Attention gives you sight.

If anything exists in your life it is only because you have at some point payed attention to it, or are paying attention to it on the precise moment in which it is being manifested in your life.

Nothing, can ever exists in your conscious mind, if you have never ever payed attention to it. This does not mean that the nature, truth, and reality of something which you do not pay attention to ceases to exist in the universe, but it rather ceases to exist in your mind, which is responsible for making up your world.

This concept is not only limited to material things, but every single thing which could be held in a human mind, in my opinion, is subject to follow the motions of these theory.

This theory could be made clear by painting an example which could lead to an insight for better understanding of the theory and implications. A good example to make this theory clear would be the example of a person who has been living in a certain house for many years, without the knowledge that a few feet beneath the ground of their backyards lies hidden a treasure worth millions of dollars.

The fact that the person in this example, lacks the knowledge of such treasure even existing, clearly does not even give them a chance to direct their attentions towards the treasure. Therefore, the treasure, although it is indeed, buried in the backyard, in the mind of the person living there, it does not even exist.

As a matter of fact, in case like this example, most people would not possess the knowledge that would allow them to bring their attention to the treasure hidden in the backyard.

To anyone who can see (with their mind, not only physical eyes) the backyard in its most outer layer, in its most superficial form, would only see a typical backyard. Nothing special. nothing out of the ordinary.

But to the few, who have attained understanding of the amazing treasure lying beneath the ground, that backyard is surely not just any backyard. To this people that backyard represents something which is by far much bigger and of much greater value than how it is perceived by all others.

These, people, in possession of the extremely valuable knowledge of the treasure lying within the ground, can direct their attention towards something which goes deeper than simply the superficial outlook, they can see beyond the tip of the iceberg.

You should not let this example fool you into believing that the only things which could be missed by our attention are those things which are hidden, and buried as was the treasure in our previous example. In reality if we do not train and deeply understand our attention, then we can easily miss elephants placed in front of our eyes.

If we follow the claims of this theory, then although those elephants are in front of us, we would still not be able to see them. Therefore we might many times bump against them and generate irrational and inefficient feelings and emotions, given the fact that in a case as such, we would have absolutely no idea why we are getting hurt, and what is it that we are bumping into.

knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, and understanding open the “eye of the mind”. The more we open the eye of the mind the more we can see. Because if we reach a level of understanding about anything then we can finally start to see it. And if we can see it, then we can use it to our advantage, we can avoid it, we can control it, we can learn from it, and we can learn to also see other similar things.

Not only does attention makes us see what we have at some point placed into it, But it also leads us to see with a much higher definition what we constantly pay intense attention to. Even if something, is already capable of being grasped by our attention, still many times distractions steal the grasp attention has of them and makes them invisible for a moment. Like your breathing, the feeling of your shirt on your body, the background music softly playing, the feeling of your butt against the chair, and many other things which illustrate how something goes out of sight when attention is not given to it.

Attention, in my opinion could be infinitely developed. I believe God has given our brains an ability to infinitely adapt and develop whatever we rationally demand of it. From babies to teenagers and to adults, we continue to gradually develop our attention to hold a lot more in place at a time. We push our minds to grasp more and they adapt to growing and developing the muscle of attention. This usually happens unconsciously, therefore imagine the unbelievable levels of strength in attention which could be reached with intent, conscious, and constant development of such a powerful faculty.

The stronger your attention, your control, understanding, grasp, and use of it, the more you see. The higher above others you rise. You see more, you see from higher up, and you are at much higher levels of consciousness.

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Calculating Life

Recently I saw somewhere, and also had a small joke with my cousin, about geniuses (like Einstein) being able to see the world in numbers, in equations, in mathematical equations which rule the laws of the universe.

The documentary we watched, as I’m also pretty sure many other sources do, portray Einstein as somebody who was indeed capable of seeing and understanding the world in this particular way. And not only that, but it also expresses, as many other sources also do, that he was capable of doing experiments only with his thinking, with his mind, with his brilliant, highly defined, very intense, very tangible imagination.

Now, for you to be able to do physics experiments, simply by using your imagination and your mind, you should have an extremely advanced understanding of the laws of nature. You must be in a much higher state of consciousness than the state of the average human being.

In this is apparently, exactly what was going on, inside of Einstein’s head. If you have had any type of experience, or attempts at elevating your state of consciousness in any intelligent, and reasonable manner then you must know and understand the concept of your imagination/mind being almost the same as reality, depending on your state of consciousness.

I am obviously trying to explain the concept of your imagination being like your reality, in very simple terms, and in very few words, but this is obviously a topic to which we could dedicate an infinite number of pages. But in order to illustrate the point of Einstein’s mind power, and to also create a sense of the nature of the mind and imagination, I inserted this small previous portion, which attempts to clarify the matter.

Now, Having said that, we can easily conclude that if a person have such a strong grasp, understanding, and knowledge of these rules, then this person would clearly be capable to perform experiments which very much resemble reality, and are presented to his brain, as if they were actually happening on the moment they stimulate their mind to create these experiments.

In the same way, that our understanding of gravity, velocity, acceleration, pain, etc. will very clearly allow us to see and understand what would happen to us if we were to jump from the ceiling of a 20 story building. Without having to actually jump from the building, in order fro us to have a very clear idea of what would happen. As a matter of fact, we humans tend to have such a strong grasp and understanding of this rules, that we could easily do the experiments in our heads. Just like Einstein.

Now, even if the grasp and understanding of this terms was unconscious, and only very implicit, we still could easily use it to calculate, process, understand, and capture the world and our lives.

Now, use that same powerful imagination, and imagine that you see Einstein, discovering, calculating, creating, generating insights through his mind, through his imagination, on paper. Now, applying the concept of us understanding the fall from the 20 story building, imagine how Einstein saw, calculated, processed, grasped, and understood the world from his mind.

After using your imagination to perform such a task, you might be able to somewhat come into agreement that Einstein did indeed see the world in equations, in numbers, in measurements, in the definition of natural laws. Or in other words, he saw the world from a much more higher perspective than the average human. By the way, he was not only capable of capturing the whole world in his mind, the guy was at such level that he could also capture the universe and its laws.

Of course, I don’t think that he literally saw the numbers and equations through his eyes as he saw things, but I believe the back of his mind, his subconscious mind, and his intuition were easily capable of consistently doing it for him. Because in a sense he had trained his brain so well to perform such  unbelievable feat that it became to him second nature, it became to him automatic.

Now, here is the point in which I introduced my theory. My theory of calculating the world and life through all of our knowledge and understanding. I do not only believe that the calculations are real, and actually happened all the time behind the mind of Einstein, or in his consciousness when he desired it to be so, but I also believe that he also saw the world with the other side of his brain.

The philosophical, the artistic, the holistic, the spiritual, the emotional, the conceptual side of his brain. I believe that he also saw the world in concepts, in beliefs, in philosophies, in theories, in definitions, in thoughts, in insights, in memories, in feelings, in experiences, in books, in articles, in connections, in art, etc.

I believe, that in the same way that his understanding of physics elevated him to a higher grasp and understanding of life and the universe, in the same way the other side of the brain, the one that sees the big picture and deals with everything that goes beyond numbers, was developed to a point where he, also was able to be elevated to a higher state of consciousness. And then, this higher state of consciousness from both sides of the brain, is in my opinion, what brought to life, the extremely brilliant person we all have heard of in some way or another, the super genius Einstein.

Now, I believe, that all of us, as human beings, have the capacity to elevate our state of consciousness in exactly the same way. And I don’t mean in the exact manner and with the exact thoughts of Einstein, but rather what I mean is that we posses a brain that’s powerful and capable enough to be elevated, as soon as we propose ourselves to do so and follow through with everything that is required to achieve such levels.

Now, it is clear that we have people with a side of the brain much stronger than the other. Some are a lot more analytical. While others are a lot more philosophical, artistic. To me there is a lot of strong connections between both sides, but I believe that people tend to live a pretty unbalanced life by limiting themselves to strengthening only one side because that side is “who they are”, or rather “who they think they are”.

I explain my position on this with the analogy of the muscles in our arms. Thanks to God, almost all of us are born with two arms. Some of us (majority) are better at using our right arm, others are better at using their left arm. And a few, become equally good with both arms.

Now, the fact that you are very good with your right arm, does not mean that you should cut your left arm. It doesn’t mean that you should never use your left arm. And vice versa. It is easy to agree upon the fact that even if you are a master at using your right arm, your life would be drastically changed (for the worse) if they were to remove your left arm.

It would be easy to agree, that if you were to go to the gym for years and only workout your right arm, while neglecting your left arm, you would end up with a horrible body shape makeup, and a horrible functionality with respect to your arms.

Now, if you train both arms equally, making them both develop their strength, then you would have a much more balanced and enjoyable life, even if one of the arms is more dominant than the others.

Now, applying this analogy of the arms to the brain, I feel that throughout life, everywhere, we can easily bump into people who have one very strong arm, and one very weak arm. The greater the imbalance the easier it is to spot the person, and the easier it is to tell which of their arms is Strong and which is weak.

And it gets even worse, when they start to completely neglect the weak arm and start to live their lives as if they did not have it. This I believe leads to a imbalance which gives a very inefficient and inaccurate picture of life, of the world.

I believe, that we all can become super geniuses like Einstein. I believe that if we dedicate ourselves to elevate both sides of our brain to a much more higher state of consciousness, then we will see a whole different world. A much more defined world, we would attain a much deeper understanding, and a much more intense grasp of the world, of life, of reality. We would become our own type of super genius, because don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say that we would all become an Einstein, but we would rather all become an (insert your last name here).

I believe we do see the world, through our mind and everything that is in there. I do believe that we see the world through an intense combination between all that is in the right side of the brain and all that is in the left side of the brain. I believe we all have the power and ability to highly elevate, train, and develop both sides, and I believe that the more you develop both sides the more you see, understand, and grasp the world, life, and even the universe.

And obviously, whoever gets to see and experience life from such high levels of awareness, gets to live life more fully, enjoy life a lot more, discovers more, creates more, attracts more, grows more, sees more, grasps more, understands more, and above everything is much happier, than those who live on low levels of awareness.

Remember, it is never too late. You can always start using and exercising your arms once again, no matter what. Trust me, they will get strong, no matter how long you have not used them for. Go out there and be aware how you are calculating the world, how you are calculating life, and how can you calculate your reality from higher states of consciousness. In the meantime, or hopefully all my life, I’ll continue to go higher myself. Because there truly is absolutely no limit.






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The mind is everything.

Many people carry with them the misconception that the mind or brain is only necessary when completing a homework from school, or when solving a math problem, or when we need to memorize a particular line. And in a sense they are right, this type of activities do require a much more significant mental effort than the effort which is required on other trivial or more entertaining things.

Where the faulty misconception comes in, is when we ask how about everything else that falls outside of that category?

How about when we want to tell our friends what we did over the weekend? How about when we are watching a movie? Crossing the street? Thinking of a joke? Or even checking our Facebook?

Many of the previous questions might seem to require very little mental focus or intensity if any at all. Thus, people tend to understand this type of situations as trivual, “mindless” situations.

Nevertheless, we can very safely say, that none of this experiences or situations would have ever been possible were it not for our brain. Were it not for us having a sane, sober mind.

When one thinks a little harder about this topic, one could reach the conclusion that the brain is not only used in school or work, but the brain is rather ALWAYS used, at all times, in any situation.

Thus, although it might seem as if something is happening almost automatic without any use of the mind, in reality not even the slightest bit of it would be possible if we did not have a reasoning mind.

Because of this belief, many people tend to go through much of their lives in a kind of automatic mode. Not paying much attention, not being too aware, of life and life happening to them and throughout all of their surroundings.

If we make an experiment, and make our minds not function properly as it should function on a healthy, sober, individual, we would come to realize that all of this activities and situations become almost impossible.

A great example would be, an irrational level of alcohol intoxication which would biologically and chemically change our brains and thus our minds. Under such intoxication, what seems to be the simplest of activities can become the hardest task to complete in the universe. Many times even impossible.

This experiment could very well lead us to formulate a theory which explains that the brain, our neurons, and our mind, our involved in every single thing we do, every single step we take, every single breath we take, even every single time our eyes blink.

The fact that the mind is involved in all if this, leads me to the belief that the mind is indeed everything. That there is nothing we could ever experience, feel, see, hear, smell, touch, sense, do, even if it is the most subtle thing in the universe, it must by nature, be processed by our brains/minds.

Now, if one agrees with this theory, then one would know and understand that all of life, and all that we call and experience as our life, would never ever be possible were it not for our brain/mind.

Therefore, the mind is not only in action in school, but the mind is also in action through every single millisecond of our lives. Even when we sleep! And it could be even more active than when we are awake then.

Every single thing we know how to do, every single thing we are capable of performing, every single thing we understand, wether from school or from outside of it can be possible only because of our minds/brains.

Now, God had given us an unbelievably powerful ability to develop our brains in whichever way we desire throughout all of our lives. No matter the age. This is the reason why, as we grow, experience, practice, imagine, understand, vusualuze, and think of any certain thing consistently, we get better at doing it. Because we are in effect, trainingg our brain, stimulating our neurons, creating new neural pathways, strengthening neural pathways, and training our brains to grow in that aspect or area and continue to get much better at it.

That is why you can never fake being a genius, or doing something which you could never experienced before. 

This would mean that absolutely every and any thing which you are willing to develop, which you are willing to become better at, must be engraved in the brain and then developed throughout time.

Do not fall victim to the mistaken idea and grave misconception that we are born ready to do, know, understand, or be a specific something. Don’t forget that everything must be developed in the brain, and could come only from the brain. 

By following this logic we could safely say that the use and intense application of the brain into anything, combined with a high side of wisdom and intelligence reaharding that which is pursued, will lead to a brain which is a lot stronger, a lot more powerful,and a lot more capable at performing the given feat.

Never think that they have it natural, it may seem like that but no, just like you and me others had to also develop their brains, and in the same way they may think we have it natural in the ways in which we are strong.

Now, the fascinating thing about the brain, is that since it is absolutely everything in our lives, then it can be strenghtgen and infinitely further developed in absolutely ANYTHING we do in life.

Once a person becomes aware that the mind is being used and very neccesary even in random, trivial, everyday life, then the person can start to better learn to use their brain to live life.

Whoever leatns to use their brain to lice life gets way ahead of the pack, gets way ahead of the crowd, while seeing and experiencing life from a much higher, much more clear, and much more defined state of consciousness. 

Once a person deeply grasps the understanding of the mind and how it is the means and center for absolutely everything we exoerience and do in our lives, then that person starts to activate their brains and minds in ways that highly differ from the brain of the crowd and/or average.

Therefore, just like in an exam, apply your mind, your attention, your focus, to every single thing you do and every single circumstance you find yourself in, and you will soon enough develop a mind that sees a lot more than others, hears a lot more, feels a lit more, thinks a lot more, senses a lit more, understands a lot more, knows a lot more, processes a lot more, and in short goes to a much higher state of consciousness.

Use it intently at all times, be aware, be present, and pay very close attention, because in this way you will discover an infinite universe that you never would have thought existed. And once you discover that universe, keep moving forward, because there still is more. A lot more. An infinite more.

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What do you think of yourself?

I believe that one of the greatest misfortunes in life is the fact that people usually don’t know the importance of what they think about their own selves. Unfortunately, people tend to place all of the weight on the concept of what others think of them.

People usually fall victim to the misconception that what other people think of them, and how other people perceive them, is the one, only, and most important thing when considering opinions and perceptions.

People usually miss the enormous value that lies within their opinion of their own selves. People tend to lack the awareness with respect to how powerful their opinion of themselves is.

By falling under the misconception that the opinion of others about us carries any power, a person who falls victim to this fallacy, usually finds himself or herself being a slave of the opinion of others. By believing that the opinion of others, many of whom do not even hold any significance in our lives, has any type of power or say upon who we are and the way we live, we actively rid our own opinion of ourselves from its unbelievable, infinite, trans formative, and radical power.

By giving power to the opinion of others, through misconceived beliefs, we take away power from our own opinion. Therefore, the more power we give to the opinion of others, the less power we leave to our opinion of ourselves.

It is important to note, that even under such circumstances in which a person is not aware of the irrelevance of the opinion of others, the effect and power which are granted to such meaningless opinions is manifested only through the mechanism of our own opinion, although in a very subtle way.

In other words, the only way in which the opinion of others can have an impact in us, have power over us, and affect our beings, our lives, our minds, and most important of all our subconscious, is if and only if, we allow those worthless opinions to enter our minds and change our own opinion of ourselves.

In this way, it can be shown that the only opinion which technically has power over us is our own opinion of our own selves. The only problem is that many people are living under the devastating misconception which claims that how others see you, think of you, opine of you, is the most powerful and important thing. Thus, they give those outside opinions the power to easily change their own opinion about their own selves.

These type of people are usually barely aware of themselves having an opinion of themselves and allow their being, their person, who they are, to become the combination of the opinions of outside people, who in their ignorance, and possibly mental shallowness pretend to have knowledge or understanding to say who a person is or who they should be.

This type of people, become so unaware, and become so weak, in their ability to have power and control over their opinion of their own selves, that they find no other choice than to become crowd-pleasers. They allow the opinions of other people to define who they are and who they become. They base everything they are upon what people say and think of them. They become weak enough to allow about everyone to have the power to easily change their opinion about their own selves.

If this type of people were to become aware of the power of their own opinion about their own selves, then they would never ever again allow anyone to come and try to change their opinion of themselves with any cheap opinion or thought. And when a person is really aware while having a very string grasp and understanding about the infinite power of their opinions of their own selves, then they never ever provide access to anyone but their own selves to change their opinion of themselves. They assume total and absolute control of their opinion.

Once a person assumes total and absolute control over their opinion of themselves, they become powerful. They become enlightened, and they become the type of person who intensely shines with confidence and can do whatever he or she wants with astounding freedom because he or she does not give a crap about nobody else opinion. This are the people who train their brain to eliminate all the inhibitions that come when giving power to the opinions of others.

Thus, it would be very wise to take absolute control of your opinion of yourself, and change, alter, modify, edit it only when you and only you wish or desire. Never ever give shallow minds any power over your opinion. Because other shallow minds have power over their opinions, they believe that you will turn out to be as ignorant as they are, and allow their opinions to have any influence over your life.

Change your opinion of yourself only to make yourself grow, to improve your being, to improve the image you have about your own self, to improve the image of you which radiates from the depths of your subconscious mind, to influence every single thing you do.

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Powerful Emotions

Emotions seem to be one of the most powerful forces driving not only us, human beings, but even animals.

When looking at how emotions are present also in animals, we could, to an extent, safely conclude that emotions are not simply a psychological phenomenon arising from our reasoning abilities, but also a biological or biochemical nature which becomes an extremely essential part of our lives on this earth as human beings.

Emotions are very powerful, as we all should know from experience. Every single day of our lives we are given the opportunity to see the high impact that feelings and emotions have on our own life and the life of other people.

Feelings, In my opinion, are the physical sensation and representation of emotions which take over our brains.

When we exert the mental effort that is necessary for introspection, and when we make the decision to focus our mental energy on what is going on inside of us and deep within our beings, we begin to get a much stronger, and much more solid grasp over our feelings and emotions.

Feelings and emotions are so constant, so intense, and so powerful, that we as human beings can never escape the sensations, feelings, and results that come with any specific emotion.

Whether a person is aware or not of the emotions and feelings which are controlling his or her mind and stimulating their sensations, the feelings and emotions always have great influence upon the brain, and thus the mind, and thus everything about our lives.

Many people go through very intense emotions all of the time, but are not even aware that of how the emotion which is dominating their brains is the one that is influencing everything he or she does.

Many people go through intense happiness, sadness, joy, anger, envy, jealousy, shyness, sensuality, mellowness, extroversion, introversion, shyness, inhibition, liberation, boldness, nervousness, and an infinite list of other feelings or emotions which dominate their beings at a specific moment without them realizing that all the effects are a result of such emotion.

Don’t get me wrong, we all sense and intensely feel the emotions, while experiencing the world, behaving, thinking, and feeling according to the emotion. But the problem is that many people are not aware of their own emotions and what effect they have upon their minds.

Many people just live life according to whichever emotion desires to randomly take control over them on that specific day or moment. They believe that the emotion is simply their nature and that they should behave according to whichever emotion pops up in the moment.

Of course, this mainly happens in people who fail to distinguish between their emotions and their core being.

They make the terrible mistake of thinking that their core being is constantly changing, due to their concept of emotions and core being composing one and the same piece.

Because of this costly mistake, many people confuse a very temporary emotional downturn, with the meaning of their entire life. They start to believe that their entire life is captured in that one emotion, and that their core being will always for the rest of his or her life, live under the control of such emotion.

It is like somebody who gets shocked while having no understanding of electricity. They feel the very intense shock, but they have no idea what it is, where it is coming from, what is its nature, or how it works.

Feelings and emotions can be the same. You can feel, sense, and submit to them very intensely even if you have no idea what they are. Just like electricity. The fact that you don’t understand what electricity is, does not mean that you would not feel it if you ever get shocked (God forbid).

Just like electricity, feelings and emotions, quickly alter to a very high extent the way you think, the way you experience the world, the way you behave, the sensations in your body, the chemistry and biology of your brain, your neurotransmitters, your hormone levels, your heartbeat, the tears in your eyes, your voice, your heart rate, your palms, your ability to move, your tension, and an infinite number of other things which I did not mention, but still play a very important role.

I believe that feelings and emotions, are just as powerful as electricity in our bodies. I think they travel throughout our whole bodies and brains with the same velocity and intensity that electricity would. Although I believe the intensity can be to an extent regulated by our reasoning minds. Nevertheless they still do travel throughout our whole beings extremely fast. As fast as fear and the fight or flight feeling would rush throughout your whole being if you saw a lion that has escaped the zoo and is coming after you.

The feelings, emotions, and adrenaline in the case of a lion would run throughout all of our beings as fast as the speed of light. And then if one is aware we can see the change that instantly happens in the way we experience the world.

We are in reality, constantly moving from a world to another, through our feelings and emotions. We could be in the exact same locations, and have the opportunity to experience multiple different worlds in the exact same place. Emotions are so powerful that the completely change the way we see and experience the world.

The things with emotions is, that the change from one emotion to another is usually so subtle that we are many times not even aware of the world changing in front of our own eyes. Unless we get to deal with very intense and rapid changes in emotions, then we get a clear shot at seeing how the world drastically changes in front of our eyes, even if we remain in the exact same location.

But even then, many people fail to notice, and most importantly become aware of the shift in feeling/emotion and see the effects it has on them and/or their brains. Most of the time people live to out there in the superficial world. Many times people reject the idea of looking very deep within themselves, people refuse to pay attention to anything, people refuse to get to know their own selves.

Meditation helps with this tremendously, meditation is like the greatest hidden treasure to help us dive in the depths of our own beings. Meditation is extremely powerful, and can help us reach a level where we literally can easily see, grasp, feel, understand, and be highly aware of changes in mood, feeling, and sensation, even if they are very subtle.

Not only that, but meditation helps us to also attain a lot more control over our emotions and feelings. Thus, with consistent training of meditation, we begin to become master of our emotions, instead of allowing our emotions to be masters of us.

If you develop the ability to see deep within yourself, and achieve greater control over your emotions, then you become automatically way ahead of majority of people on this world. You become more awake, you see more, you understand more, you are aware of more, you reach a much higher state of consciousness, and you begin to feel higher and higher with regards to your state of consciousness.

The more you mediate, the more you dominate and train your attention, the deeper you go within your own self, and the more you practice it, the higher you will go. And I believe that there is no limit, I believe God has placed infinite potential in our minds.


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Before you did it, before it happened, before it was physical, it was first a thought.

How deep within yourself can you go? How aware of your mental power, ability and depth are you? Do you have the precious ability to dive within the depths of your infinitely powerful mind, or are you rather simply another one of those who unwittingly decide to limit themselves to the shallowness of the superficial outer world.

See, if you even attempt to dive slightly within your being, you would then start to realize that indeed everything, absolutely everything starts in the mind first. You would be struck with the powerful insight which allows yo understand that your mind is everything. You start to realize that everything you have ever done and everything that had ever being done by any other human being came from your or their mind.

People who remain stuck in the outer superficial world, are not awake enough to see and understand how all of the things out there were first created in a human mind.

Things, actions, feelings, emotions, words, objects, businesses, philosophies, personalities, great works, etc. Are all created in a human mind, which may use the help of many other minds, to make whatever is being created more solid, more real, more intense, more felt, more clear, and everything that must be done within the mastermind and the helping minds in order to bring what has been created to the physical world.

There are many things, which may seem as if they came from another universe, but believe it or not they did come from a human mind. The human mind responsible for the marvelous creation can easily see the process of creating such a thing, it can easily in his or her mind understand and have a strong grasp of the creation of what to others seems to be a work from a mind out of this universe.

The reason why this phenomenon happens is because our minds tend to many times over dramatize, over complicate, over exaggerate the process and the mental work required to create such a thing. Because of course all of this is to our minds foreign, too hard, too far, hard to even imagine. But to the mastermind it is easy, simple, clear, understandablr , and very doable. The limits are dissolved and lifted up from the unknowing mind, when it realizes that it could also do it, because of the infinite power and potential which God has placed in our human minds.

It always seems to be too hard, until you decide to learn it and realize how easy it is. Thus, you should never plant upon your mind any type of biliefs and/or misconceptions which would dominate and lead your mind to limits, shallowness, smallness, and incapabilities.

Remember, it is not only creation, but also your behavior, emotions, sensations, feelings, and actions. No action could ever happen without a thought preceding it. Whether you are aware of the thought or not. The thought is the entity which seduces your being into performing some action. Whether it is thoughts that have been stimulated by others or thoughts which you have created with your own conscious or subconscious mind.

So in conclusion, pay very deep and close attention to all of your thinking and all of your thoughts, because they are indeed the beginning of all things. Like the beggining of the Universe coming out of the supreme thought from God. And because He made us in His image and likeness then we also can create unbelievable things with our thoughts.

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The opinion of Shallow minds.

There is a very common and in a sense unfortunate tendency among shallow minds, the tendency to believe that they have a very high value and so does their opinion about others. If there is one thing which easily gives away a shallow mind, I believe it is the bad habit of constantly expressing their negative opinions and talking poop about other people. Apparently there is a type of sedating effect that allows them to deceive themselves when giving their shallow, unintelligent, and ignorant opinion about other people. Or this could be more easily described as talking S@*#T.

For some reason, shallow minds, are usually experts at this type of vain and irrational talk. The fact that using this talk can create an irrational feeling of value is what makes them love it so much. Irrational, just like almost everything the say, think, and do. An Illogical, fake, distant, and dumb brief belief that they have any value, that they are somebody, that their opinion counts, and that people would listen to them. The classical loser, trying to say that somebody else is not [insert everything they try very hard to pretend they are]. This classical losers, believe in their weak, shallow, dumb, and irrational mind, that by talking poop about somebody else, they will somehow change the reality of their mediocre life. This poor clowns, suck so much at everything in life, have so little intelligence, and so little potential, that they reach a point of finding no real consolation for their horrible life than trying to act as if they have value.

The great, brilliant, genius, unbelievable, elite minds, are capable of easily recognizing the weakness of the opinion of a below average. The great minds understand that this classical losers have no type of value at all whatsoever, so they deeply understand and grasp the fact that everything they say is Bs. The Bs by which they attempt to make others think they know anything, by which they attempt to make others think that they are somebody.  When in reality, stupid talk brings nothing but a harsher smack by reality when they realize that they are garbage and their opinion has no value nor influence upon the greatness and success of brilliant minds.

Why attack the brilliant minds? Well, the brilliant minds are getting everything they could only dream they could get, although not even in their dreams they can get them. The envy, the jealousy, of the greatness, the success, the brilliance, the charisma, the ability, the mind, the hustle, the intelligence that only the brilliant mind could achieve, but that they themselves could never reach because of how much they suck and how weak their brains and minds are. When they see the accomplishments of the brilliant, they feel like garbage, they feel entirely worthless when no one pays attention to them in no way, form, or manner, when the brilliants get all the attention, all the girls, all the boys, all the looks, all the rewards, all the wealth. They then, in their shallow and irrational mentality, believe that by expressing their fueled by jealousy and envy shitty opinion, they become in a way somebody. Or even worse, with their talking poop, which is like a mosquito bite, they think they will destroy the greats, which are like a lion. A mosquito trying to reach the level of a lion.

The funniest thing of all, is that they themselves, for a few really believe that their opinion has any value. They really believe that the lion will  pay attention and be influenced by their opinion. Like they had any importance, like they were somebody, like they had any accomplishments, like their opinion had any weight to be heard. Just another one among the billion of shallow opinions expressed by million of shallow losers all over the world. Wishing for a minute to have some value, wishing to be somebody. Wishing to see a lion cry because of their mosquito bite, wishing that the king of the jungle would be concerned over the opinion of a sheep.

Even if you are not in the group of the great ones yet, I encourage you to recognize the opinion from this typical losers. You will most certainty come in contact with it some way or another in your life, many times. This opinion always comes from a nobody, one who has no accomplishment to celebrate, one who has no value in life besides the small attention that people give them out of pity, those who have no potential, those who are not attractive in any form, those who have nothing to back up their irrational ego, do not give them value by listening to their opinion. Do not give them any influence, because in reality they cannot have it unless you give it to them, in reality their opinion is garbage because all their lives has been garbage. Their opinion is like the opinion of a 3 year old baby on the topic of politics, it is illogical, irrational, has no value, makes no sense, it would be extremely foolish to allow the opinion of such baby to get to you and influence your thinking about politics. Well, sorry there, the opinion of such a baby has great chances of being of way more value than the opinion from one of this shallow minds. But the point to illustrate is that this people are so low that they have nothing to which you can listen without bursting out laughing due to their lack of intelligence.

They usually intend the evil of attacking somebody else, therefore the attack should be reversed to them. By laughing in their face, and by clearly allowing them to intensely feel how much you think they and their opinion sucks, you reverse the attack. Let them feel that you deeply know and understand that they are helpless losers and let them deeply feel how their opinion has no value, no influence, and no power, because they are nobody. Haters are going to hate, when you find these shallow mind haters, let them know, feel, and understand, in front of everybody that they are sore losers and that you are way superior than them. Laugh out loud at their shallow opinions and shallow talks of poop, troll them, and troll them again, reverse the attack with double the force, and they will feel helpless, once again worthless losers, who stand no chance at reaching your greatness. This is only if they are trying to attack. Which they frequently do, as if to even out the deceptions and mediocrity of their lives in comparison with yours. When you reverse the attack you dig them deeper, they feel more depressed, they feel more the pain of being the sore losers they are and they will think it many times before messing with you again. Troll their lives away, and use your intelligence to let them know who is their daddy.

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