The opinion of Shallow minds.

There is a very common and in a sense unfortunate tendency among shallow minds, the tendency to believe that they have a very high value and so does their opinion about others. If there is one thing which easily gives away a shallow mind, I believe it is the bad habit of constantly expressing their negative opinions and talking poop about other people. Apparently there is a type of sedating effect that allows them to deceive themselves when giving their shallow, unintelligent, and ignorant opinion about other people. Or this could be more easily described as talking S@*#T.

For some reason, shallow minds, are usually experts at this type of vain and irrational talk. The fact that using this talk can create an irrational feeling of value is what makes them love it so much. Irrational, just like almost everything the say, think, and do. An Illogical, fake, distant, and dumb brief belief that they have any value, that they are somebody, that their opinion counts, and that people would listen to them. The classical loser, trying to say that somebody else is not [insert everything they try very hard to pretend they are]. This classical losers, believe in their weak, shallow, dumb, and irrational mind, that by talking poop about somebody else, they will somehow change the reality of their mediocre life. This poor clowns, suck so much at everything in life, have so little intelligence, and so little potential, that they reach a point of finding no real consolation for their horrible life than trying to act as if they have value.

The great, brilliant, genius, unbelievable, elite minds, are capable of easily recognizing the weakness of the opinion of a below average. The great minds understand that this classical losers have no type of value at all whatsoever, so they deeply understand and grasp the fact that everything they say is Bs. The Bs by which they attempt to make others think they know anything, by which they attempt to make others think that they are somebody.  When in reality, stupid talk brings nothing but a harsher smack by reality when they realize that they are garbage and their opinion has no value nor influence upon the greatness and success of brilliant minds.

Why attack the brilliant minds? Well, the brilliant minds are getting everything they could only dream they could get, although not even in their dreams they can get them. The envy, the jealousy, of the greatness, the success, the brilliance, the charisma, the ability, the mind, the hustle, the intelligence that only the brilliant mind could achieve, but that they themselves could never reach because of how much they suck and how weak their brains and minds are. When they see the accomplishments of the brilliant, they feel like garbage, they feel entirely worthless when no one pays attention to them in no way, form, or manner, when the brilliants get all the attention, all the girls, all the boys, all the looks, all the rewards, all the wealth. They then, in their shallow and irrational mentality, believe that by expressing their fueled by jealousy and envy shitty opinion, they become in a way somebody. Or even worse, with their talking poop, which is like a mosquito bite, they think they will destroy the greats, which are like a lion. A mosquito trying to reach the level of a lion.

The funniest thing of all, is that they themselves, for a few really believe that their opinion has any value. They really believe that the lion will  pay attention and be influenced by their opinion. Like they had any importance, like they were somebody, like they had any accomplishments, like their opinion had any weight to be heard. Just another one among the billion of shallow opinions expressed by million of shallow losers all over the world. Wishing for a minute to have some value, wishing to be somebody. Wishing to see a lion cry because of their mosquito bite, wishing that the king of the jungle would be concerned over the opinion of a sheep.

Even if you are not in the group of the great ones yet, I encourage you to recognize the opinion from this typical losers. You will most certainty come in contact with it some way or another in your life, many times. This opinion always comes from a nobody, one who has no accomplishment to celebrate, one who has no value in life besides the small attention that people give them out of pity, those who have no potential, those who are not attractive in any form, those who have nothing to back up their irrational ego, do not give them value by listening to their opinion. Do not give them any influence, because in reality they cannot have it unless you give it to them, in reality their opinion is garbage because all their lives has been garbage. Their opinion is like the opinion of a 3 year old baby on the topic of politics, it is illogical, irrational, has no value, makes no sense, it would be extremely foolish to allow the opinion of such baby to get to you and influence your thinking about politics. Well, sorry there, the opinion of such a baby has great chances of being of way more value than the opinion from one of this shallow minds. But the point to illustrate is that this people are so low that they have nothing to which you can listen without bursting out laughing due to their lack of intelligence.

They usually intend the evil of attacking somebody else, therefore the attack should be reversed to them. By laughing in their face, and by clearly allowing them to intensely feel how much you think they and their opinion sucks, you reverse the attack. Let them feel that you deeply know and understand that they are helpless losers and let them deeply feel how their opinion has no value, no influence, and no power, because they are nobody. Haters are going to hate, when you find these shallow mind haters, let them know, feel, and understand, in front of everybody that they are sore losers and that you are way superior than them. Laugh out loud at their shallow opinions and shallow talks of poop, troll them, and troll them again, reverse the attack with double the force, and they will feel helpless, once again worthless losers, who stand no chance at reaching your greatness. This is only if they are trying to attack. Which they frequently do, as if to even out the deceptions and mediocrity of their lives in comparison with yours. When you reverse the attack you dig them deeper, they feel more depressed, they feel more the pain of being the sore losers they are and they will think it many times before messing with you again. Troll their lives away, and use your intelligence to let them know who is their daddy.


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