually. And sometimes to fail, is way better than succeeding. Sometimes failing could bring lessons and understanding which by far surpass the reward you would have gotten. Sometimes failure gives an unbelievably crazy motivation which pushes us to fly. So in reality is more like a win-win situation.

Plus, you are not only, most likely, winning regardless, you are also adding some spice to life and killing it’s dullness. Now, I’m not saying to not be wise and think well before you do anything. Notice that I advocate for the critical thinking and clarification of real risks, and real consequences. Instead of allowing vague, irrational, shallow, and misconceived beliefs and convictions to ruin our lives and it’s potential.

So, go ahead, make the move! Realize that it is not that crazy and just make it smoothly. Besides chances of failing are also a lot lower than you might have thought under the misconceived notion. You will win, and you will understand that you had a very off, irrational, and inaccurate conception of the situation, when you get what you wanted and then say : “Really! this wasn’t even that bad, it was a lot easier than I expected” and then you will have understood that you were victim to one of ignorance’s bad tricks.

You are not going to come in the news, you will not go to jail, you’re not going to die, the worst that could happen is not even that bad, and chances of failing are low, so go for it! It’s not as crazy as you or others may have made it seem before, just do it, it’s not such a big deal. And enjoy it, to the max!! Because trust me you will get something good!


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Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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