The man within.

Some of us have captured nice glimpses of this man. The man within. Not the man within which is easily found by directing our awareness and attention towards the inside. Not that man, that man although he has infinite depth, don’t get me wrong, would come to be more like the tip of the iceberg.

The deep man within each and everyone of us, the one that is the real essence of us, the one that reaches the profound depths of our human mind, that is the man which influences and controls the outside superficial man. This man is nevertheless, very clear, very present, very loud, in our interactions with others. Other people can very easily see, and feel the man very deep within, and even us ourselves, if we have the understanding and a trained awareness, can see and feel our own deep inner man, just like we feel it in others as we interact with them.

The problem is that, most of the ones who do, only have a very slight level of connection with the man very, very deep inside. The man way behind the thoughts behind the thoughts behind the thoughts behind your mind. Your pure essence, in all of its strength and nature. We are many times, too caught up in the outside us, the superficial us, and we lose the opportunity to be really alive by coming in touch, even if slightly, with our man which is very deep inside.

We all in a way know it, but we really cannot explain it, we cannot think of it, we cannot imagine it, very well, but still we know it. It is a very distant, slight feeling, very far down our consciousness, it requires a lot of mental effort, understanding, and discipline to get a closer touch of the man deep within.

This man, screams, for us to act, think, feel, behave, decide, react, perceive,  understand, and grasp life according to the nature which we have fed to him. It is definitely there, but many people do not have even the slightest idea that it exists. They do not even believe in it, let alone try to come in contact with it. Those usually suffer pessimistic, undesirable lives.

But those who have that intrinsic belief, and do anything possible to come, even if very slightly, in contact with the man very deep within themselves, get in some one to come in contact with it, and just have a much brighter perspective about their lives. They open the eyes of their mind more, and become a lot more alive. They become hungry, with knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and intelligence because they know that all of these feed the man very deep within, and in turn the man very deep within uses the same he has been fed with to create our essence as human beings.

With our superficial words and explanations, it is hard to reach it. It is even hard to explain it. I am making an attempt which would very easily be rejected and ridiculed by those who do not posses the intrinsic depth which allows us to know and understand in an unexplained way,the depths of our minds.

It could be see, and felt all of the time, but it is too deep. to deep to provide simply instructions on how to reach it, and catch a glimpse of it. Once you catch it, the world feels, seems, and is understood a lot more different. Life changes, one gets this sense of knowing it very, very deep within, although being unable to explain it even to themselves. You begin to understand that this man, is simply the outside, superficial man. Although the man deep inside controls everything, the voice and appearance of the outside man is way too loud for us to not take it as the center and everything.

If you take possession of the belief, and make the mental effort, to come in contact with the real man, the essence of your nature, very very deep within yourself, then your whole entire world will start to change, it would be much more clear, there would be a lot more light. You will be able to very easily detect those that like you have had that encounter, with the very profound depths of their mind and their real human essence. Although you won’t be bale to explain to each other, or even clearly think about it, you would still feel that very deep intrinsic connection.

You will also easily be able to tell those who are still shallow, and how shallow they are. Reaching the depths of the mind will help you see and understand the world way better than all the shallows, which seems to unfortunately be the majority. You will begin to deeply understand that you know nothing, that there is so much to learn, and you will not be dragged to an empty, hollow, superficial life, feel with confusion, and darkness, where one does not even know who one is.

If you look at yourself straight in the eyes for a couple of minutes, you might get a very slight glimpse of the man very deep within, the real essence of our beings, hidden in the infinite depths of our minds. You start to feel a slight separation of the man deep within and the superficial man. You realize that the man in the mirror, the voice in your head, the man who talks, the man who has a name that you respond to, is merely the superficial man, he is the tip of the iceberg.

You learn to teach and understand the man deep within, because he is in entire control over everything the superficial man does. And every man in between. It is like a relay system, when you get to the last line, the deepest line, then you find the real boss, the real you, the real essence of your nature, which goes way deeper than words can even explain.

Be aware, and make all of the effort to get to better know and understand the real you. The you very deep within, without any type of filter, super pure, and unaffected by your own misconceived superficial self. There is always room to get closer in touch with that man, always room, because we never get to fully hug and grasp him, there is always more we can do to try to get closer and closer. The closer we get, the more alive we become, the more we open the eyes of our mind, and the more we see and understand the reality of the world.

We are reading all of this to the superficial man, and I am also writing this from the superficial man, but my superficial man, has come to the understanding that he is not the main man, he is not the strong, powerful, vivid essence of who I am. He knows and understand that he is simply the tip of the iceberg, the superficial man who reflects and enacts all of the orders and commands from the man deep within. If you had somehow in someway, came in contact with the man very deep within, then you know exactly what I mean. Although you are not capable of, with your outside man, fully explain the real nature of this phenomena.

The superficial man, cannot explain it, but once he has seen the man, the real man hidden in the most profound depths of the mind, then he can easily and clearly understand the nature of what is deep down there. Although he is not able to explain it, he allows that deep, strong, intrinsic feeling and sensation to overwhelm our being with this infinite truth that we know and understand, but that is to deep for our superficial man to explain how to reach. All it can do is try to motivate you to find it, but never show you how to get there. But once you get there, then you’ll instantly know. And you will be more alive. Then you’ll understand all of this perfectly, and understand how much (infinite) room we still have to dive deeper.


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Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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