The Ego/Arrogance obstacle.

In my opinion ego and arrogance are two of the greatest obstacles in the development of reasoning and the human mind. Not only individual minds, but also the collective intelligence and overall development of the human race seems to be significantly hindered by undisciplined egos which go way beyond justifiable levels.

The problem with this issue is how hard it becomes for people to notice how much it harms them. For example, people who have achieved what might seem to be the highest level on any specific area, might think (unfortunately too easily) that they are entitled to flaunt their arrogance and ego while thinking and acting as if they were way above everyone else. I believe the main reason humans do this, almost naturally, is to feel good about themselves. To feel as if they are better and greater than others. Apparently humans love the feeling their mind generates when they place themselves above someone else, whether this is a reality or an illusion created by a shallow mind.

How do we get to know that these people really are the absolute top of the pyramid for this specific area? There is no way. Because there is no top. Therefore you never get to be at the top. You might become better than a large sum of people, but that does not mean that you have reached a superb level. The fact that you  do it better, understand it deeper, know a lot more, or are more capable than a very large group of people does not mean you are at the highest level in which the activity could ever be done. Not even if you can do it better than all the billions of people in the planet. The fact that you do it better than all of them might give the illusion that you are at a very high level, but in reality there are very high chances that you are not.

The reason why we might be blind is because we don’t know what goes after what we have seen and experienced. We have no clue of the universe of things which the “experts” still don’t know about. Still have not discovered. Still do not understand. The “experts” learn a drop out of the whole ocean, and then they(not all of them, but too many) feel a strong inclination to act, think, and behave as if they are too good for other people. Because those other people might only know 1/100 of the drop they know. Fooling themselves thinking that their drop is equivalent to the whole ocean. When in reality they would need a million other drops to cover the space a tennis ball would occupy on the ocean related to that area, not to mention life.

Therefore these “experts” and even those who just know one or two things, love to enjoy any opportunity to flaunt their ego and arrogance, apparently because of the illusion and feelings this misconception produces in them. After all, remember that humans tend to be more emotional than rational. When doing this they unknowingly allow their egos and arrogance to kill so many opportunities to learn from others, to expand their minds, to gain new insights, to increase the depth of their understanding, to become grater, and to form great relationships (which could provide multiple and eternal benefits) because they “know to much”, “have nothing to learn from such a person”, “already know everything”, “are always right”, “have the title”, and an infinite amount of other ignorant excuses that an uncontrolled ego uses to harm an individual and even a whole group from exploring a little further into the ocean.


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Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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