Intelligence always wins.

Have you ever wonder why are we human beings far and away greater than animals? Do they not say that the key to growth and success is hard work? Well, many animals have an incredibly powerful ability to work way harder than any human being. How come they never to be greater or above us in anything? The answer is easy, our intelligence. Our ability to reason, our ability to use our brain, the magnificent ability given to us by God to have a mind created in His image and likeness, is what allows us to dominate and be way ahead of animals.

For this particular reason I am not a great fan of the famous: just work hard phrase, or the hard work beats talent, or the you get there only by working hard. For me it is rather Just work intelligent, smart, wise. Brains, wisdom, understanding, intelligence, beats talent. Some places you could only reach with a high level of brains and intelligence. Therefore no matter how hard you work, you will never achieve some levels which require intelligence more than hard labor. The only way I could ever sympathize with the hard work concept is if it is applied towards the purpose of hard work at increasing your knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, understanding, brain power. Hard work on it’s own is vain, has very little benefit, is like the work of an animal. Meanwhile, brains produces a hundred times the results with a hundred times less effort.

Our brain, our mind, is the most powerful tool God has provided us with. It is our most powerful muscle. And it determines which ones are the strongest among human beings. Among animals it might be physical size, speed, and strength of muscle which determines who dominates and who goes to the top. But for us human beings that is determine by the power and strength of our minds. Which has no boundaries, it is limitless, infinite, never to the level of God but in His image and likeness. It is up to us to get enjoy life and get to the top by highly developing this unbelievably powerful muscle: our minds. Always remember  no matter what the situation is, the circumstances, how, where, why, or when, brains always wins. Brains always, by far, win in anything one could participate of in life.


About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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