The opinion of Shallow minds.

There is a very common and in a sense unfortunate tendency among shallow minds, the tendency to believe that they have a very high value and so does their opinion about others. If there is one thing which easily gives away a shallow mind, I believe it is the bad habit of constantly expressing their negative opinions and talking poop about other people. Apparently there is a type of sedating effect that allows them to deceive themselves when giving their shallow, unintelligent, and ignorant opinion about other people. Or this could be more easily described as talking S@*#T.

For some reason, shallow minds, are usually experts at this type of vain and irrational talk. The fact that using this talk can create an irrational feeling of value is what makes them love it so much. Irrational, just like almost everything the say, think, and do. An Illogical, fake, distant, and dumb brief belief that they have any value, that they are somebody, that their opinion counts, and that people would listen to them. The classical loser, trying to say that somebody else is not [insert everything they try very hard to pretend they are]. This classical losers, believe in their weak, shallow, dumb, and irrational mind, that by talking poop about somebody else, they will somehow change the reality of their mediocre life. This poor clowns, suck so much at everything in life, have so little intelligence, and so little potential, that they reach a point of finding no real consolation for their horrible life than trying to act as if they have value.

The great, brilliant, genius, unbelievable, elite minds, are capable of easily recognizing the weakness of the opinion of a below average. The great minds understand that this classical losers have no type of value at all whatsoever, so they deeply understand and grasp the fact that everything they say is Bs. The Bs by which they attempt to make others think they know anything, by which they attempt to make others think that they are somebody.  When in reality, stupid talk brings nothing but a harsher smack by reality when they realize that they are garbage and their opinion has no value nor influence upon the greatness and success of brilliant minds.

Why attack the brilliant minds? Well, the brilliant minds are getting everything they could only dream they could get, although not even in their dreams they can get them. The envy, the jealousy, of the greatness, the success, the brilliance, the charisma, the ability, the mind, the hustle, the intelligence that only the brilliant mind could achieve, but that they themselves could never reach because of how much they suck and how weak their brains and minds are. When they see the accomplishments of the brilliant, they feel like garbage, they feel entirely worthless when no one pays attention to them in no way, form, or manner, when the brilliants get all the attention, all the girls, all the boys, all the looks, all the rewards, all the wealth. They then, in their shallow and irrational mentality, believe that by expressing their fueled by jealousy and envy shitty opinion, they become in a way somebody. Or even worse, with their talking poop, which is like a mosquito bite, they think they will destroy the greats, which are like a lion. A mosquito trying to reach the level of a lion.

The funniest thing of all, is that they themselves, for a few really believe that their opinion has any value. They really believe that the lion will  pay attention and be influenced by their opinion. Like they had any importance, like they were somebody, like they had any accomplishments, like their opinion had any weight to be heard. Just another one among the billion of shallow opinions expressed by million of shallow losers all over the world. Wishing for a minute to have some value, wishing to be somebody. Wishing to see a lion cry because of their mosquito bite, wishing that the king of the jungle would be concerned over the opinion of a sheep.

Even if you are not in the group of the great ones yet, I encourage you to recognize the opinion from this typical losers. You will most certainty come in contact with it some way or another in your life, many times. This opinion always comes from a nobody, one who has no accomplishment to celebrate, one who has no value in life besides the small attention that people give them out of pity, those who have no potential, those who are not attractive in any form, those who have nothing to back up their irrational ego, do not give them value by listening to their opinion. Do not give them any influence, because in reality they cannot have it unless you give it to them, in reality their opinion is garbage because all their lives has been garbage. Their opinion is like the opinion of a 3 year old baby on the topic of politics, it is illogical, irrational, has no value, makes no sense, it would be extremely foolish to allow the opinion of such baby to get to you and influence your thinking about politics. Well, sorry there, the opinion of such a baby has great chances of being of way more value than the opinion from one of this shallow minds. But the point to illustrate is that this people are so low that they have nothing to which you can listen without bursting out laughing due to their lack of intelligence.

They usually intend the evil of attacking somebody else, therefore the attack should be reversed to them. By laughing in their face, and by clearly allowing them to intensely feel how much you think they and their opinion sucks, you reverse the attack. Let them feel that you deeply know and understand that they are helpless losers and let them deeply feel how their opinion has no value, no influence, and no power, because they are nobody. Haters are going to hate, when you find these shallow mind haters, let them know, feel, and understand, in front of everybody that they are sore losers and that you are way superior than them. Laugh out loud at their shallow opinions and shallow talks of poop, troll them, and troll them again, reverse the attack with double the force, and they will feel helpless, once again worthless losers, who stand no chance at reaching your greatness. This is only if they are trying to attack. Which they frequently do, as if to even out the deceptions and mediocrity of their lives in comparison with yours. When you reverse the attack you dig them deeper, they feel more depressed, they feel more the pain of being the sore losers they are and they will think it many times before messing with you again. Troll their lives away, and use your intelligence to let them know who is their daddy.

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Humans Everywhere

As long as you find yourself living on this earth, you will be interacting with human beings. You might make some, not very rational interactions with animals every now and then, but the real bulk and value of your most meaningful interactions and relations will occur with other human beings.

Now, if we are interacting with another human being, we should always have something very nice and clear in our minds, which is the fact that we are simply having an interaction with another being of our own species. We must know and deeply understand that every single human being on this earth shares innumerable characteristics with us as human beings due to our human nature.

There might be some human beings which are highly accomplished, famous, and admired by millions and millions of others, but even then, we are dealing with human beings which are exactly like you and me in many aspects, and share the same human nature we posses. We are all bound to play by the rules which nature imposes upon human beings.

When a person without much prestige, compares his or herself to such unbelievably great figures, it is very easy to fall victim to the misconception that the figure must be something entirely different than the average Joe. It seems to be natural for us to have a tendency to see the most famous, the billionaires, the elite, the highest authorities, the greatest athletes, etc. as beings which are nothing like us. We may very easily ask ourselves what would it feel like to be one of them?

Many times, unconsciously, people take this human beings, to be humans from another planet, or humans with extraordinarily exceptional abilities which could never be reached by a normal human like you, who was normally born, and has lived a normal life. Many times people commit the mistake of seeing these small group of humans as humans which come from another world. Humans from another universe, which have not one similarity with us. People tend to make the mistake of placing them in a level which is infinitely higher and ridiculously superior to their own.

This perception of having them as far superior, is what in my opinion allows this group to be such a small group relative to the overall population. I believe people create, and give shape, in their minds, to the strong conviction that they will never be capable of reaching such a level, because they are not “that type” of human being, and because the are “normal”.

And with this I am not trying to discredit the greatness, power, and importance of those who have made it to such high levels, but I am rather trying to bring light to the absolutely disproportionate judgement and perception that average people have of these stars. Maybe the fact that they are average, and conform with being average, is a justifiable reason as to why they have such a conception of this people as being so much more superior than they are. And in a way they definitely are, and they will continue to be, unless the mind of a man is enlightened and reaches a deep understanding of the fact that these people are human and that they, also, can become one of these elite.

The distance between the elite and the others depends of the mind of the individual person from the group of the others. The greatness, ability, and potential, of the man, does not exist in the collective or average of the group, but it rather depends on his own ideals, reasoning, mentality, intelligence, knowledge, beliefs and understanding. Thus, the greatness and potential is created withing each individual of the other and of the elite. The group of the others is usually conformed in its majority by averages and below averages which decide to conform with being like each other, and deeply convince themselves that they would never be able to reach the elite since he was not born to be one of those.

Those who have agreed upon the belief and conviction that the elite is far too superior for them, become handicapped. They unconsciously cut their own wings and potential, leaving themselves bound to no more than average or mediocre. But this is not too say that every single person in this group has this mentality. There are, within the others, always a few who deeply grasp and understand the fact that the elite are human beings just like them, exactly like them, which are bound to live by the same laws and rules that nature imposes on all of us.

Their status, wealth, and prestige might give us the impression that they are not from this planet, that it is impossible that they just like us, are human beings. And it is extremely helpful to deeply understand that yes, they are. They are human beings like us, they do need to breathe, they need to use the bathroom, they need to shower to stay clean, they need food, they have fears, they have desires, they think, they laugh, they cry, they were born from a woman, they get old, and many of them were even one of the others, earlier during their lives. They were one of the others, but, they did not have the mind of the majority in the others. Just as those who are not like the majority in the others, many elites refused to conform to the others, and due to their minds eventually became part of the elite.

Essentially those who pass from the others to the elite, are in my opinion, the true superior elite. Those who are born in the elite, do not know, do not recognize, do not understand life as part of the others, thus they are incapable of really grasping the nature of what they have. Or at least their minds is not as expanded as those who made the transition, which ultimately gain a deeper understanding by grasping the contrast from both sides.

Therefore, there is no reason to faint, cry, freeze, or get unbelievably nervous when in the presence of one of this supreme individuals from the elite. Why? because they are just another human being just like us, it is not like we are seeing God. Yes, they deserved to be admired, and yes they have achieved such unbelievable things, but also, yes they are human beings like us and yes they would bleed if you cut them, just like you and I would bleed. And yes it would hurt them.

I am clearly not using this explanation as motivation to cut them, but rather as a point to make clear the fact that they are simply one of us. And we could soon become one of them, if you are not already. If they made the transition so can we. All we need is a mind which refuses to stay like and with the others. Just like they had it. And once we get up there, once we finally experience the beauties of life from all the way up there, we will realize that we like before, are still human beings.

I am pretty sure that when one reaches such heights, one can easily sense the feeling of the crowd acting, behaving, and treating you as if you were not a human being just like them. But remember, no matter how high you go, you remain a human being, and you are bound to die some day, just like all other human beings.

The fame, honor, wealth, respect, admiration, power, luxury, comfort, abundance, etc. that come whit reaching such heights should definitely be enjoyed to the max, but one should never fall victim to adapting the conception that one is absolutely superior in all aspects than the whole entire world, because this conception will easily knock us down and hard very quick. A conception which unfortunately is easily adapted by many once they believe themselves to be better than one or two others.

These people, who fall victim, to the false superiority conviction, are the ones with the weakest minds. These people are the ones that after going up three or four steps on an infinite ladder, believe that they are already all the way on top, thus they stop their growth and progress. Then reality comes and smacks them in their face, shattering and destroying their ego and arrogance. Reality comes like gravity and smacks them to the floor, when they crash with the contrast of their false conviction and the reality of the world. These ones are the ones to suffer the most, because they care way too much about the opinion of others, and everyone gets to see their fall, after they talked and acted as if they were gods.

Now, the real superior, the real elite, deeply know and understand that there is still an entire ocean to learn, and that there are a million step to climb. These people are the ones that reach the unprecedented and highly admirable levels, these ones are not knocked down to the floor by reality, because they understand reality. These people go higher than everyone else, higher than anyone has ever gone before, but they clearly understand that they are still human beings and that there still is way more ahead of them.

In contrast to this great elites, who reach unprecedented levels, we have the clowns from the others, most of the time the shallow and below averages, that after learning one or two small tricks, start acting, and truly believing that they are superior to the whole world. When interacting with this clowns, which in some way unconsciously know that they are not much, they will approach you and deal with you as if they were far superior to you. They make their ignorant misconception very clear and obvious. You should always detect and recognize this type from a mile away, you could just sense the BS, you can easily see their over inflated ego which is backed up by nothing. If they sense that you have identified their falseness, their weakness, and their mediocrity, covered over an absurdly disproportionate ego, they will feel ashamed of themselves and stop it, once you hit them with some real superiority coming from your intelligence level.

Always expose this clowns, never ever give them the chance to inflate their ignorant, shallow, and irrational ego. Destroy them with your intelligence and your superiority (real) to them. Put them to shame, and if possible in front of others, so this clowns will learn their lesson, and get a real smack from reality. Let them cry when reality shatters their fake ego and arrogance. Show them who is better, but only to them because they asked for it. Never do it to others, who are innocent, because if you do, then you will be the one who is going to be shattered by reality.

Way too many shallow clowns from the others, like to front as if they were better than you. Never fall victim, to their ignorance. Never allow their shallowness and stupidity to think in a way contrary to the truth of reality. Get way higher than all of them, so that when they try to come at you with their BS, you slash them with your superior reality. Trust me, it is going to be felt, very intensely. They will want to cry. Because reality hits hard when your superiority destroys their weak ego. You are greater, you are better, you are superior, you are smarter, you are way over their level, never show it; but if they want to play games, then show them who is boss, so they learn their lesson. But never forget that you still are a human being, and there still is an infinite amount for you to grow and learn.


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The Ego/Arrogance obstacle.

In my opinion ego and arrogance are two of the greatest obstacles in the development of reasoning and the human mind. Not only individual minds, but also the collective intelligence and overall development of the human race seems to be significantly hindered by undisciplined egos which go way beyond justifiable levels.

The problem with this issue is how hard it becomes for people to notice how much it harms them. For example, people who have achieved what might seem to be the highest level on any specific area, might think (unfortunately too easily) that they are entitled to flaunt their arrogance and ego while thinking and acting as if they were way above everyone else. I believe the main reason humans do this, almost naturally, is to feel good about themselves. To feel as if they are better and greater than others. Apparently humans love the feeling their mind generates when they place themselves above someone else, whether this is a reality or an illusion created by a shallow mind.

How do we get to know that these people really are the absolute top of the pyramid for this specific area? There is no way. Because there is no top. Therefore you never get to be at the top. You might become better than a large sum of people, but that does not mean that you have reached a superb level. The fact that you  do it better, understand it deeper, know a lot more, or are more capable than a very large group of people does not mean you are at the highest level in which the activity could ever be done. Not even if you can do it better than all the billions of people in the planet. The fact that you do it better than all of them might give the illusion that you are at a very high level, but in reality there are very high chances that you are not.

The reason why we might be blind is because we don’t know what goes after what we have seen and experienced. We have no clue of the universe of things which the “experts” still don’t know about. Still have not discovered. Still do not understand. The “experts” learn a drop out of the whole ocean, and then they(not all of them, but too many) feel a strong inclination to act, think, and behave as if they are too good for other people. Because those other people might only know 1/100 of the drop they know. Fooling themselves thinking that their drop is equivalent to the whole ocean. When in reality they would need a million other drops to cover the space a tennis ball would occupy on the ocean related to that area, not to mention life.

Therefore these “experts” and even those who just know one or two things, love to enjoy any opportunity to flaunt their ego and arrogance, apparently because of the illusion and feelings this misconception produces in them. After all, remember that humans tend to be more emotional than rational. When doing this they unknowingly allow their egos and arrogance to kill so many opportunities to learn from others, to expand their minds, to gain new insights, to increase the depth of their understanding, to become grater, and to form great relationships (which could provide multiple and eternal benefits) because they “know to much”, “have nothing to learn from such a person”, “already know everything”, “are always right”, “have the title”, and an infinite amount of other ignorant excuses that an uncontrolled ego uses to harm an individual and even a whole group from exploring a little further into the ocean.

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Book Smart And Intelligence

I believe that it is a very grave and costly mistake to have a misconception of what intelligence really is. Many people, tend to link intelligence too strongly with school. Some people even commit the terrible mistake of believing that intelligence is only to be used and only to be beneficial in the academic setting.

When we create such mistaken and naive concepts for such powerful forces or realities, we tend to incredibly limit their power, and the benefit they could bring into our lives. We basically handicap a source of infinite power by creating a strong conviction and/or notion of it which is against is true nature, and its real unlimited potential.

Intelligence, when captured, under misconceptions, becomes a weak , dull, incapable, force which under very specific and limited circumstances, might help us to attain good grades in our formal education. Many people are so deeply and strongly convinced of intelligence being in all of its essence a type of synonym for book smart. The strong belief and conviction of this people towards what the true nature of intelligence is, makes them use their infinite and unlimited mental power, provided to men by God, to harm their own self, their own lives, their own potential, their own future, and their own happiness, among many other things, which any rational human being would certainly desire for his or her life.

These people, by plating such a conviction, notion, idea, understanding, and belief, about intelligence as such a limited and restricted force, shape their own world, their view of their world, and the manner in which they experience the world, and more specifically intelligence itself, to the point in which they literally cause the nature of intelligence itself to change for them, thus they change the nature of intelligence for their own lives. And given the unlimited power of the mind, for them, exclusively, as they experience their world (a unique world which no one else in the universe has nor will ever experience) it becomes a reality. Intelligence, becomes, exclusively for them, as they deeply believe it and understand it to be.

Therefore, we could better explain this situation, by painting a picture in which a man is given a vehicle. The vehicle is just always there, and could be used whenever he pleases, in whichever way he pleases to use it. Now, a rational question, that should come up is: which type of vehicle is it? well, that is all left to the unlimited power of the mind of the man. The vehicle transforms according to his belief, his conviction, his idea, his concept, of the vehicle, the one that goes to the deepest parts of his heart, conscious, and subconscious mind. Therefore, according to the mind of the man, this vehicle could be: a bike, a motorcycle, a car, an suv, a train, a helicopter, an airplane, a rocket, or whichever other vehicle he could make it become with his mind.

Now, if the picture which was just painted, became a reality among a group of men, then the power, the distance, the strength, the speed, the durability, the mechanics, the convenience, the potential, the excitement, the features, the capabilities, etc. of their vehicle would depend upon how they have used their mind to create their specific vehicle to be like. Mind you due to the perception of the world exclusively through our own eyes, the men, if not very wise, intelligent, and understanding, would easily believe that they all posses the same exact vehicle, but that others just learn how to use it more efficiently.  This, when analyzing this picture, is clearly wrong, and could give chance to the possibility of someone who created and experiences a bike wondering how a person who created and experiences a rocket got so far, so fast, and with so much power. The person with the weak mind, and misconceived notion will surely ask himself: how the heck did he get to the moon with a bike?

I, in my humble opinion, believe that this is the level of distinction, and the contrast that could arise in our lives according to to how we personally conceive (deeply) what the true essence and nature of intelligence really is. I believe intelligence is one of the most powerful weapons God has given humanity as a gift. I believe that its power is infinite, unbelievable, and unlimited. I also believe that to reduce intelligence to the concept of being books smart, is to go through life simply riding a bike, or even walking. But the beautiful thing is that nothing is fixed, the brain is plastic, and so is the mind, we could definitely and without a doubt make as many changes as we really desire, regardless of their magnitude.

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As you think of it, so it is.

There is a very, in my opinion, deep, meaningful, and profound phrase that says: As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. I believe that this phrase implies an extremely powerful truth. I believe this phrase tries to lead us into the understanding of the power of the mind and our deep thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and concepts. This phrase contains within it, what seems to be a powerful universal law created by God to be applied throughout the entire universe.

If one dedicates time and energy to deeply think, and analyze the powerful truth which this phrase contains, we might very easily fill our minds with powerful insights which will lead us to attain a much higher level of understanding of our own self, and the power of our minds. The heart, as used in thousands of other occasions, as symbolism, seems to represent the deepest parts of our mind, of our being, of our soul. It seems to have a strong connection with the subconscious mind, and the thoughts, ideas, and beliefs which we have most deeply rooted upon our minds.

If we consider this same phrase from a different angle, we can realize that in the same way that we can in a sense intuitively understand that as of man thinks of himself in his heart that he becomes, I believe that we could also intuitively agree upon the fact that as we think something is, that it becomes to us. And here when I say think, I am not referring to a mere passing thought. When I say think I refer to deep thought, how we think of it (whatever the thing is) in the deepest parts of our mind. How we understand the thing, how we believe it to be, how we grasp it, how we see it, how we perceive it, how we imagine it. The deep thought which embarks all of these aspects is what leads to how we think of something. And once we have developed that profound thought about any particular thing, then we can say that the particular thing starts to become what we think it is, or as we think it is in our hearts. Not to say that we change that particular thing and how it is for others, but we rather change it for ourselves. Thus one and the same thing can become millions of different things depending of the mind which is perceiving it and how it thinks of it in its heart.

Since God gives us the ability to reach and change the depths of our hearts, and the deepest parts of our minds, through strong, intense, powerful, constant thought, we can then change the way a particular thing is for us in our lives. The things about this is that it makes it bad or good, your subconscious does not mind, whatever you feed it, that it will make you see in the world through your eyes, that will be your reality, that will be how you will see and experience the particular thing.

Many people think that we all see exactly the same thing. But that is not true. We all see whatever we ourselves have created in our minds. The deepest parts of our minds. Due to the human nature of always seeing the world only through our own eyes, we might fall in the mistaken belief that everyone else sees it and perceives it in exactly the same way I do.

When, we, as an adult see a toy, we are under no circumstances seeing the same thing a kid sees when a toy is in sight. Even if we are talking about the same exact toy, we are still seeing different things due to how we have created that object to be in our minds. Not even the kids themselves all see the toy in the same manner, it depends on how they think of the specific toy in their heart.

This does not only happens with objects, but also situations, experiences, feelings, circumstances, and most importantly life. This is the reason why we see so much contrast between us and other people. Because we are all perceiving different worlds. We are all seeing a different experience, a different situation, a different feeling, a different life. We all may think we are seeing exactly the same, but we are not. Because we cannot get into the heads of somebody else and see through their eyes, we might think it impossible for it to be much difference in how we perceive the world.

This is the reason why many people make you go: “what the heck!?” and you make many other people also go: “what the heck!?” For this reason some people can never understand in the universe how you could do some things so easily when to them it is almost impossible. They believe that the thing which they have created as an extremely hard thing in their hearts, is perceived by you in exactly the same way that it is perceived by them. They fail to realize that your world is a different world. They fail to realize that you have, in your heart and the most profound depths of your mind, created that thing to be something easy, not too hard, and very easy to achieve. Because you have created it like this in the depths of your mind, your heart, and deep within your subconscious, then it comes to you as something which is relatively easy to accomplish, and you wonder how on earth those other people can say that it is extremely hard and almost impossible. You might fall victim to the tendency to think that they experience the same world you experience.

The most beautiful thing about this is that we can change the way something is for us. By altering our beliefs, thoughts, concepts, insights, understanding, imagination, etc. about whichever thing we desire to change we reach the deepest parts of our mind and alter how we experience that particular thing in our life. Remember you never alter it for no one else but yourself. You could stimulate others to change the way they experience it, but you will never be able to change it for them, although you have great power to stimulate and lead them to experience it in a certain way. Nevertheless, the final decision is theirs, wetter they are aware or not of the choice they are making. The bad, and terrible, results, usually come up when the person is not very aware of the choices he or she is making and of what he or she is constantly feeding his or her mind in regards to the specific thing. Many people are unaware of what they feed their minds, they believe that things are simply as they are by nature and that their thinking will definitely have no influence upon “outside” things. This usually leads to the unconscious creation of terrible objects and situations, which are experienced by them as the most frightening nightmares they could ever experience. Only because they have, unconsciously, created them to be like that in the depths of their minds.

In conclusion, remember, there is not one fixed world out there. The world you perceive and experiment is not even close to the world others see and experiment. Never ever neglect this powerful ability God has placed in you to change the way things are in your world, to literally use your mind to transform things out there in the world. You will definitely see very clearly how the thing changes for you in front of your eyes, from what it used to be for you to what it is now. And don’t think that you are just tricking yourself, no. you just literally changed your world. The way it is. You will be able to see the change very clearly, and have a deeper sense and understanding of the power in our minds to change our world. You could try your best, but know that you will never see the world of another person, as seen through their eyes, although with some intelligence you could get a decent picture, but never perfect. Remember they all see and experience a different world. And if you deeply know and understand how to change yours, which very little people seem to know and understand, then you will live in a brilliant, exhilarating, wonderful, exciting, happy, peaceful, world. The only constant is God the creator. After that He has placed unbelievable power within our minds.

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Intelligence always wins.

Have you ever wonder why are we human beings far and away greater than animals? Do they not say that the key to growth and success is hard work? Well, many animals have an incredibly powerful ability to work way harder than any human being. How come they never to be greater or above us in anything? The answer is easy, our intelligence. Our ability to reason, our ability to use our brain, the magnificent ability given to us by God to have a mind created in His image and likeness, is what allows us to dominate and be way ahead of animals.

For this particular reason I am not a great fan of the famous: just work hard phrase, or the hard work beats talent, or the you get there only by working hard. For me it is rather Just work intelligent, smart, wise. Brains, wisdom, understanding, intelligence, beats talent. Some places you could only reach with a high level of brains and intelligence. Therefore no matter how hard you work, you will never achieve some levels which require intelligence more than hard labor. The only way I could ever sympathize with the hard work concept is if it is applied towards the purpose of hard work at increasing your knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, understanding, brain power. Hard work on it’s own is vain, has very little benefit, is like the work of an animal. Meanwhile, brains produces a hundred times the results with a hundred times less effort.

Our brain, our mind, is the most powerful tool God has provided us with. It is our most powerful muscle. And it determines which ones are the strongest among human beings. Among animals it might be physical size, speed, and strength of muscle which determines who dominates and who goes to the top. But for us human beings that is determine by the power and strength of our minds. Which has no boundaries, it is limitless, infinite, never to the level of God but in His image and likeness. It is up to us to get enjoy life and get to the top by highly developing this unbelievably powerful muscle: our minds. Always remember  no matter what the situation is, the circumstances, how, where, why, or when, brains always wins. Brains always, by far, win in anything one could participate of in life.

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When Praying To God

When praying to the one and only God almighty, we should never ever commit the mistake of praying to satisfy one of our habits or daily requirements. Due to the frequent nature of prayer, it could very easily become a routine item on a checklist which we feel the necessity to fulfill simply to continue pleasing our own mind with the habit which we have ingrained within it.

We should never, under any circumstance forget that prayer is a conversation with God. It is not any type of conversation, but it still follows the mechanics of any conversation you would have with any one of your friends. The only difference is, that this time you will be speaking with no one else than God himself.

Because we should do it multiple times everyday, we might fall into the trap of simply repeating the same words over and over again around the same time everyday. We might mistakenly make prayer an act of satisfying our psychological need of feeling not guilty. I believe that the only time we should feel guilty is when we talk to God like robots, meaning that we tell Him the same exact thing we tell Him every single day.

God continually tells us in His word, that He wants to be our friend. Through Jesus He left us a model of prayer. He did not say we have to pray exactly like that every time, but He did leave us an example to know how to structure our prayer. And this prayer, does not last more than five minutes! but is made from the heart, it is very sincere, it is very honest, it is real conversation with our creator God. The prayer Jesus left us as an example goes like this:

Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed be Your name.
10 Your kingdom come.
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.
11 Give us this day our daily bread.
12 And forgive us our debts,
As we forgive our debtors.
13 And do not lead us into temptation,
But deliver us from the evil one.
For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.

That is the perfect way of praying, left to us by the perfect expression of God on Earth, Jesus Christ. It could be found in the Bible on Matthew 6:9-13.

That is all Jesus Himself said we need to pray like. He said in the verse right before the prayer (verse 5) for us to pray in that manner. Meaning that this is the guideline and we should adhere to it. This prayer is literally about two minutes long, but has great meaning, it has great depth, if coming from a humbled heart. God only cares about how sincere our prayer is, how deep and honest is our communication with Him. God does not have any time requirement, God does not have any word use requirement, God does not have a word count. He just wants us to speak to Him from our Hearts. That’s all.

Because of the nature of the structure of prayer, man, will, in his ignorance, quickly jump to the very common but mistaken conclusion of a prayer being a better prayer according to how long the prayer is. The misconception of using the length of the prayer as a measurement of its quality, is an awfully inaccurate misconception. God in no way, form, or manner, demands that we make a longer prayer in order to please Him. As a matter of fact, the opposite holds true, Because of the omniscience of Jesus (God on earth) He already knew that humans would quickly attempt to boast by making their prayers louder or longer. When In reality all God desires is a prayer coming from the heart.

Because of this knowledge coming from the Almighty, He left us a very powerful portion right above the model of the Lord’s prayer, so that we don’t fall victims to the traps of ignorance and misconceptions.

Jesus said: “And when you pray, you shall not be like the hypocrites. For they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men. Assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward. But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly. And when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do. For they think that they will be heard for their many words.“Therefore do not be like them. For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him. This is found in Matthew 6: 5-8

Pay very close attention, and engrave upon your heart verse 7, which says: And when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do. For they think that they will be heard for their many words.

Do not become one of those who destroys their whole lives, time, and energy, endlessly making vain repetitions. Because they come to believe the catastrophic misconception that God will listen to them because of their many words. And right after Jesus explains to us TO NOT BE LIKE THEM, He refreshes us with the common sense, and what should be a very basic, and very core, deep conviction on any Christian, the fact that we should not intend to say a million words because God already knows what we want to say before we even say it. As a matter of fact, before we even think of it He already knew it.

Also, Do not think that you will be able to persuade God, with certain words or with longer prayers. No. All God requires is that you go in secret, and make a prayer from your heart. A Nice Clear, honest, sincere prayer, which really comes from your heart. He does not care whether is long or short, He only looks at the intention of the Heart. So much so, that we have prayers of great men of God in the Bible which are ones and two liners. Others which are maybe two or three minutes. But they all come from the heart!

If you want to talk to Him a little longer you could, but remember that this WILL NOT make your prayer better or persuade God more. Like with any friend, This One being the most special Friend you’ll ever have, you could always talk for different time lengths, but every time you talk to them, you really do so sincerely. Same with God. Do not allow the prayer to become a robotic, mechanical act. Do not do it to fulfill a bad psychological habit. NO! Know and understand clearly what God Himself told us: Do not be rash with your mouth,
And let not your heart utter anything hastily before God.
For God is in heaven, and you on earth;
Therefore let your words be few.
For a dream comes through much activity,
And a fool’s voice is known by his many words. This is found on Ecclesiastes 5: 2-3.

Do not forget that you are on earth and God in in heaven. Do not forget that you are the human, you are not God! Do not forget that you do not pray to satisfy yourself, but rather to speak with your Creator. It should satisfy you, but it should not be done with the purpose of going through a ritual to check something off your to do list. Never!

Remember, God knows before you even speak, and Jesus left us a model because He knew many will come, as usual, with their own version filled with ignorance, mistakes, and misconceptions. Please do not waste you life going through vain repetitions. When you do that you are first of all Not Praying, and second of all destroying your precious time and energy!

A way to keep yourself from falling into the trap of vain repetition, and robotic habit, is by having different length in your prayers. Do not have the same length for your prayer every single time. Use different words, every time. Pray in different places every time. And be aware that you are not making yourself Robotic!

Finally, Remember!  God already knows all of the prayers you will make through your life time, and The Holy Spirit intercedes for you when you don’t know how to explain or express it, don’t worry the Holy Spirit intercedes and God understands. Let praying be genuinely talking to God. It should not be burdensome, it should not imply a lot of activity, because as God says: a dream comes through much activity. And if you find yourself using way too many words, remember what God said: A fools voice is known by his many words.

In conclusion, you should be Listening to God, a lot more than you speak to God. Be wise! God already knows everything you will ever say, while you will never ever be finished with listening to All God wants to say to you. You can Listen to Him by reading the Bible! Remember! don’t let yourself fall into bad habit, mix it up, just like you would when talking to your friends, so that it never becomes neither monotone nor robotic. Hope this helps me as much as I hope it helps you. Hope your prayer life is transformed into a highly effective prayer life, and that God may provide you with the love, blessings, joy, peace, wisdom, happiness and protection that come when talking to God through prayer. God bless you, and wish you the best!

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