Never Slave to Opinions.

Many people, although physically free, bound themselves to become slaves. Slaves of the opinion of others. It appears to in a sense come up naturally, we do not to be trained or educated to understand and even fear the opinion of others. It seems as if  we are naturally equipped to allow the opinion of others to have a significant amount of force in determining our thoughts, actions, and behavior. Behavior, out of all is the most affected and restricted, by the handicap of fear, or worry about what people will say.

If we are not educated, trained, and instructed, into defeating the monster which we give life to, if we give too much importance to the opinion of others, then we become trapped and slave by this monster. Many people are not even aware of how their fear for the opinion of others restricts their behavior, plans, feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc.

After God has granted us the enormous privilege to be free. A privilege many times taken for granted. Free to think as we wish, free to act as we wish, free to behave as we wish, free to spend our time as we wish, and free to just be entirely ourselves as long as we are not threatening the security of the nation or any specific human being.

After all of the struggles, battles, wars, and tribulations which were required to guarantee the absolute freedom which God allows us to enjoy today, why should we ever allow the opinion of others to take that freedom away?

If you feel a strong desire to do something, if you feel a strong desire to say something, if you feel a strong desire to behave in a certain way, if you feel a strong desire to be a certain way, and if you are certain that none of these will harm anyone, then what the heck matters what the opinion of others is or will be. If you know you are doing what is right for you, if you know you are being yourself, and if you know that what you are doing is for good to yourself and others, then who gives a fly about what the opinion of others is!?

How annoying and uncomfortable is it to have to go through the thoughts of what they are going to think, what they are going to say, how they are going to see you, before you say something or behave in a way, which you feel is pleasing to yourself.

Now, we should always be wise. We should not take this concept as an excuse to misbehave or act in unreasonable or inappropriate ways. Because in that case you would be harming yourself, and most likely others as well. And remember what we said, this concept applies, only when the action does not cause any harm to you and/or others.

This concept serves more as a weapon to defeat the monster of the opinion of others. Serves more as a too which allows you to dissolve, and quickly eliminate the bothersome thoughts and feelings restricting you from doing things because of your mentality about the opinion of others.

You could also see it in this way; if so many people do whatever the heck they want, without giving any consideration to your opinion or what you will think of them, then why in the heavens should you be concerned  with their opinion or what they will think of you. People can give you advise, or try to teach you, but only you can make the decisions in your life. Just like you could give them advise and try to teach them, but only they can take the decisions for their life.

If you are willing to please somebody, and if you are truly interested in the opinion a specific person has of you, then by all means you should keep their opinion in mind and behave in a way which will drift their opinion of you as you want them to think of you. But on a specific case like this, it is your choice, you are doing it because you want to do it. Not simply because you have to submit to this opinion regardless of whether you want to do it or not.

Many times is a very irrational fear. The fear we develop towards the opinion of others, and what they will think of you, or how they will see or perceive you. In most cases, this people which a person might give power to, are not of much importance. They do not have much influence in your life, they don’t pay for your bills, they’re not there for you on tough times, they don’t think of you before they go to sleep, heck! they probably never even invite you to eat. So why give their opinions any power over us? Why allow their opinions to restrict our words or behavior? why give them power over us by caring what their opinion of us will be? Let them care about our opinion of them, if they will, but never vice versa.

We must thank God for the level of freedom we have every single day. We should not take it for granted! Never! And we should, above all things, never ever surrender our freedom to the opinion of people who have very little influence in our lives. We should never create irrational stress for our lives by minding what others will think or say. We should never be so weak that we allow them to become masters over us, with their opinion.

The funniest thing about this, is that those trying to become masters over you and enslave you with their opinion are mostly not really doing it in a conscious and aware manner, but rather they do it because it is and has been done to them in the same way. Thus this shallow mentality, makes them think and believe that this is how love should be, to them this is how things should work, since they are already slaves of the opinion of other unimportant people and most likely even slaves to your own opinion, then they think that they should make you and others also, in the same way, slaves of their opinions.

Shallow minds, usually feed these vicious cycle, thus creating a network of people afraid of their own opinions. They give life to an irrational, unreasonable, and unnecessary monster. They use their minds to create more stress in each others lives, where there was no stress before. They use their mind to create for and within themselves, a monster which did not exist before. They allow their naive imagination to amplify and over dramatize very small problems. Very small choices and decisions, are over magnified by the intrusion of the fear to the opinion of others.

Man, just elevate yourself above all of those shallow minds. If you achieve a clear and concrete understanding of the small value of the opinion of many average people, then your personality would just shine. You will feel so free when you do or say anything. Your freedom will lead to increased happiness. You will destroy hours and hours of irrational worry and stress which the shallow minds create by giving power to the opinion of others.

You will be absolutely free, it will radiate out of you, you will strongly feel it, and you will live life more. You will no more be a slave to what others have to say, what they will think, how they are going to see you, you will finally truly exercise your right to free speech. You will finally truly exercise your free will. And you will use this to grow yourself in life, you will evolve, and you will be helping yourself and many others by the accomplishments you will reach. You will completely unleash your potential.

Realize that their opinion has very little weight. Realize that their opinion will just go, and be completely blown away with time. Realize that their opinion won’t have much importance once you reach unprecedented levels and they stay down in their shallow level of mind. Their opinion is not even big at all. Their opinion won’t kill you. And even they themselves might change their opinion quickly from one day to another. It is very fragile, weak, it has no real influence in your life, so why give any mind to it. Why dedicate any of our precious neurons t thinking or considering those opinions?

Claim your liberty, claim your freedom! enlighten your mind with this understanding, with this concept, and you will then be totally free. You will kill any hint of worry or concern about the opinion of someone who is not very relevant in your life. You will have that eureka moment in which you are deeply convicted with the idea of: why the heck should I even be concerned about your opinion if I don’t even know you, if have never seen you before in my life, if I will probably never see you ever again?

If you are just like me a human being, then why the heck should I be concerned about your opinion? are you God? no! Are you an Angel? no! Are you a superior species of human beings? No! then why the heck should I be afraid or submit to your opinion?

I do not care who you pretend to be, I do not care how cool you think you are in your shallow mind, I do not care what type of clothing you have on, I do not care what your title is, I do not care where you come from, I do not care how many people you know, I do not care how popular you are, I do not care who your boyfriend or girlfriend is, I do not care how much money you have, I do not give a crap about any of these, you know why? because I am deeply convicted and clearly understand that you are a human being just like me and have no superiority over any other human being, no matter how much you might pretend you do.

When you think like this, people will be in a way intimidated by you. They will be intimidated by how free you are, by how much freedom you have. They will be intimidated by your ability to freely do and say as you which without any concern for their opinion. They will be intimidated by you great ability to read over their pretension of being important. They will feel that you are the important one due to your level of freedom. They will feel weak when their opinion has no influence at all whatsoever over you, and then they will, in their shallow mentality, concede you all the power so that they can be in graces over what your opinion of them is.

Your freedom, will never again, be threatened by the opinion of no human being. The opinion of God and our own opinion of ourselves should be the only ones which receive recognition and concern. Besides those two, there too many billions of vain and weak opinions which provide no help or benefit to our lives.

In conclusion, don’t give power to powerless opinions. Don’t give your freedom away in exchange for irrational stress. Don’t give any of your precious neurons the highly unnecessary job of considering an irrelevant opinion, or thinking about what the opinion of some random person will be if you were to behave in the way in which you desire to behave. Embrace your freedom, be unapologetically yourself, and screw what they will think and or say, at the end of the day it won’t really matter much and it will have no real influence on your life. So be yourself, be free, and screw the opinion of shallow minds!


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