Book Smart And Intelligence

I believe that it is a very grave and costly mistake to have a misconception of what intelligence really is. Many people, tend to link intelligence too strongly with school. Some people even commit the terrible mistake of believing that intelligence is only to be used and only to be beneficial in the academic setting.

When we create such mistaken and naive concepts for such powerful forces or realities, we tend to incredibly limit their power, and the benefit they could bring into our lives. We basically handicap a source of infinite power by creating a strong conviction and/or notion of it which is against is true nature, and its real unlimited potential.

Intelligence, when captured, under misconceptions, becomes a weak , dull, incapable, force which under very specific and limited circumstances, might help us to attain good grades in our formal education. Many people are so deeply and strongly convinced of intelligence being in all of its essence a type of synonym for book smart. The strong belief and conviction of this people towards what the true nature of intelligence is, makes them use their infinite and unlimited mental power, provided to men by God, to harm their own self, their own lives, their own potential, their own future, and their own happiness, among many other things, which any rational human being would certainly desire for his or her life.

These people, by plating such a conviction, notion, idea, understanding, and belief, about intelligence as such a limited and restricted force, shape their own world, their view of their world, and the manner in which they experience the world, and more specifically intelligence itself, to the point in which they literally cause the nature of intelligence itself to change for them, thus they change the nature of intelligence for their own lives. And given the unlimited power of the mind, for them, exclusively, as they experience their world (a unique world which no one else in the universe has nor will ever experience) it becomes a reality. Intelligence, becomes, exclusively for them, as they deeply believe it and understand it to be.

Therefore, we could better explain this situation, by painting a picture in which a man is given a vehicle. The vehicle is just always there, and could be used whenever he pleases, in whichever way he pleases to use it. Now, a rational question, that should come up is: which type of vehicle is it? well, that is all left to the unlimited power of the mind of the man. The vehicle transforms according to his belief, his conviction, his idea, his concept, of the vehicle, the one that goes to the deepest parts of his heart, conscious, and subconscious mind. Therefore, according to the mind of the man, this vehicle could be: a bike, a motorcycle, a car, an suv, a train, a helicopter, an airplane, a rocket, or whichever other vehicle he could make it become with his mind.

Now, if the picture which was just painted, became a reality among a group of men, then the power, the distance, the strength, the speed, the durability, the mechanics, the convenience, the potential, the excitement, the features, the capabilities, etc. of their vehicle would depend upon how they have used their mind to create their specific vehicle to be like. Mind you due to the perception of the world exclusively through our own eyes, the men, if not very wise, intelligent, and understanding, would easily believe that they all posses the same exact vehicle, but that others just learn how to use it more efficiently.  This, when analyzing this picture, is clearly wrong, and could give chance to the possibility of someone who created and experiences a bike wondering how a person who created and experiences a rocket got so far, so fast, and with so much power. The person with the weak mind, and misconceived notion will surely ask himself: how the heck did he get to the moon with a bike?

I, in my humble opinion, believe that this is the level of distinction, and the contrast that could arise in our lives according to to how we personally conceive (deeply) what the true essence and nature of intelligence really is. I believe intelligence is one of the most powerful weapons God has given humanity as a gift. I believe that its power is infinite, unbelievable, and unlimited. I also believe that to reduce intelligence to the concept of being books smart, is to go through life simply riding a bike, or even walking. But the beautiful thing is that nothing is fixed, the brain is plastic, and so is the mind, we could definitely and without a doubt make as many changes as we really desire, regardless of their magnitude.


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Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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