Brain Confidence

Have you ever noticed how confident you are in class when you read and deeply studied all of the material very carefully in your house the day before? Have you felt the sense of superiority that comes over you in comparison to those who did not study at all? Does it not feel unbelievably good to carry all of that power and confidence within yourself? I believe the answer is absolutely yes.

When we deeply study, and prepare ourselves, we can be smooth, relaxed, and highly confident in class, when the time comes for the teacher to test our knowledge and understanding. Nevertheless, when we fail to study and prepare ourselves for the moment, we get the exact opposite feelings of the feelings we get when we study, we feel anxiety, fear, nervousness, we feel lost, and shallow of mind, we feel left behind, and we regret not having prepared ourselves. When can also approach this notion from on of the absolute ends of the spectrum: when we over study, when we over prepare ourselves, when we outdo and outperform everyone else.

When over studying, when over preparing , we reach an unbelievably  euphoric sense of confidence. We reach such a level of confidence that we get to have a lot of fun in the testing of our knowledge, we our so confident of our ability, our knowledge, our understanding, and our competence, that we take the test as a game, we enjoy it, we have fun with it.

Now, why would anyone not want to achieve this exhilarating and euphoric state of confidence which makes us so relaxed, which allows us to have so much fun, and makes us feel superior over all other students, given that we are deeply convinced that no one in the class is as well prepared as we are nor did anyone studied as hard as we did. We may reach such high levels that we attain the competence to even teach the teacher a thing or two about the subject or topic which we have studied.

If we really think about this concept, and we agree that it is absolutely true, then we could arrive to a point where we ask ourselves: Why would anyone not be willing to achieve the exhilarating feeling of confidence? Well the answer to that is an easy answer, an answer which we all intuitively know, but an answer which is not very often articulated by us. The answer is delayed gratification. In order for us to achieve this sense of euphoric confidence, we must pay the price before we get the feeling. We must pay the price of sitting down and deeply studying, the price of dedicating time to feed our minds with knowledge and understanding, when we know that all others are playing and having fun, and we also know very clear that we could also be playing and having fun instead of sitting down to study and feed our brains with knowledge, understanding, intelligence. Working out our brain, while others have fun, that is the price we pay before getting the feeling.

That is the reason why, not many achieve the feeling. Most people, by nature, prefer to play and have fun right now, instead of studying, feeding, and working out their brain. People fail to have a clear, sharp, strong understanding of the implications of their actions when delayed gratification is at play. The few, the brilliant ones, who acquire a deep understanding and a strong grasp of the concept of delayed gratification are the only ones who can go to the class next time, and radiate with their unbelievably high sense of confidence, and unbelievably impressive level of knowledge and understanding.

The few, the brilliant ones, are capable of deeply understanding the fact that the investment when applied in delayed gratification is capable of returning  back multiplied, amazing, incredible, unbelievable, powerful benefits. They clearly understand, that when delayed gratification is involved, the benefits are highly and by far greater than the cost. It might feel a little annoying, painful, or dull to pay the cost of the studying and preparing the mind, but the brilliants are in no way bothered by this fact, because they are capable of concentrating their mind in the unbelievably great results and benefits that this work will bring them in the future. And many of this results are not only for the future, but rather for an entire life.

The crowd, The averages, and below averages,  will always exchange the unimaginably extraordinary future and life long results and benefits, for a little, short lived fun, right now, at this very moment. This shallow minds, would even dare to laugh at the brilliant minds, because they are having fun while the brilliants are studying and working out their minds. This are the same shallow minds who feel helplessly inferior when the day of the class comes along. This, which together with the averages, for the largest part of the class, feel an incredibly high level of jealousy and envy when they witness your abilities and mind which goes way beyond their capacity. Your superiority over them makes them wish, they were you, or had what you have, but now it is too late for them. They were laughing at you before, now they cry when they see you being the greatest in class.

A funny aspect of delayed gratification is that they get to laugh at you for one day, but then after a little time, you getting the undeniably way higher benefits granted by delayed gratification, get to laugh at them for years and years, even for a life time.

There is one very important thing to notice here. These whole notion, applies to life in exactly the same way. The exhilarating and euphoric confidence can be attained in life by over preparing our minds. Or by simply preparing them, we assure ourselves the confidence brought by the preparation of the mind that the vast majority refrain from attaining. The same mechanics of the classroom, apply to our real life. Take advantage of the increasingly multiplied benefits of delayed gratification and you will be superior to the vast majority. Life would be a breezy. You will feel so relaxed, and you will have so much fun. Remember you will get way more than the price you pay for it, and it will last for a life time. It will continue to compound over and over again, until you reach levels you couldn’t even imagine you would reach.

In conclusion, be way ahead. Become one of the few super brilliant minds, and trust me you will thank yourself immensely for making the investment in delayed gratification. The shallow minds might laugh at you for one, two, three years, but remember, after they finish laughing, then it will be your turn to laugh at them for the same time they did, multiplied by ten, or a lifetime. Those who laughed at you for three years, will cry because they are not like you for thirty years, maybe even more. Remember, the mind is everything, if you feed it, develop it, and work it out, you will undoubtedly become way superior than the vast majority, because you understand it and can work smart. Brains always wins.


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Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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