Humans Everywhere

As long as you find yourself living on this earth, you will be interacting with human beings. You might make some, not very rational interactions with animals every now and then, but the real bulk and value of your most meaningful interactions and relations will occur with other human beings.

Now, if we are interacting with another human being, we should always have something very nice and clear in our minds, which is the fact that we are simply having an interaction with another being of our own species. We must know and deeply understand that every single human being on this earth shares innumerable characteristics with us as human beings due to our human nature.

There might be some human beings which are highly accomplished, famous, and admired by millions and millions of others, but even then, we are dealing with human beings which are exactly like you and me in many aspects, and share the same human nature we posses. We are all bound to play by the rules which nature imposes upon human beings.

When a person without much prestige, compares his or herself to such unbelievably great figures, it is very easy to fall victim to the misconception that the figure must be something entirely different than the average Joe. It seems to be natural for us to have a tendency to see the most famous, the billionaires, the elite, the highest authorities, the greatest athletes, etc. as beings which are nothing like us. We may very easily ask ourselves what would it feel like to be one of them?

Many times, unconsciously, people take this human beings, to be humans from another planet, or humans with extraordinarily exceptional abilities which could never be reached by a normal human like you, who was normally born, and has lived a normal life. Many times people commit the mistake of seeing these small group of humans as humans which come from another world. Humans from another universe, which have not one similarity with us. People tend to make the mistake of placing them in a level which is infinitely higher and ridiculously superior to their own.

This perception of having them as far superior, is what in my opinion allows this group to be such a small group relative to the overall population. I believe people create, and give shape, in their minds, to the strong conviction that they will never be capable of reaching such a level, because they are not “that type” of human being, and because the are “normal”.

And with this I am not trying to discredit the greatness, power, and importance of those who have made it to such high levels, but I am rather trying to bring light to the absolutely disproportionate judgement and perception that average people have of these stars. Maybe the fact that they are average, and conform with being average, is a justifiable reason as to why they have such a conception of this people as being so much more superior than they are. And in a way they definitely are, and they will continue to be, unless the mind of a man is enlightened and reaches a deep understanding of the fact that these people are human and that they, also, can become one of these elite.

The distance between the elite and the others depends of the mind of the individual person from the group of the others. The greatness, ability, and potential, of the man, does not exist in the collective or average of the group, but it rather depends on his own ideals, reasoning, mentality, intelligence, knowledge, beliefs and understanding. Thus, the greatness and potential is created withing each individual of the other and of the elite. The group of the others is usually conformed in its majority by averages and below averages which decide to conform with being like each other, and deeply convince themselves that they would never be able to reach the elite since he was not born to be one of those.

Those who have agreed upon the belief and conviction that the elite is far too superior for them, become handicapped. They unconsciously cut their own wings and potential, leaving themselves bound to no more than average or mediocre. But this is not too say that every single person in this group has this mentality. There are, within the others, always a few who deeply grasp and understand the fact that the elite are human beings just like them, exactly like them, which are bound to live by the same laws and rules that nature imposes on all of us.

Their status, wealth, and prestige might give us the impression that they are not from this planet, that it is impossible that they just like us, are human beings. And it is extremely helpful to deeply understand that yes, they are. They are human beings like us, they do need to breathe, they need to use the bathroom, they need to shower to stay clean, they need food, they have fears, they have desires, they think, they laugh, they cry, they were born from a woman, they get old, and many of them were even one of the others, earlier during their lives. They were one of the others, but, they did not have the mind of the majority in the others. Just as those who are not like the majority in the others, many elites refused to conform to the others, and due to their minds eventually became part of the elite.

Essentially those who pass from the others to the elite, are in my opinion, the true superior elite. Those who are born in the elite, do not know, do not recognize, do not understand life as part of the others, thus they are incapable of really grasping the nature of what they have. Or at least their minds is not as expanded as those who made the transition, which ultimately gain a deeper understanding by grasping the contrast from both sides.

Therefore, there is no reason to faint, cry, freeze, or get unbelievably nervous when in the presence of one of this supreme individuals from the elite. Why? because they are just another human being just like us, it is not like we are seeing God. Yes, they deserved to be admired, and yes they have achieved such unbelievable things, but also, yes they are human beings like us and yes they would bleed if you cut them, just like you and I would bleed. And yes it would hurt them.

I am clearly not using this explanation as motivation to cut them, but rather as a point to make clear the fact that they are simply one of us. And we could soon become one of them, if you are not already. If they made the transition so can we. All we need is a mind which refuses to stay like and with the others. Just like they had it. And once we get up there, once we finally experience the beauties of life from all the way up there, we will realize that we like before, are still human beings.

I am pretty sure that when one reaches such heights, one can easily sense the feeling of the crowd acting, behaving, and treating you as if you were not a human being just like them. But remember, no matter how high you go, you remain a human being, and you are bound to die some day, just like all other human beings.

The fame, honor, wealth, respect, admiration, power, luxury, comfort, abundance, etc. that come whit reaching such heights should definitely be enjoyed to the max, but one should never fall victim to adapting the conception that one is absolutely superior in all aspects than the whole entire world, because this conception will easily knock us down and hard very quick. A conception which unfortunately is easily adapted by many once they believe themselves to be better than one or two others.

These people, who fall victim, to the false superiority conviction, are the ones with the weakest minds. These people are the ones that after going up three or four steps on an infinite ladder, believe that they are already all the way on top, thus they stop their growth and progress. Then reality comes and smacks them in their face, shattering and destroying their ego and arrogance. Reality comes like gravity and smacks them to the floor, when they crash with the contrast of their false conviction and the reality of the world. These ones are the ones to suffer the most, because they care way too much about the opinion of others, and everyone gets to see their fall, after they talked and acted as if they were gods.

Now, the real superior, the real elite, deeply know and understand that there is still an entire ocean to learn, and that there are a million step to climb. These people are the ones that reach the unprecedented and highly admirable levels, these ones are not knocked down to the floor by reality, because they understand reality. These people go higher than everyone else, higher than anyone has ever gone before, but they clearly understand that they are still human beings and that there still is way more ahead of them.

In contrast to this great elites, who reach unprecedented levels, we have the clowns from the others, most of the time the shallow and below averages, that after learning one or two small tricks, start acting, and truly believing that they are superior to the whole world. When interacting with this clowns, which in some way unconsciously know that they are not much, they will approach you and deal with you as if they were far superior to you. They make their ignorant misconception very clear and obvious. You should always detect and recognize this type from a mile away, you could just sense the BS, you can easily see their over inflated ego which is backed up by nothing. If they sense that you have identified their falseness, their weakness, and their mediocrity, covered over an absurdly disproportionate ego, they will feel ashamed of themselves and stop it, once you hit them with some real superiority coming from your intelligence level.

Always expose this clowns, never ever give them the chance to inflate their ignorant, shallow, and irrational ego. Destroy them with your intelligence and your superiority (real) to them. Put them to shame, and if possible in front of others, so this clowns will learn their lesson, and get a real smack from reality. Let them cry when reality shatters their fake ego and arrogance. Show them who is better, but only to them because they asked for it. Never do it to others, who are innocent, because if you do, then you will be the one who is going to be shattered by reality.

Way too many shallow clowns from the others, like to front as if they were better than you. Never fall victim, to their ignorance. Never allow their shallowness and stupidity to think in a way contrary to the truth of reality. Get way higher than all of them, so that when they try to come at you with their BS, you slash them with your superior reality. Trust me, it is going to be felt, very intensely. They will want to cry. Because reality hits hard when your superiority destroys their weak ego. You are greater, you are better, you are superior, you are smarter, you are way over their level, never show it; but if they want to play games, then show them who is boss, so they learn their lesson. But never forget that you still are a human being, and there still is an infinite amount for you to grow and learn.



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