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The glorious power of the attention muscle.

Here comes another one of my theories. Another one of those theories inspired by intense, willful, conscious, and consistent deep thought upon a subject which seems to hold a dominant role in our lives. Thus time my theory is based, … Continue reading

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Attention gives you sight.

If anything exists in your life it is only because you have at some point payed attention to it, or are paying attention to it on the precise moment in which it is being manifested in your life. Nothing, can … Continue reading

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Calculating Life

Recently I saw somewhere, and also had a small joke with my cousin, about geniuses (like Einstein) being able to see the world in numbers, in equations, in mathematical equations which rule the laws of the universe. The documentary we … Continue reading

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The mind is everything.

Many people carry with them the misconception that the mind or brain is only necessary when completing a homework from school, or when solving a math problem, or when we need to memorize a particular line. And in a sense … Continue reading

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What do you think of yourself?

I believe that one of the greatest misfortunes in life is the fact that people usually don’t know the importance of what they think about their own selves. Unfortunately, people tend to place all of the weight on the concept … Continue reading

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Powerful Emotions

Emotions seem to be one of the most powerful forces driving not only us, human beings, but even animals. When looking at how emotions are present also in animals, we could, to an extent, safely conclude that emotions are not … Continue reading

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Before you did it, before it happened, before it was physical, it was first a thought.

How deep within yourself can you go? How aware of your mental power, ability and depth are you? Do you have the precious ability to dive within the depths of your infinitely powerful mind, or are you rather simply another … Continue reading

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