Growing fast

Have you ever realized that life now, does not look at all like it used to look when you were a kid? Lets imagine a case where everything remained exactly the same, nothing changed not one bit, the only thing that changed was you and your mind. Not the slightest change outside of you. Even if such a case, as the one we are imagining, were to happen, we still would see the world drastically different than how we saw it when we were little kids.

Why is that? Well that is because our minds grow. The learning we go through from childhood to adulthood, make our minds expand and grow, while adapting the way it sees and understands the world. There is, nevertheless, a fascinating aspect involved in this notion. The fact that we are capable of storing in memory pictures of how we used to see the world. As we grow, we can retrieve this pictures from memory, and laugh at how we used to see and understand the world. We can laugh at how blurry was our vision of the world. Of course, only when we have grown our minds, and evolved it to a level capable of seeing way beyond and more clear.

Because of the nature of this phenomenon, many people are not even aware of it happening. Many people do not even notice how it has been working and altering their perception and understanding of “their world”. Some people fail to fully grasp the fact that we all perceive different worlds, that we all perceive the world according to our minds. What you perceive as some color and lights in “your world” is perceived as unbelievably wonderful magic in the world of a child. This is because we perceive the outside world according to our minds, and what we have trained it to understand and perceive.

The nature of the phenomenon is so powerful, but so ignored by so many. People can usually catch a glimpse of insight on the phenomenon when reasoning about the way they saw the world when they were little kids and the way they see it now. But people usually do not have much interest in grasping the understanding of the immense power and unbelievably amazing nature of this phenomenon. It kind of follows the mechanics of working out to an extent. Many little changes which over some time get together to make a huge change.

If we deeply grasp and understand the nature and behavior of this phenomenon, we would then understand that we can alter our view of the world every single day. As a matter of fact, we could alter our perception of this world every single hour. This is the reason why people in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, are expected to have a great, powerful, and brilliant mind. Because they have had more time to alter, improve, and empower their perception of the world. But many of these have done it the simple natural way.

The fact is, when you realize that God has placed this nature within you, and you deeply learn and understand its behavior and its working, then you understand that you can make yourself grow at a very fast rate. You understand that by extensively altering your perception of the world, as much as possible every single day, you are taking charge and accelerating the process of seeing and understanding this world way more clear than all others. You are enlightening your mind, you are creating a very sharp and clear image of the world, which makes life a million times better. It is worth noting that when I say altering your perception I mean improving it, making it stronger, more clear, sharper, and capable of seeing way beyond what others see.

So every second you can improve the version of yourself you are. When you say I wish I knew this before, means that you had not improve to the version you are today. Back then you used to see the world in a blurry picture, but now you have filled your mind and altered your perception to see and understand every single detail. Anyways, never be sad, It is never too late, it happens to every single person it’s not a big deal, and you are there now! So you can kill it now, and continue to very rapidly grow your mind. You’ll see and understand the world as a brilliant 70 year old would when you are only 25. Because most people allow the natural, average, brain growth rate to take place, others neglect to allow any more brain growth after a certain age, and many do not even give a fly about knowing or understanding the growth of their brain, they are incapable of even grasping the tip of this iceberg. And because of this, if you know and understand the growth and development of the mind, then you will make sure that you accelerate the growth so that you find yourself way ahead of everyone else. Then you will have the mental advantage that a 45 year old has over a 4 year old, the only difference is that you will have this advantage over other adults, and that is a VERY LARGE number of adults. You will be way ahead, and it will feel way too good. I have decided to super accelerate the growth of my mind, you could do the same.If you grow faster than others you win.


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Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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