The chance to think.

Many people are unaware of the power of thinking. Many people are unaware that who they are today is the some of the billions and billions of thoughts they have had throughout their entire lives. Many people still fail to recognize the truth and the power in the phrase “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.”

It is extremely sad to know, that many people are not even fully aware of their ability to think. Many people are not fully aware of their thinking mind, many fail to be conscious and aware of their thoughts, what is going on through their heads at all times. These type of people, tend to fall in ignorance, and consequently stop making the mental effort to effectively think. Because of the lack of understanding regarding thinking, its nature, its power, and its mechanics, these type of people tend to not think much. Thinking might seem tedious, and to them it might seem to be simply a fruitless burden

Thus, they enjoy allowing their minds to dwell on the eternal rest of having as few thoughts as possible, as vague as possible, with as little intensity as possible. People who reject the notion of thinking and its infinite power, reject the infinite possibilities from life. Our minds, is our most powerful tool. But many decide to ignore it, many times they never become well aware of it and its nature. This people, live on the world with a blind mind. They can see very little, they can understand very little, and the few things they can actually see, are very blurry.

School, college, and formal education, in my opinion has the goal of allowing us to understand our minds. The goal of allowing us to understand the nature of thinking, its power, how to do it efficiently, and how to use our mind to solve problems. How to grasp concepts, ideas, theories, thoughts, arguments, views, philosophies, etc. and allow our intuition to conglomerate all of these together to form many new ideas, thoughts, concepts, philosophies, etc. Allow our minds to create. To take from many places and create things which never existed before. Make our minds understand its own nature, and the great benefit of thinking.

The amazingly powerful benefits of always thinking. Intensely, profoundly, without vagueness, without hesitation, without laziness. Use our minds to continually create thousands of new ideas, concepts, and thoughts, which will continue the infinitely powerful cycle of taking in more, and creating more out of it. Flourishing our intuition to rise to unbelievably superior levels.

Therefore it does not matter, what it is, as long as we are thinking intensely, critically, sharply, profoundly, and deeply, about anything, at any time, we are feeding our brain. We are working our brains out. We are expanding our minds, and further developing our intuition, and this is what is called grow.

The more you think, the more you grow. Do not let time pass without you really thinking hard. Of course you need some breaks. But do not have eternal breaks, as those who let their lives become plagued by ignorance. Use every occasion possible to think hard. And think hard about things that interest you, and that you want for your future, and maybe even your present. That is not to say to not think about things which are not within that circle. Expand your mind, even more, by leaving your circle and exploring new foreign areas every now and then. You could discover many treasures out there. Of course long as you feel comfortable and feel morally right by doing so.

Obviously, there are many negative, cynical, bad, evil, pessimistic things which do not deserve any thought at all. A good strategy would be to think deeply and very intensely about things that contradict those negative thoughts and feelings. Kill them with positive, empowering thoughts. Don’t forget to go very deep in thinking, go to the smallest detail. Go so deep that you feel your mind really digging and learning  very deeply. Even to the most minimal that many consider irrelevant, and insignificant. Yes, go that deep, because many times you find treasures there. And it could not be immediately, but might be down the road when you continue to integrate more to this huge and powerful snowball which has formed from you continuous, profound and constant thinking.



About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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