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Shape of Emotions

A million theories continue to take shape inside my head. I try my best to transmute as many of them, with as much detail as possible, into posts. Anyways by writing the posts, I have learned (another theory) that words … Continue reading

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Some of My Thoughts on Habits

Habits rule. Habits rule our brains, for as long as we allow them to. The longer the rule our brains the stronger they become. Thus, it would be smart to be aware that we are reinforcing our habits every single … Continue reading

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Powerful Emotions

Emotions seem to be one of the most powerful forces driving not only us, human beings, but even animals. When looking at how emotions are present also in animals, we could, to an extent, safely conclude that emotions are not … Continue reading

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Intention to Write

It is simply more than what’s expressed It goes way beyond trying to impress An audience who might just pay so close attention But only a writer knowing the true intentions. Is it to write or to persuade? To get … Continue reading

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Last time.

I know; I said it last time, I just wanted to persuade And I know you still believe it Since it was way back in May. I said it’ll be the last time,

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Hey happiness! is that you?

I am so happy. Not because of people surrounding me, or circumstances outside. But rather because of God. He gave me just a little bit of the same kind of wisdom and knowledge he granted to Solomon, and now I … Continue reading

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