The World does not alter your mind. Your mind alters the world.

Many people, unfortunately, go through much of their lives with a mistaken conception of the relationship between the world and their minds. Well, that is if they are aware enough to understand the existence of such a relationship. The mind of the human being and the external world are two entirely, completely, and undoubtedly different things. Although the way in which we see and perceive the world might lead us to think that they are both one and the same thing.

Many people, because of the nature of our perception, believe that their mind sees the outside world exactly as it is at all times, and that everyone around them is seeing exactly an identical replica of the world which they are seeing. People who lack the necessary understanding and awareness to really capture a notion of the nature of the human mind, fail to realize that the world they perceive is not simply an outside object which is there for everyone else to see.

Reality is that, the world this individual person sees, is a world which only they can see. Out of the billions and billions of human beings, only that particular person will ever be able to see the world in the way in which he or she sees it. And this way of seeing the world is generated by their particular mind. They are not seeing the external world out there as it is in its innate and naked nature, but they are rather seeing how their minds paints that outside world.

In my opinion, it is extremely hard to catch a glimpse of that external world out there, in its naked and pure form, without our minds intervening to paint what we see and give us an image of the world according to our mind, and how we think. All of our ideas, feelings, beliefs, emotions, convictions, memories, concepts, understanding, etc. come in between the naked world and how our mind perceives it way before we can even catch a reasonable glimpse of it.

Therefore, this would imply, that there are billions and billions of different worlds seen by the billions of inhabitants of the earth. A world which can be seen only and exclusively by the individual himself. A world which although fixed in it’s purest and naked form, is still never painted by two different minds in the same exact way. I believe that babies, perhaps have the ability to see the world in it’s purest and naked form, but are incapable of reasoning, thinking, or making memories about it.

Once we acquire the ability to perform this high level cognitive functions, our mind has already taken over to present us with the world, according to how our parents and influences, together with our wild imagination, have attempted to make us see it.

The world (our world), nevertheless, does not remain fixed after we acquire these cognitive abilities. As we grow and develop our minds, the image which our minds present to us as the world continues to alter throughout all of our lives, whether in a drastic or in a very subtle way, the development and feeding that we provide for our minds results in our mind painting the world we perceive in accordance to the way it has been indoctrinated to think.

Therefore, the more we train, feed, and develop our minds, the sharper, happier, better, funner, greater, etc. is the image our minds shows us of the world outside. Remember no one in the entire universe sees the world in the same way you see it. We interact with others and have a strong sense and feeling that they are seeing the world exactly in the same way in which we are seeing it, but that is very far from the truth. Every set of eyes perceives an entirely different world. If you develop your mind to very high levels, then you will be capable of deeply understanding this concept, deeply understanding your world and how you see it, and you will also have the ability to produce a reasonably accurate idea of how somebody else is seeing the world.

Just like we do with little kids, we are capable of producing a reasonably accurate idea of how they see and understand the world. We never get it perfectly exact as it is for any little kid let alone an adult, because that would require that we ourselves get literally inside of their minds and see how the world looks from inside there.

Anyways, the same sense of it being somewhat easy to assess and come up with an accurate idea for how a little kid sees the world, could be attained to do it for other adults, if we elevate our minds to very high levels.


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Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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