As you think of it, so it is.

There is a very, in my opinion, deep, meaningful, and profound phrase that says: As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. I believe that this phrase implies an extremely powerful truth. I believe this phrase tries to lead us into the understanding of the power of the mind and our deep thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and concepts. This phrase contains within it, what seems to be a powerful universal law created by God to be applied throughout the entire universe.

If one dedicates time and energy to deeply think, and analyze the powerful truth which this phrase contains, we might very easily fill our minds with powerful insights which will lead us to attain a much higher level of understanding of our own self, and the power of our minds. The heart, as used in thousands of other occasions, as symbolism, seems to represent the deepest parts of our mind, of our being, of our soul. It seems to have a strong connection with the subconscious mind, and the thoughts, ideas, and beliefs which we have most deeply rooted upon our minds.

If we consider this same phrase from a different angle, we can realize that in the same way that we can in a sense intuitively understand that as of man thinks of himself in his heart that he becomes, I believe that we could also intuitively agree upon the fact that as we think something is, that it becomes to us. And here when I say think, I am not referring to a mere passing thought. When I say think I refer to deep thought, how we think of it (whatever the thing is) in the deepest parts of our mind. How we understand the thing, how we believe it to be, how we grasp it, how we see it, how we perceive it, how we imagine it. The deep thought which embarks all of these aspects is what leads to how we think of something. And once we have developed that profound thought about any particular thing, then we can say that the particular thing starts to become what we think it is, or as we think it is in our hearts. Not to say that we change that particular thing and how it is for others, but we rather change it for ourselves. Thus one and the same thing can become millions of different things depending of the mind which is perceiving it and how it thinks of it in its heart.

Since God gives us the ability to reach and change the depths of our hearts, and the deepest parts of our minds, through strong, intense, powerful, constant thought, we can then change the way a particular thing is for us in our lives. The things about this is that it makes it bad or good, your subconscious does not mind, whatever you feed it, that it will make you see in the world through your eyes, that will be your reality, that will be how you will see and experience the particular thing.

Many people think that we all see exactly the same thing. But that is not true. We all see whatever we ourselves have created in our minds. The deepest parts of our minds. Due to the human nature of always seeing the world only through our own eyes, we might fall in the mistaken belief that everyone else sees it and perceives it in exactly the same way I do.

When, we, as an adult see a toy, we are under no circumstances seeing the same thing a kid sees when a toy is in sight. Even if we are talking about the same exact toy, we are still seeing different things due to how we have created that object to be in our minds. Not even the kids themselves all see the toy in the same manner, it depends on how they think of the specific toy in their heart.

This does not only happens with objects, but also situations, experiences, feelings, circumstances, and most importantly life. This is the reason why we see so much contrast between us and other people. Because we are all perceiving different worlds. We are all seeing a different experience, a different situation, a different feeling, a different life. We all may think we are seeing exactly the same, but we are not. Because we cannot get into the heads of somebody else and see through their eyes, we might think it impossible for it to be much difference in how we perceive the world.

This is the reason why many people make you go: “what the heck!?” and you make many other people also go: “what the heck!?” For this reason some people can never understand in the universe how you could do some things so easily when to them it is almost impossible. They believe that the thing which they have created as an extremely hard thing in their hearts, is perceived by you in exactly the same way that it is perceived by them. They fail to realize that your world is a different world. They fail to realize that you have, in your heart and the most profound depths of your mind, created that thing to be something easy, not too hard, and very easy to achieve. Because you have created it like this in the depths of your mind, your heart, and deep within your subconscious, then it comes to you as something which is relatively easy to accomplish, and you wonder how on earth those other people can say that it is extremely hard and almost impossible. You might fall victim to the tendency to think that they experience the same world you experience.

The most beautiful thing about this is that we can change the way something is for us. By altering our beliefs, thoughts, concepts, insights, understanding, imagination, etc. about whichever thing we desire to change we reach the deepest parts of our mind and alter how we experience that particular thing in our life. Remember you never alter it for no one else but yourself. You could stimulate others to change the way they experience it, but you will never be able to change it for them, although you have great power to stimulate and lead them to experience it in a certain way. Nevertheless, the final decision is theirs, wetter they are aware or not of the choice they are making. The bad, and terrible, results, usually come up when the person is not very aware of the choices he or she is making and of what he or she is constantly feeding his or her mind in regards to the specific thing. Many people are unaware of what they feed their minds, they believe that things are simply as they are by nature and that their thinking will definitely have no influence upon “outside” things. This usually leads to the unconscious creation of terrible objects and situations, which are experienced by them as the most frightening nightmares they could ever experience. Only because they have, unconsciously, created them to be like that in the depths of their minds.

In conclusion, remember, there is not one fixed world out there. The world you perceive and experiment is not even close to the world others see and experiment. Never ever neglect this powerful ability God has placed in you to change the way things are in your world, to literally use your mind to transform things out there in the world. You will definitely see very clearly how the thing changes for you in front of your eyes, from what it used to be for you to what it is now. And don’t think that you are just tricking yourself, no. you just literally changed your world. The way it is. You will be able to see the change very clearly, and have a deeper sense and understanding of the power in our minds to change our world. You could try your best, but know that you will never see the world of another person, as seen through their eyes, although with some intelligence you could get a decent picture, but never perfect. Remember they all see and experience a different world. And if you deeply know and understand how to change yours, which very little people seem to know and understand, then you will live in a brilliant, exhilarating, wonderful, exciting, happy, peaceful, world. The only constant is God the creator. After that He has placed unbelievable power within our minds.


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Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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