Powerful Emotions

Emotions seem to be one of the most powerful forces driving not only us, human beings, but even animals.

When looking at how emotions are present also in animals, we could, to an extent, safely conclude that emotions are not simply a psychological phenomenon arising from our reasoning abilities, but also a biological or biochemical nature which becomes an extremely essential part of our lives on this earth as human beings.

Emotions are very powerful, as we all should know from experience. Every single day of our lives we are given the opportunity to see the high impact that feelings and emotions have on our own life and the life of other people.

Feelings, In my opinion, are the physical sensation and representation of emotions which take over our brains.

When we exert the mental effort that is necessary for introspection, and when we make the decision to focus our mental energy on what is going on inside of us and deep within our beings, we begin to get a much stronger, and much more solid grasp over our feelings and emotions.

Feelings and emotions are so constant, so intense, and so powerful, that we as human beings can never escape the sensations, feelings, and results that come with any specific emotion.

Whether a person is aware or not of the emotions and feelings which are controlling his or her mind and stimulating their sensations, the feelings and emotions always have great influence upon the brain, and thus the mind, and thus everything about our lives.

Many people go through very intense emotions all of the time, but are not even aware that of how the emotion which is dominating their brains is the one that is influencing everything he or she does.

Many people go through intense happiness, sadness, joy, anger, envy, jealousy, shyness, sensuality, mellowness, extroversion, introversion, shyness, inhibition, liberation, boldness, nervousness, and an infinite list of other feelings or emotions which dominate their beings at a specific moment without them realizing that all the effects are a result of such emotion.

Don’t get me wrong, we all sense and intensely feel the emotions, while experiencing the world, behaving, thinking, and feeling according to the emotion. But the problem is that many people are not aware of their own emotions and what effect they have upon their minds.

Many people just live life according to whichever emotion desires to randomly take control over them on that specific day or moment. They believe that the emotion is simply their nature and that they should behave according to whichever emotion pops up in the moment.

Of course, this mainly happens in people who fail to distinguish between their emotions and their core being.

They make the terrible mistake of thinking that their core being is constantly changing, due to their concept of emotions and core being composing one and the same piece.

Because of this costly mistake, many people confuse a very temporary emotional downturn, with the meaning of their entire life. They start to believe that their entire life is captured in that one emotion, and that their core being will always for the rest of his or her life, live under the control of such emotion.

It is like somebody who gets shocked while having no understanding of electricity. They feel the very intense shock, but they have no idea what it is, where it is coming from, what is its nature, or how it works.

Feelings and emotions can be the same. You can feel, sense, and submit to them very intensely even if you have no idea what they are. Just like electricity. The fact that you don’t understand what electricity is, does not mean that you would not feel it if you ever get shocked (God forbid).

Just like electricity, feelings and emotions, quickly alter to a very high extent the way you think, the way you experience the world, the way you behave, the sensations in your body, the chemistry and biology of your brain, your neurotransmitters, your hormone levels, your heartbeat, the tears in your eyes, your voice, your heart rate, your palms, your ability to move, your tension, and an infinite number of other things which I did not mention, but still play a very important role.

I believe that feelings and emotions, are just as powerful as electricity in our bodies. I think they travel throughout our whole bodies and brains with the same velocity and intensity that electricity would. Although I believe the intensity can be to an extent regulated by our reasoning minds. Nevertheless they still do travel throughout our whole beings extremely fast. As fast as fear and the fight or flight feeling would rush throughout your whole being if you saw a lion that has escaped the zoo and is coming after you.

The feelings, emotions, and adrenaline in the case of a lion would run throughout all of our beings as fast as the speed of light. And then if one is aware we can see the change that instantly happens in the way we experience the world.

We are in reality, constantly moving from a world to another, through our feelings and emotions. We could be in the exact same locations, and have the opportunity to experience multiple different worlds in the exact same place. Emotions are so powerful that the completely change the way we see and experience the world.

The things with emotions is, that the change from one emotion to another is usually so subtle that we are many times not even aware of the world changing in front of our own eyes. Unless we get to deal with very intense and rapid changes in emotions, then we get a clear shot at seeing how the world drastically changes in front of our eyes, even if we remain in the exact same location.

But even then, many people fail to notice, and most importantly become aware of the shift in feeling/emotion and see the effects it has on them and/or their brains. Most of the time people live to out there in the superficial world. Many times people reject the idea of looking very deep within themselves, people refuse to pay attention to anything, people refuse to get to know their own selves.

Meditation helps with this tremendously, meditation is like the greatest hidden treasure to help us dive in the depths of our own beings. Meditation is extremely powerful, and can help us reach a level where we literally can easily see, grasp, feel, understand, and be highly aware of changes in mood, feeling, and sensation, even if they are very subtle.

Not only that, but meditation helps us to also attain a lot more control over our emotions and feelings. Thus, with consistent training of meditation, we begin to become master of our emotions, instead of allowing our emotions to be masters of us.

If you develop the ability to see deep within yourself, and achieve greater control over your emotions, then you become automatically way ahead of majority of people on this world. You become more awake, you see more, you understand more, you are aware of more, you reach a much higher state of consciousness, and you begin to feel higher and higher with regards to your state of consciousness.

The more you mediate, the more you dominate and train your attention, the deeper you go within your own self, and the more you practice it, the higher you will go. And I believe that there is no limit, I believe God has placed infinite potential in our minds.



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