What do you think of yourself?

I believe that one of the greatest misfortunes in life is the fact that people usually don’t know the importance of what they think about their own selves. Unfortunately, people tend to place all of the weight on the concept of what others think of them.

People usually fall victim to the misconception that what other people think of them, and how other people perceive them, is the one, only, and most important thing when considering opinions and perceptions.

People usually miss the enormous value that lies within their opinion of their own selves. People tend to lack the awareness with respect to how powerful their opinion of themselves is.

By falling under the misconception that the opinion of others about us carries any power, a person who falls victim to this fallacy, usually finds himself or herself being a slave of the opinion of others. By believing that the opinion of others, many of whom do not even hold any significance in our lives, has any type of power or say upon who we are and the way we live, we actively rid our own opinion of ourselves from its unbelievable, infinite, trans formative, and radical power.

By giving power to the opinion of others, through misconceived beliefs, we take away power from our own opinion. Therefore, the more power we give to the opinion of others, the less power we leave to our opinion of ourselves.

It is important to note, that even under such circumstances in which a person is not aware of the irrelevance of the opinion of others, the effect and power which are granted to such meaningless opinions is manifested only through the mechanism of our own opinion, although in a very subtle way.

In other words, the only way in which the opinion of others can have an impact in us, have power over us, and affect our beings, our lives, our minds, and most important of all our subconscious, is if and only if, we allow those worthless opinions to enter our minds and change our own opinion of ourselves.

In this way, it can be shown that the only opinion which technically has power over us is our own opinion of our own selves. The only problem is that many people are living under the devastating misconception which claims that how others see you, think of you, opine of you, is the most powerful and important thing. Thus, they give those outside opinions the power to easily change their own opinion about their own selves.

These type of people are usually barely aware of themselves having an opinion of themselves and allow their being, their person, who they are, to become the combination of the opinions of outside people, who in their ignorance, and possibly mental shallowness pretend to have knowledge or understanding to say who a person is or who they should be.

This type of people, become so unaware, and become so weak, in their ability to have power and control over their opinion of their own selves, that they find no other choice than to become crowd-pleasers. They allow the opinions of other people to define who they are and who they become. They base everything they are upon what people say and think of them. They become weak enough to allow about everyone to have the power to easily change their opinion about their own selves.

If this type of people were to become aware of the power of their own opinion about their own selves, then they would never ever again allow anyone to come and try to change their opinion of themselves with any cheap opinion or thought. And when a person is really aware while having a very string grasp and understanding about the infinite power of their opinions of their own selves, then they never ever provide access to anyone but their own selves to change their opinion of themselves. They assume total and absolute control of their opinion.

Once a person assumes total and absolute control over their opinion of themselves, they become powerful. They become enlightened, and they become the type of person who intensely shines with confidence and can do whatever he or she wants with astounding freedom because he or she does not give a crap about nobody else opinion. This are the people who train their brain to eliminate all the inhibitions that come when giving power to the opinions of others.

Thus, it would be very wise to take absolute control of your opinion of yourself, and change, alter, modify, edit it only when you and only you wish or desire. Never ever give shallow minds any power over your opinion. Because other shallow minds have power over their opinions, they believe that you will turn out to be as ignorant as they are, and allow their opinions to have any influence over your life.

Change your opinion of yourself only to make yourself grow, to improve your being, to improve the image you have about your own self, to improve the image of you which radiates from the depths of your subconscious mind, to influence every single thing you do.


About vicj92

Young Thinker. Constantly Feeding up my mind. Attempting to help others do the same.
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