As you think of it, so it is.

There is a very, in my opinion, deep, meaningful, and profound phrase that says: As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. I believe that this phrase implies an extremely powerful truth. I believe this phrase tries to lead us into the understanding of the power of the mind and our deep thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and concepts. This phrase contains within it, what seems to be a powerful universal law created by God to be applied throughout the entire universe.

If one dedicates time and energy to deeply think, and analyze the powerful truth which this phrase contains, we might very easily fill our minds with powerful insights which will lead us to attain a much higher level of understanding of our own self, and the power of our minds. The heart, as used in thousands of other occasions, as symbolism, seems to represent the deepest parts of our mind, of our being, of our soul. It seems to have a strong connection with the subconscious mind, and the thoughts, ideas, and beliefs which we have most deeply rooted upon our minds.

If we consider this same phrase from a different angle, we can realize that in the same way that we can in a sense intuitively understand that as of man thinks of himself in his heart that he becomes, I believe that we could also intuitively agree upon the fact that as we think something is, that it becomes to us. And here when I say think, I am not referring to a mere passing thought. When I say think I refer to deep thought, how we think of it (whatever the thing is) in the deepest parts of our mind. How we understand the thing, how we believe it to be, how we grasp it, how we see it, how we perceive it, how we imagine it. The deep thought which embarks all of these aspects is what leads to how we think of something. And once we have developed that profound thought about any particular thing, then we can say that the particular thing starts to become what we think it is, or as we think it is in our hearts. Not to say that we change that particular thing and how it is for others, but we rather change it for ourselves. Thus one and the same thing can become millions of different things depending of the mind which is perceiving it and how it thinks of it in its heart.

Since God gives us the ability to reach and change the depths of our hearts, and the deepest parts of our minds, through strong, intense, powerful, constant thought, we can then change the way a particular thing is for us in our lives. The things about this is that it makes it bad or good, your subconscious does not mind, whatever you feed it, that it will make you see in the world through your eyes, that will be your reality, that will be how you will see and experience the particular thing.

Many people think that we all see exactly the same thing. But that is not true. We all see whatever we ourselves have created in our minds. The deepest parts of our minds. Due to the human nature of always seeing the world only through our own eyes, we might fall in the mistaken belief that everyone else sees it and perceives it in exactly the same way I do.

When, we, as an adult see a toy, we are under no circumstances seeing the same thing a kid sees when a toy is in sight. Even if we are talking about the same exact toy, we are still seeing different things due to how we have created that object to be in our minds. Not even the kids themselves all see the toy in the same manner, it depends on how they think of the specific toy in their heart.

This does not only happens with objects, but also situations, experiences, feelings, circumstances, and most importantly life. This is the reason why we see so much contrast between us and other people. Because we are all perceiving different worlds. We are all seeing a different experience, a different situation, a different feeling, a different life. We all may think we are seeing exactly the same, but we are not. Because we cannot get into the heads of somebody else and see through their eyes, we might think it impossible for it to be much difference in how we perceive the world.

This is the reason why many people make you go: “what the heck!?” and you make many other people also go: “what the heck!?” For this reason some people can never understand in the universe how you could do some things so easily when to them it is almost impossible. They believe that the thing which they have created as an extremely hard thing in their hearts, is perceived by you in exactly the same way that it is perceived by them. They fail to realize that your world is a different world. They fail to realize that you have, in your heart and the most profound depths of your mind, created that thing to be something easy, not too hard, and very easy to achieve. Because you have created it like this in the depths of your mind, your heart, and deep within your subconscious, then it comes to you as something which is relatively easy to accomplish, and you wonder how on earth those other people can say that it is extremely hard and almost impossible. You might fall victim to the tendency to think that they experience the same world you experience.

The most beautiful thing about this is that we can change the way something is for us. By altering our beliefs, thoughts, concepts, insights, understanding, imagination, etc. about whichever thing we desire to change we reach the deepest parts of our mind and alter how we experience that particular thing in our life. Remember you never alter it for no one else but yourself. You could stimulate others to change the way they experience it, but you will never be able to change it for them, although you have great power to stimulate and lead them to experience it in a certain way. Nevertheless, the final decision is theirs, wetter they are aware or not of the choice they are making. The bad, and terrible, results, usually come up when the person is not very aware of the choices he or she is making and of what he or she is constantly feeding his or her mind in regards to the specific thing. Many people are unaware of what they feed their minds, they believe that things are simply as they are by nature and that their thinking will definitely have no influence upon “outside” things. This usually leads to the unconscious creation of terrible objects and situations, which are experienced by them as the most frightening nightmares they could ever experience. Only because they have, unconsciously, created them to be like that in the depths of their minds.

In conclusion, remember, there is not one fixed world out there. The world you perceive and experiment is not even close to the world others see and experiment. Never ever neglect this powerful ability God has placed in you to change the way things are in your world, to literally use your mind to transform things out there in the world. You will definitely see very clearly how the thing changes for you in front of your eyes, from what it used to be for you to what it is now. And don’t think that you are just tricking yourself, no. you just literally changed your world. The way it is. You will be able to see the change very clearly, and have a deeper sense and understanding of the power in our minds to change our world. You could try your best, but know that you will never see the world of another person, as seen through their eyes, although with some intelligence you could get a decent picture, but never perfect. Remember they all see and experience a different world. And if you deeply know and understand how to change yours, which very little people seem to know and understand, then you will live in a brilliant, exhilarating, wonderful, exciting, happy, peaceful, world. The only constant is God the creator. After that He has placed unbelievable power within our minds.

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Intelligence always wins.

Have you ever wonder why are we human beings far and away greater than animals? Do they not say that the key to growth and success is hard work? Well, many animals have an incredibly powerful ability to work way harder than any human being. How come they never to be greater or above us in anything? The answer is easy, our intelligence. Our ability to reason, our ability to use our brain, the magnificent ability given to us by God to have a mind created in His image and likeness, is what allows us to dominate and be way ahead of animals.

For this particular reason I am not a great fan of the famous: just work hard phrase, or the hard work beats talent, or the you get there only by working hard. For me it is rather Just work intelligent, smart, wise. Brains, wisdom, understanding, intelligence, beats talent. Some places you could only reach with a high level of brains and intelligence. Therefore no matter how hard you work, you will never achieve some levels which require intelligence more than hard labor. The only way I could ever sympathize with the hard work concept is if it is applied towards the purpose of hard work at increasing your knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, understanding, brain power. Hard work on it’s own is vain, has very little benefit, is like the work of an animal. Meanwhile, brains produces a hundred times the results with a hundred times less effort.

Our brain, our mind, is the most powerful tool God has provided us with. It is our most powerful muscle. And it determines which ones are the strongest among human beings. Among animals it might be physical size, speed, and strength of muscle which determines who dominates and who goes to the top. But for us human beings that is determine by the power and strength of our minds. Which has no boundaries, it is limitless, infinite, never to the level of God but in His image and likeness. It is up to us to get enjoy life and get to the top by highly developing this unbelievably powerful muscle: our minds. Always remember  no matter what the situation is, the circumstances, how, where, why, or when, brains always wins. Brains always, by far, win in anything one could participate of in life.

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When Praying To God

When praying to the one and only God almighty, we should never ever commit the mistake of praying to satisfy one of our habits or daily requirements. Due to the frequent nature of prayer, it could very easily become a routine item on a checklist which we feel the necessity to fulfill simply to continue pleasing our own mind with the habit which we have ingrained within it.

We should never, under any circumstance forget that prayer is a conversation with God. It is not any type of conversation, but it still follows the mechanics of any conversation you would have with any one of your friends. The only difference is, that this time you will be speaking with no one else than God himself.

Because we should do it multiple times everyday, we might fall into the trap of simply repeating the same words over and over again around the same time everyday. We might mistakenly make prayer an act of satisfying our psychological need of feeling not guilty. I believe that the only time we should feel guilty is when we talk to God like robots, meaning that we tell Him the same exact thing we tell Him every single day.

God continually tells us in His word, that He wants to be our friend. Through Jesus He left us a model of prayer. He did not say we have to pray exactly like that every time, but He did leave us an example to know how to structure our prayer. And this prayer, does not last more than five minutes! but is made from the heart, it is very sincere, it is very honest, it is real conversation with our creator God. The prayer Jesus left us as an example goes like this:

Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed be Your name.
10 Your kingdom come.
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.
11 Give us this day our daily bread.
12 And forgive us our debts,
As we forgive our debtors.
13 And do not lead us into temptation,
But deliver us from the evil one.
For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.

That is the perfect way of praying, left to us by the perfect expression of God on Earth, Jesus Christ. It could be found in the Bible on Matthew 6:9-13.

That is all Jesus Himself said we need to pray like. He said in the verse right before the prayer (verse 5) for us to pray in that manner. Meaning that this is the guideline and we should adhere to it. This prayer is literally about two minutes long, but has great meaning, it has great depth, if coming from a humbled heart. God only cares about how sincere our prayer is, how deep and honest is our communication with Him. God does not have any time requirement, God does not have any word use requirement, God does not have a word count. He just wants us to speak to Him from our Hearts. That’s all.

Because of the nature of the structure of prayer, man, will, in his ignorance, quickly jump to the very common but mistaken conclusion of a prayer being a better prayer according to how long the prayer is. The misconception of using the length of the prayer as a measurement of its quality, is an awfully inaccurate misconception. God in no way, form, or manner, demands that we make a longer prayer in order to please Him. As a matter of fact, the opposite holds true, Because of the omniscience of Jesus (God on earth) He already knew that humans would quickly attempt to boast by making their prayers louder or longer. When In reality all God desires is a prayer coming from the heart.

Because of this knowledge coming from the Almighty, He left us a very powerful portion right above the model of the Lord’s prayer, so that we don’t fall victims to the traps of ignorance and misconceptions.

Jesus said: “And when you pray, you shall not be like the hypocrites. For they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men. Assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward. But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly. And when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do. For they think that they will be heard for their many words.“Therefore do not be like them. For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him. This is found in Matthew 6: 5-8

Pay very close attention, and engrave upon your heart verse 7, which says: And when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do. For they think that they will be heard for their many words.

Do not become one of those who destroys their whole lives, time, and energy, endlessly making vain repetitions. Because they come to believe the catastrophic misconception that God will listen to them because of their many words. And right after Jesus explains to us TO NOT BE LIKE THEM, He refreshes us with the common sense, and what should be a very basic, and very core, deep conviction on any Christian, the fact that we should not intend to say a million words because God already knows what we want to say before we even say it. As a matter of fact, before we even think of it He already knew it.

Also, Do not think that you will be able to persuade God, with certain words or with longer prayers. No. All God requires is that you go in secret, and make a prayer from your heart. A Nice Clear, honest, sincere prayer, which really comes from your heart. He does not care whether is long or short, He only looks at the intention of the Heart. So much so, that we have prayers of great men of God in the Bible which are ones and two liners. Others which are maybe two or three minutes. But they all come from the heart!

If you want to talk to Him a little longer you could, but remember that this WILL NOT make your prayer better or persuade God more. Like with any friend, This One being the most special Friend you’ll ever have, you could always talk for different time lengths, but every time you talk to them, you really do so sincerely. Same with God. Do not allow the prayer to become a robotic, mechanical act. Do not do it to fulfill a bad psychological habit. NO! Know and understand clearly what God Himself told us: Do not be rash with your mouth,
And let not your heart utter anything hastily before God.
For God is in heaven, and you on earth;
Therefore let your words be few.
For a dream comes through much activity,
And a fool’s voice is known by his many words. This is found on Ecclesiastes 5: 2-3.

Do not forget that you are on earth and God in in heaven. Do not forget that you are the human, you are not God! Do not forget that you do not pray to satisfy yourself, but rather to speak with your Creator. It should satisfy you, but it should not be done with the purpose of going through a ritual to check something off your to do list. Never!

Remember, God knows before you even speak, and Jesus left us a model because He knew many will come, as usual, with their own version filled with ignorance, mistakes, and misconceptions. Please do not waste you life going through vain repetitions. When you do that you are first of all Not Praying, and second of all destroying your precious time and energy!

A way to keep yourself from falling into the trap of vain repetition, and robotic habit, is by having different length in your prayers. Do not have the same length for your prayer every single time. Use different words, every time. Pray in different places every time. And be aware that you are not making yourself Robotic!

Finally, Remember!  God already knows all of the prayers you will make through your life time, and The Holy Spirit intercedes for you when you don’t know how to explain or express it, don’t worry the Holy Spirit intercedes and God understands. Let praying be genuinely talking to God. It should not be burdensome, it should not imply a lot of activity, because as God says: a dream comes through much activity. And if you find yourself using way too many words, remember what God said: A fools voice is known by his many words.

In conclusion, you should be Listening to God, a lot more than you speak to God. Be wise! God already knows everything you will ever say, while you will never ever be finished with listening to All God wants to say to you. You can Listen to Him by reading the Bible! Remember! don’t let yourself fall into bad habit, mix it up, just like you would when talking to your friends, so that it never becomes neither monotone nor robotic. Hope this helps me as much as I hope it helps you. Hope your prayer life is transformed into a highly effective prayer life, and that God may provide you with the love, blessings, joy, peace, wisdom, happiness and protection that come when talking to God through prayer. God bless you, and wish you the best!

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Never Slave to Opinions.

Many people, although physically free, bound themselves to become slaves. Slaves of the opinion of others. It appears to in a sense come up naturally, we do not to be trained or educated to understand and even fear the opinion of others. It seems as if  we are naturally equipped to allow the opinion of others to have a significant amount of force in determining our thoughts, actions, and behavior. Behavior, out of all is the most affected and restricted, by the handicap of fear, or worry about what people will say.

If we are not educated, trained, and instructed, into defeating the monster which we give life to, if we give too much importance to the opinion of others, then we become trapped and slave by this monster. Many people are not even aware of how their fear for the opinion of others restricts their behavior, plans, feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc.

After God has granted us the enormous privilege to be free. A privilege many times taken for granted. Free to think as we wish, free to act as we wish, free to behave as we wish, free to spend our time as we wish, and free to just be entirely ourselves as long as we are not threatening the security of the nation or any specific human being.

After all of the struggles, battles, wars, and tribulations which were required to guarantee the absolute freedom which God allows us to enjoy today, why should we ever allow the opinion of others to take that freedom away?

If you feel a strong desire to do something, if you feel a strong desire to say something, if you feel a strong desire to behave in a certain way, if you feel a strong desire to be a certain way, and if you are certain that none of these will harm anyone, then what the heck matters what the opinion of others is or will be. If you know you are doing what is right for you, if you know you are being yourself, and if you know that what you are doing is for good to yourself and others, then who gives a fly about what the opinion of others is!?

How annoying and uncomfortable is it to have to go through the thoughts of what they are going to think, what they are going to say, how they are going to see you, before you say something or behave in a way, which you feel is pleasing to yourself.

Now, we should always be wise. We should not take this concept as an excuse to misbehave or act in unreasonable or inappropriate ways. Because in that case you would be harming yourself, and most likely others as well. And remember what we said, this concept applies, only when the action does not cause any harm to you and/or others.

This concept serves more as a weapon to defeat the monster of the opinion of others. Serves more as a too which allows you to dissolve, and quickly eliminate the bothersome thoughts and feelings restricting you from doing things because of your mentality about the opinion of others.

You could also see it in this way; if so many people do whatever the heck they want, without giving any consideration to your opinion or what you will think of them, then why in the heavens should you be concerned  with their opinion or what they will think of you. People can give you advise, or try to teach you, but only you can make the decisions in your life. Just like you could give them advise and try to teach them, but only they can take the decisions for their life.

If you are willing to please somebody, and if you are truly interested in the opinion a specific person has of you, then by all means you should keep their opinion in mind and behave in a way which will drift their opinion of you as you want them to think of you. But on a specific case like this, it is your choice, you are doing it because you want to do it. Not simply because you have to submit to this opinion regardless of whether you want to do it or not.

Many times is a very irrational fear. The fear we develop towards the opinion of others, and what they will think of you, or how they will see or perceive you. In most cases, this people which a person might give power to, are not of much importance. They do not have much influence in your life, they don’t pay for your bills, they’re not there for you on tough times, they don’t think of you before they go to sleep, heck! they probably never even invite you to eat. So why give their opinions any power over us? Why allow their opinions to restrict our words or behavior? why give them power over us by caring what their opinion of us will be? Let them care about our opinion of them, if they will, but never vice versa.

We must thank God for the level of freedom we have every single day. We should not take it for granted! Never! And we should, above all things, never ever surrender our freedom to the opinion of people who have very little influence in our lives. We should never create irrational stress for our lives by minding what others will think or say. We should never be so weak that we allow them to become masters over us, with their opinion.

The funniest thing about this, is that those trying to become masters over you and enslave you with their opinion are mostly not really doing it in a conscious and aware manner, but rather they do it because it is and has been done to them in the same way. Thus this shallow mentality, makes them think and believe that this is how love should be, to them this is how things should work, since they are already slaves of the opinion of other unimportant people and most likely even slaves to your own opinion, then they think that they should make you and others also, in the same way, slaves of their opinions.

Shallow minds, usually feed these vicious cycle, thus creating a network of people afraid of their own opinions. They give life to an irrational, unreasonable, and unnecessary monster. They use their minds to create more stress in each others lives, where there was no stress before. They use their mind to create for and within themselves, a monster which did not exist before. They allow their naive imagination to amplify and over dramatize very small problems. Very small choices and decisions, are over magnified by the intrusion of the fear to the opinion of others.

Man, just elevate yourself above all of those shallow minds. If you achieve a clear and concrete understanding of the small value of the opinion of many average people, then your personality would just shine. You will feel so free when you do or say anything. Your freedom will lead to increased happiness. You will destroy hours and hours of irrational worry and stress which the shallow minds create by giving power to the opinion of others.

You will be absolutely free, it will radiate out of you, you will strongly feel it, and you will live life more. You will no more be a slave to what others have to say, what they will think, how they are going to see you, you will finally truly exercise your right to free speech. You will finally truly exercise your free will. And you will use this to grow yourself in life, you will evolve, and you will be helping yourself and many others by the accomplishments you will reach. You will completely unleash your potential.

Realize that their opinion has very little weight. Realize that their opinion will just go, and be completely blown away with time. Realize that their opinion won’t have much importance once you reach unprecedented levels and they stay down in their shallow level of mind. Their opinion is not even big at all. Their opinion won’t kill you. And even they themselves might change their opinion quickly from one day to another. It is very fragile, weak, it has no real influence in your life, so why give any mind to it. Why dedicate any of our precious neurons t thinking or considering those opinions?

Claim your liberty, claim your freedom! enlighten your mind with this understanding, with this concept, and you will then be totally free. You will kill any hint of worry or concern about the opinion of someone who is not very relevant in your life. You will have that eureka moment in which you are deeply convicted with the idea of: why the heck should I even be concerned about your opinion if I don’t even know you, if have never seen you before in my life, if I will probably never see you ever again?

If you are just like me a human being, then why the heck should I be concerned about your opinion? are you God? no! Are you an Angel? no! Are you a superior species of human beings? No! then why the heck should I be afraid or submit to your opinion?

I do not care who you pretend to be, I do not care how cool you think you are in your shallow mind, I do not care what type of clothing you have on, I do not care what your title is, I do not care where you come from, I do not care how many people you know, I do not care how popular you are, I do not care who your boyfriend or girlfriend is, I do not care how much money you have, I do not give a crap about any of these, you know why? because I am deeply convicted and clearly understand that you are a human being just like me and have no superiority over any other human being, no matter how much you might pretend you do.

When you think like this, people will be in a way intimidated by you. They will be intimidated by how free you are, by how much freedom you have. They will be intimidated by your ability to freely do and say as you which without any concern for their opinion. They will be intimidated by you great ability to read over their pretension of being important. They will feel that you are the important one due to your level of freedom. They will feel weak when their opinion has no influence at all whatsoever over you, and then they will, in their shallow mentality, concede you all the power so that they can be in graces over what your opinion of them is.

Your freedom, will never again, be threatened by the opinion of no human being. The opinion of God and our own opinion of ourselves should be the only ones which receive recognition and concern. Besides those two, there too many billions of vain and weak opinions which provide no help or benefit to our lives.

In conclusion, don’t give power to powerless opinions. Don’t give your freedom away in exchange for irrational stress. Don’t give any of your precious neurons the highly unnecessary job of considering an irrelevant opinion, or thinking about what the opinion of some random person will be if you were to behave in the way in which you desire to behave. Embrace your freedom, be unapologetically yourself, and screw what they will think and or say, at the end of the day it won’t really matter much and it will have no real influence on your life. So be yourself, be free, and screw the opinion of shallow minds!

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The World does not alter your mind. Your mind alters the world.

Many people, unfortunately, go through much of their lives with a mistaken conception of the relationship between the world and their minds. Well, that is if they are aware enough to understand the existence of such a relationship. The mind of the human being and the external world are two entirely, completely, and undoubtedly different things. Although the way in which we see and perceive the world might lead us to think that they are both one and the same thing.

Many people, because of the nature of our perception, believe that their mind sees the outside world exactly as it is at all times, and that everyone around them is seeing exactly an identical replica of the world which they are seeing. People who lack the necessary understanding and awareness to really capture a notion of the nature of the human mind, fail to realize that the world they perceive is not simply an outside object which is there for everyone else to see.

Reality is that, the world this individual person sees, is a world which only they can see. Out of the billions and billions of human beings, only that particular person will ever be able to see the world in the way in which he or she sees it. And this way of seeing the world is generated by their particular mind. They are not seeing the external world out there as it is in its innate and naked nature, but they are rather seeing how their minds paints that outside world.

In my opinion, it is extremely hard to catch a glimpse of that external world out there, in its naked and pure form, without our minds intervening to paint what we see and give us an image of the world according to our mind, and how we think. All of our ideas, feelings, beliefs, emotions, convictions, memories, concepts, understanding, etc. come in between the naked world and how our mind perceives it way before we can even catch a reasonable glimpse of it.

Therefore, this would imply, that there are billions and billions of different worlds seen by the billions of inhabitants of the earth. A world which can be seen only and exclusively by the individual himself. A world which although fixed in it’s purest and naked form, is still never painted by two different minds in the same exact way. I believe that babies, perhaps have the ability to see the world in it’s purest and naked form, but are incapable of reasoning, thinking, or making memories about it.

Once we acquire the ability to perform this high level cognitive functions, our mind has already taken over to present us with the world, according to how our parents and influences, together with our wild imagination, have attempted to make us see it.

The world (our world), nevertheless, does not remain fixed after we acquire these cognitive abilities. As we grow and develop our minds, the image which our minds present to us as the world continues to alter throughout all of our lives, whether in a drastic or in a very subtle way, the development and feeding that we provide for our minds results in our mind painting the world we perceive in accordance to the way it has been indoctrinated to think.

Therefore, the more we train, feed, and develop our minds, the sharper, happier, better, funner, greater, etc. is the image our minds shows us of the world outside. Remember no one in the entire universe sees the world in the same way you see it. We interact with others and have a strong sense and feeling that they are seeing the world exactly in the same way in which we are seeing it, but that is very far from the truth. Every set of eyes perceives an entirely different world. If you develop your mind to very high levels, then you will be capable of deeply understanding this concept, deeply understanding your world and how you see it, and you will also have the ability to produce a reasonably accurate idea of how somebody else is seeing the world.

Just like we do with little kids, we are capable of producing a reasonably accurate idea of how they see and understand the world. We never get it perfectly exact as it is for any little kid let alone an adult, because that would require that we ourselves get literally inside of their minds and see how the world looks from inside there.

Anyways, the same sense of it being somewhat easy to assess and come up with an accurate idea for how a little kid sees the world, could be attained to do it for other adults, if we elevate our minds to very high levels.

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Brain Confidence

Have you ever noticed how confident you are in class when you read and deeply studied all of the material very carefully in your house the day before? Have you felt the sense of superiority that comes over you in comparison to those who did not study at all? Does it not feel unbelievably good to carry all of that power and confidence within yourself? I believe the answer is absolutely yes.

When we deeply study, and prepare ourselves, we can be smooth, relaxed, and highly confident in class, when the time comes for the teacher to test our knowledge and understanding. Nevertheless, when we fail to study and prepare ourselves for the moment, we get the exact opposite feelings of the feelings we get when we study, we feel anxiety, fear, nervousness, we feel lost, and shallow of mind, we feel left behind, and we regret not having prepared ourselves. When can also approach this notion from on of the absolute ends of the spectrum: when we over study, when we over prepare ourselves, when we outdo and outperform everyone else.

When over studying, when over preparing , we reach an unbelievably  euphoric sense of confidence. We reach such a level of confidence that we get to have a lot of fun in the testing of our knowledge, we our so confident of our ability, our knowledge, our understanding, and our competence, that we take the test as a game, we enjoy it, we have fun with it.

Now, why would anyone not want to achieve this exhilarating and euphoric state of confidence which makes us so relaxed, which allows us to have so much fun, and makes us feel superior over all other students, given that we are deeply convinced that no one in the class is as well prepared as we are nor did anyone studied as hard as we did. We may reach such high levels that we attain the competence to even teach the teacher a thing or two about the subject or topic which we have studied.

If we really think about this concept, and we agree that it is absolutely true, then we could arrive to a point where we ask ourselves: Why would anyone not be willing to achieve the exhilarating feeling of confidence? Well the answer to that is an easy answer, an answer which we all intuitively know, but an answer which is not very often articulated by us. The answer is delayed gratification. In order for us to achieve this sense of euphoric confidence, we must pay the price before we get the feeling. We must pay the price of sitting down and deeply studying, the price of dedicating time to feed our minds with knowledge and understanding, when we know that all others are playing and having fun, and we also know very clear that we could also be playing and having fun instead of sitting down to study and feed our brains with knowledge, understanding, intelligence. Working out our brain, while others have fun, that is the price we pay before getting the feeling.

That is the reason why, not many achieve the feeling. Most people, by nature, prefer to play and have fun right now, instead of studying, feeding, and working out their brain. People fail to have a clear, sharp, strong understanding of the implications of their actions when delayed gratification is at play. The few, the brilliant ones, who acquire a deep understanding and a strong grasp of the concept of delayed gratification are the only ones who can go to the class next time, and radiate with their unbelievably high sense of confidence, and unbelievably impressive level of knowledge and understanding.

The few, the brilliant ones, are capable of deeply understanding the fact that the investment when applied in delayed gratification is capable of returning  back multiplied, amazing, incredible, unbelievable, powerful benefits. They clearly understand, that when delayed gratification is involved, the benefits are highly and by far greater than the cost. It might feel a little annoying, painful, or dull to pay the cost of the studying and preparing the mind, but the brilliants are in no way bothered by this fact, because they are capable of concentrating their mind in the unbelievably great results and benefits that this work will bring them in the future. And many of this results are not only for the future, but rather for an entire life.

The crowd, The averages, and below averages,  will always exchange the unimaginably extraordinary future and life long results and benefits, for a little, short lived fun, right now, at this very moment. This shallow minds, would even dare to laugh at the brilliant minds, because they are having fun while the brilliants are studying and working out their minds. This are the same shallow minds who feel helplessly inferior when the day of the class comes along. This, which together with the averages, for the largest part of the class, feel an incredibly high level of jealousy and envy when they witness your abilities and mind which goes way beyond their capacity. Your superiority over them makes them wish, they were you, or had what you have, but now it is too late for them. They were laughing at you before, now they cry when they see you being the greatest in class.

A funny aspect of delayed gratification is that they get to laugh at you for one day, but then after a little time, you getting the undeniably way higher benefits granted by delayed gratification, get to laugh at them for years and years, even for a life time.

There is one very important thing to notice here. These whole notion, applies to life in exactly the same way. The exhilarating and euphoric confidence can be attained in life by over preparing our minds. Or by simply preparing them, we assure ourselves the confidence brought by the preparation of the mind that the vast majority refrain from attaining. The same mechanics of the classroom, apply to our real life. Take advantage of the increasingly multiplied benefits of delayed gratification and you will be superior to the vast majority. Life would be a breezy. You will feel so relaxed, and you will have so much fun. Remember you will get way more than the price you pay for it, and it will last for a life time. It will continue to compound over and over again, until you reach levels you couldn’t even imagine you would reach.

In conclusion, be way ahead. Become one of the few super brilliant minds, and trust me you will thank yourself immensely for making the investment in delayed gratification. The shallow minds might laugh at you for one, two, three years, but remember, after they finish laughing, then it will be your turn to laugh at them for the same time they did, multiplied by ten, or a lifetime. Those who laughed at you for three years, will cry because they are not like you for thirty years, maybe even more. Remember, the mind is everything, if you feed it, develop it, and work it out, you will undoubtedly become way superior than the vast majority, because you understand it and can work smart. Brains always wins.

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Growing fast

Have you ever realized that life now, does not look at all like it used to look when you were a kid? Lets imagine a case where everything remained exactly the same, nothing changed not one bit, the only thing that changed was you and your mind. Not the slightest change outside of you. Even if such a case, as the one we are imagining, were to happen, we still would see the world drastically different than how we saw it when we were little kids.

Why is that? Well that is because our minds grow. The learning we go through from childhood to adulthood, make our minds expand and grow, while adapting the way it sees and understands the world. There is, nevertheless, a fascinating aspect involved in this notion. The fact that we are capable of storing in memory pictures of how we used to see the world. As we grow, we can retrieve this pictures from memory, and laugh at how we used to see and understand the world. We can laugh at how blurry was our vision of the world. Of course, only when we have grown our minds, and evolved it to a level capable of seeing way beyond and more clear.

Because of the nature of this phenomenon, many people are not even aware of it happening. Many people do not even notice how it has been working and altering their perception and understanding of “their world”. Some people fail to fully grasp the fact that we all perceive different worlds, that we all perceive the world according to our minds. What you perceive as some color and lights in “your world” is perceived as unbelievably wonderful magic in the world of a child. This is because we perceive the outside world according to our minds, and what we have trained it to understand and perceive.

The nature of the phenomenon is so powerful, but so ignored by so many. People can usually catch a glimpse of insight on the phenomenon when reasoning about the way they saw the world when they were little kids and the way they see it now. But people usually do not have much interest in grasping the understanding of the immense power and unbelievably amazing nature of this phenomenon. It kind of follows the mechanics of working out to an extent. Many little changes which over some time get together to make a huge change.

If we deeply grasp and understand the nature and behavior of this phenomenon, we would then understand that we can alter our view of the world every single day. As a matter of fact, we could alter our perception of this world every single hour. This is the reason why people in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, are expected to have a great, powerful, and brilliant mind. Because they have had more time to alter, improve, and empower their perception of the world. But many of these have done it the simple natural way.

The fact is, when you realize that God has placed this nature within you, and you deeply learn and understand its behavior and its working, then you understand that you can make yourself grow at a very fast rate. You understand that by extensively altering your perception of the world, as much as possible every single day, you are taking charge and accelerating the process of seeing and understanding this world way more clear than all others. You are enlightening your mind, you are creating a very sharp and clear image of the world, which makes life a million times better. It is worth noting that when I say altering your perception I mean improving it, making it stronger, more clear, sharper, and capable of seeing way beyond what others see.

So every second you can improve the version of yourself you are. When you say I wish I knew this before, means that you had not improve to the version you are today. Back then you used to see the world in a blurry picture, but now you have filled your mind and altered your perception to see and understand every single detail. Anyways, never be sad, It is never too late, it happens to every single person it’s not a big deal, and you are there now! So you can kill it now, and continue to very rapidly grow your mind. You’ll see and understand the world as a brilliant 70 year old would when you are only 25. Because most people allow the natural, average, brain growth rate to take place, others neglect to allow any more brain growth after a certain age, and many do not even give a fly about knowing or understanding the growth of their brain, they are incapable of even grasping the tip of this iceberg. And because of this, if you know and understand the growth and development of the mind, then you will make sure that you accelerate the growth so that you find yourself way ahead of everyone else. Then you will have the mental advantage that a 45 year old has over a 4 year old, the only difference is that you will have this advantage over other adults, and that is a VERY LARGE number of adults. You will be way ahead, and it will feel way too good. I have decided to super accelerate the growth of my mind, you could do the same.If you grow faster than others you win.

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