Before you did it, before it happened, before it was physical, it was first a thought.

How deep within yourself can you go? How aware of your mental power, ability and depth are you? Do you have the precious ability to dive within the depths of your infinitely powerful mind, or are you rather simply another one of those who unwittingly decide to limit themselves to the shallowness of the superficial outer world.

See, if you even attempt to dive slightly within your being, you would then start to realize that indeed everything, absolutely everything starts in the mind first. You would be struck with the powerful insight which allows yo understand that your mind is everything. You start to realize that everything you have ever done and everything that had ever being done by any other human being came from your or their mind.

People who remain stuck in the outer superficial world, are not awake enough to see and understand how all of the things out there were first created in a human mind.

Things, actions, feelings, emotions, words, objects, businesses, philosophies, personalities, great works, etc. Are all created in a human mind, which may use the help of many other minds, to make whatever is being created more solid, more real, more intense, more felt, more clear, and everything that must be done within the mastermind and the helping minds in order to bring what has been created to the physical world.

There are many things, which may seem as if they came from another universe, but believe it or not they did come from a human mind. The human mind responsible for the marvelous creation can easily see the process of creating such a thing, it can easily in his or her mind understand and have a strong grasp of the creation of what to others seems to be a work from a mind out of this universe.

The reason why this phenomenon happens is because our minds tend to many times over dramatize, over complicate, over exaggerate the process and the mental work required to create such a thing. Because of course all of this is to our minds foreign, too hard, too far, hard to even imagine. But to the mastermind it is easy, simple, clear, understandablr , and very doable. The limits are dissolved and lifted up from the unknowing mind, when it realizes that it could also do it, because of the infinite power and potential which God has placed in our human minds.

It always seems to be too hard, until you decide to learn it and realize how easy it is. Thus, you should never plant upon your mind any type of biliefs and/or misconceptions which would dominate and lead your mind to limits, shallowness, smallness, and incapabilities.

Remember, it is not only creation, but also your behavior, emotions, sensations, feelings, and actions. No action could ever happen without a thought preceding it. Whether you are aware of the thought or not. The thought is the entity which seduces your being into performing some action. Whether it is thoughts that have been stimulated by others or thoughts which you have created with your own conscious or subconscious mind.

So in conclusion, pay very deep and close attention to all of your thinking and all of your thoughts, because they are indeed the beginning of all things. Like the beggining of the Universe coming out of the supreme thought from God. And because He made us in His image and likeness then we also can create unbelievable things with our thoughts.


About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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