Shape of Emotions

A million theories continue to take shape inside my head. I try my best to transmute as many of them, with as much detail as possible, into posts. Anyways by writing the posts, I have learned (another theory) that words are never enough to transmute what is in my head into somebody else’s head exactly as I see it, feel it, and understand it. Nevertheless, words still are an extremely efficient tool in our attempt to transmit elements from our minds to the minds of others.

Now, the theory which I will try to transmit into the mind of whoever is reading this, is my theory of the mind shaping our emotions.

Unlike the theories and concepts, which I express through the posts, feelings and emotions are not so easy to express in words. We can easily label a certain feeling or emotion with a name, but it is quite hard to define the feeling or emotion in words.

Because of this (I believe) truth  we many times find ourselves telling somebody else that they need to experience a thing so that they can truly understand the feeling or emotion which is caused by it. Or we run into somebody telling us that we have to go through or experience a certain event in order for us to truly grasp and understand the feeling or emotion.

The explaining of this powerful phenomena is made even more difficult when we consider the possibility of all of us feeling one specific feeling or emotion in an extremely different way. For example, if one person says I feel happy and another person says they feel happy too, it does not mean that they are both experiencing the same exact feeling in their bodies and minds.

As a matter of fact, I believe that no two people (dead or alive) on this planet can experience any feeling or emotion in exactly the same way, ever. I believe that we have simply created many labels for emotions which have some similarities in the ways all of us experience them.

The feeling and emotion for being happy is shaped by my mind in a completely different way than it is shaped by the mind of another person. There is some pleasant similarities in the feeling and emotion for all of us, but your feeling, just like my feeling,  is something that no one else in the entire universe could ever experience in the way you or I do. It is like your fingerprint.

But it gets even more interesting. I believe that part of human growth, implies that we continue to give a different shape to the form of any unique feeling or emotion we ever experience. Thus, my feeling and emotion for happiness tomorrow will be slightly different than my feeling and emotion for happiness today.

I believe that the changes happen as we continue to develop our minds and fill it with more knowledge, insight, understanding, experiences, memories, beliefs, philosophies, concepts, etc.

When there is a significant change in the mind and way of thinking, then there is also a significant change in the shape of our feelings and emotions. And in the same way, a slight change in the mind brings a slight change to the shape of  feelings and emotions.

It would be good to clarify, that I use the feeling and emotion of happiness only as an example, but this theory and all of this concepts apply to every single one of the infinite number of feelings and emotions we could ever experience, whether they are good, bad, or neutral.

To clarify the contrast in the shape of our own feelings overtime, consider the shape of your feeling and emotion for fear or anger or excitement when you were 15 or 16 years old ( if you are 15 or 16 right now, I’m sorry for the example. And I’m extremely impressed you’re interested in reading this stuff), compare that shape with the shape of that specific feeling and emotion for you today. It should be extremely different. This proves that it has changed over time.

So, my theory, claims that a specific feeling or emotion is not only unique to the person who is feeling it but it is also unique to the time in which it is happening. So that would mean that you could experience a certain feeling or emotion only once in your entire life.

By the  time you get to feel the “same” feeling or emotion you felt before, its shape will already be altered. It might feel with exactly the same shape when analyzed from one day to the other because the change was so small that only a super aware or super conscious mind would be able to notice the very slight difference in the shape of the feeling or emotion.

Now, whenever you have one of those days in which your mind is significantly illuminated, one of those days in which you open a whole new world in your mind, one of those days where you’re impacted in such a way that you could never forget, is a great time to easily pick up and notice how the significant change in the mind perfectly correlates with a significant change in the shape of many of your feelings and emotions.

God has given us absolute control over our minds, which means that if we truly focus and achieve a high level of understanding on this matter, then we can very easily influence the shape of our feelings and emotions. And the way our feelings and emotions are shaped is one of the most important factors in how we experience our universe.

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Some of My Thoughts on Habits

Habits rule. Habits rule our brains, for as long as we allow them to. The longer the rule our brains the stronger they become. Thus, it would be smart to be aware that we are reinforcing our habits every single time we allow them to take place. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that the will power has infinite capacity to overcome any habit, regardless of how strong it is.

Every single time we go through one of our habits, we strengthen the neural circuitry which helps us to fulfill that specific habit. Or in other words, we exercise the network or combination of networks in our brain responsible for carrying out the habit which we have created.

After using the networks required for this habit, they become so strong that, just like a strong muscle, performing their task becomes easier and easier. This is the reason why the habits which we have trained our brains to do over and over again every single day seem and feel so easy to carry out.

An example which could help to clarify this concept is the following: Imagine that one day you decide to spend ten hours of your day practicing how to say a certain phrase in a particularly funny manner. You dedicate ten hours to repeating the phrase in a particular way over and over again. Say you repeat the phrase about 15 to 20 thousand times. After all that practice (use of the brain networks which help you say the phrase in the particular manner) you will have specifically strengthened the responsible networks significantly.

There would be extremely high chances of you dreaming about the phrase and the way in which you say it, which in my opinion presents one of the great mysteries of the storage and development of learning in the human brain. I believe that the brain starts to simulate and reinforced all you experienced throughout the day in a very rapid manner.

I believe the brain continues to solidify and reinforce whatever you have reinforced throughout the day. And not only that, I also deeply believe that at this time the brain starts to interconnect the hundreds of thousands of ideas, memories, beliefs, concepts, insights, philosophies, etc. already residing in our minds with all of the new stuff we have fed our brains with throughout the day.

Now, the habits also continue to be reinforced without end as long as we continue to perform them. Habits which we feed every single day, for a very long time, become very strong and powerful habits. This are the habits that will be present and clearly express themselves even if the brain is invaded with strong mind-altering substances. This habits literally become us, they literally become the biology, the chemistry, and the structure of our brains.

The habits could become so strong, that a person feels and becomes very anxious, frustrated, or irritated when he or she is not able to carry out their super strong habit cultivated for many many years.

The habits can get so strong that a person would still have a lot of trouble in stopping them even when they have consciously seen how harmful they are, and have consciously decided and agreed that they must stop that habit immediately.

On the bright side though, the same is true about good, constructive, productive, enlightening, healthy, happy, and positive habits. Habits of any sort, attract feelings, emotions, sensations, thoughts, and behavior which matches the nature of that habit.

This, then means, that we cannot only create habits of things we do, or the way in which we do them, but we could also create habits of what we feel, how we feel, which sensations run through our bodies, our moods, our thoughts, our behavior, and thus our life.

So, remember, there is no habit that surpasses the strength of your willpower. If you train it and feed it, you should easily be able to have absolute control over your habits. And if you have control over your habits, then you have much more control over your life.

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Multiple Universes

We all live in the same universe. The same Objective universe that is. But we also all live in entirely different universes. Different Subjective universes that is. The objective universe allows us all to interact with each other, and share physical laws of the same objective universe. Meanwhile our own unique universe, the subjective universes allows us to personally live in a universe that’s entirely different than the subjective universe of any other human being that ever lived.

In my opinion that is the reason why, we all get to live in a universe that’s not only entirely different than the universe of anyone else, but is also entirely different than the universe you yourself lived in a month or two months ago. We are given great power to influence the universe in which we will be living. The knowledge, understanding, and power of the mind serves as a means to change the subjective universe which we experience at any given point. Therefore we must deeply know and understand that the subjective universe which we find ourselves in today, will not be the same universe in which we will find ourselves a month from now.

The level of growth and development of the mind determines the rate and quality of change for the subjective universe of a particular person. The body is capable of sensing changes in the subjective universe which it begins to inhabit and reacts to the changes in universe by expressing feelings and emotions.

Physical health, mental health, medicine, people, teachings, encounters, learning,  and everything which has any significant influence on the mind, leads to creating a change in the universe in which the body finds itself. The body lets us know the nature of that universe through emotions and sensations.

Many people decide to dwell and reside for a long time in a subjective universe which generates negative emotions. The person might, unconsciously, slightly alter the universe with natural daily life stimulation of the mind, but they still stay within a universe which creates a negative emotional tone. This is caused by ignorance with regards to the existence of infinite subjective universes, and the power to alternate within them with the use of the infinitely powerful mind.

All the different levels of subjective universes, give rise to the opportunity for many people on a higher state of consciousness to inhabit the same universe of people on a lower state of consciousness.

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See The Whole Painting

Life is a whole huge painting. A painting which is completed more and more, day after day.  God has given us a lot of control over the painting process, although many people do not posses a clear understanding of the nature and reality of the process.

Every day, we get to paint a little portion of the whole. A day is nothing but a very tiny portion of the whole painting. Although that is not to say that a day of painting is not extremely relevant and important with regards to the beauty of the whole.

The main problem which many people encounter is the fact that they too often confuse a day’s painting with the painting of the whole. Many people allow feelings, sensations, and emotions to originate on the misconception that a day’s painting is a lifetime’s painting.

And although the constant reminder, seen between the lines of good and bad times, should be enough to provide a deep and clear understanding of the nature of painting the whole, to many people lose hope and lack patience in the misconception of a few tiny strokes, which were not the best. Also, many times they fail to realize that we can also go back and modify the painting on each new stroke which God allows us to have every single day.

So, do not commit the terrible mistake of viewing a small dot as being the whole. But, Also, do not forget that every single dot is very important, since the combination of every single one of them forms the whole.

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Gone For A Little

If anybody was affected by my absence, I want to apologize. Although I doubt that anyone besides myself noticed the fact that I did not post anything for quite a while. Therefore, this is more of an apology to myself than anything else. And maybe it could serve as something I, or somebody else , looks at in the future, in an attempt to figure out what was my mind like at this stage of my life.

After writing that first paragraph, I felt this nice feeling, stimulated by a faint distant voice within myself that just told me: there’s a good chance you’ll become somebody one day and then a lot of people will come and read this. And then I, myself will come and also read it, to realize that it was true, I was indeed going to become somebody. Anyways, if it does happen, and you are reading this in the future, maybe 2028, 2029, 2030, or whichever date I just want to let you know that this is me from the past. Which is the same me from now, if God allows me to live, but with a younger mind, and body.

And if you are an Alien that invaded earth, I suggest that you get out of our planet and go back to your planet, or galaxy, or wherever in the universe you came from. Or you must learn our language and become a citizen of planet earth. Also, you need a passport, and will send a consulate to where you come from in the universe and we will give a visa to earth only to a select few.

People will probably hold on to an irrational pride of being citizens of the earth, and will make it irrationally hard for you to obtain the abstract and vague title of being a citizen. Once you become a citizen then you will have the support of the government and institutions because you finally got the paper which says your name and says that you are a citizen. And now, a bunch of ignorant people would suggest that the paper makes you automatically better than all non-citizens who are living on planet earth “illegally”.

Hopefully, there won’t be as much ignorance and the system won’t be as irrational then in the future, but for now all I can speak is from what I experience now a days. All I see is a bunch of people, who having nothing to brag about, or to be proud of, use the fact of having been born in America as something that makes them better than those who were born in another piece of land on earth.

So, since they had to make no effort, and no type of intelligence, understanding, or insight is required to be born on America then this is the perfect opportunity to create an abstract title which would somehow make you better.

Mind you, after you get the paper that says you are a citizen, you will not get any super powers, you will not be any smarter than you were the day before, you will not be any stronger, you will not be enlightened, you will not be taller, you will continue to be absolutely the same alien you were the day before, nut now you can say you are a citizen of earth, or the States. I don’t know how that will work with you guys.

Nevertheless, i must tell you that I have an enormous amount of respect for the man and women who fought, struggled, and really worked to build the philosophy and extremely powerful structure and base for this GREAT NATION. Without a doubt one of the greatest on this earth. Hopefully it remains the same  in the future when you see it. Hopefully you don’t even exist and never see it, and this serves simply as an expression of my thoughts and opinions for other human beings.

Anyways, if you happen to exist and see this, I just want to continue to make you laugh with this ironic truth. The Great Men who founded this nation, created it with a philosophy of freedom, liberty, and open arms to all those who are tired, hurt, and willing to embrace this philosophy and this nation. Thus, the strong philosophical base, highly influenced by the Bible and our belief in God, permitted millions and millions of “immigrants” from this same earth, who were willing to adopt the values and philosophies of this land, to come over and live on this land. Have kids on this land. bring their families to this land.

And, I personally believe that this strong philosophical concept of the beliefs, values, liberty, power, potential, and dreams of this nation penetrating in so many heads from so many different parts, and with so many different points of view, is what made this nation the greatest on this planet.

Now, here comes the irony. Those great men and women who came from many different places around the world and settled down on this nation, making it a great nation in the process, had children born here. And those children had children, and those children had children, and those children had children, until reaching the generation of today. Not your today but my today. I don’t know how things will be in your today. I can only tell you about my today.

Now, these children, for some, reason forgot that their grand parents, or great grand parents came from some other place. So now since they happened to be born here, now they think they own the land. Now, they think the land belongs to them, and the ironic part is: they don’t want people from other places, because they are not Americans and should go back to their “countries”.

All I can do is laugh, and wonder how irrational they must be to have no empathy with immigrants when they “hopefully” know the story of their grand or great grand parents. So, they are in a very funny way, hating on the very same process which allowed them the fact to be born here, or you could even argue, to be born at all, immigration.

But that is basically what is on my mind right now. I felt that for a long time, I failed to express the goofy and socio analytical nature of my personality on this blog, so I decided to simply leave a combination of both those traits of my personality on this post.

In all honesty I was not planning to write about any of this, but there was a feeling which just lead me to write all of what I just wrote. I was originally planning to express the reasons why I had not been able to write much. In a nutshell I have been kind of busy, and also fell into the temptation to simply write so many f the insights which I had throughout the period of silence in the notes for my phone. Yes, alien, we use phones in my times. Yes kids from the future, we had phones with cameras and internet on them. You will probably laugh at that in the future, but right now is the greatest technology, I can’t imagine how in the universe they’ll be able to make them any more advanced than this.

Anyways, That is all I have for now, I will try to make many of the ( I believe super powerful) insights on my phone notes, public through blog posts, and I will try my best to continue to share the billions of other insights I, God willing, will continue to discover. Hopefully, this helps somebody, somewhere at some point, it has helped me a lot. So long.

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The glorious power of the attention muscle.

Here comes another one of my theories. Another one of those theories inspired by intense, willful, conscious, and consistent deep thought upon a subject which seems to hold a dominant role in our lives.

Thus time my theory is based, on what I find to be an infinitely interesting and powerful subject, the subject of attention.

We could say that the combination if memory and attention, is without a doubt one of the main componemts of our human cognitive prowess.

Now my theory in a few words is as follows: Our attention is a muscle, and like any other muscle it can be trained to be made stronger.

Now, I know that this is definitely not the first time that a theory similar to these one has been proposed. Besides the fact that many people already believe and preach theories of the mind as a muscle, even without scientific evidence.

I don’t know how strongly science can defend this type of claims, but I am definitely sure that intuitive understanding and knowledge leads many people, like me, to absolutely take and believe this as an absolute truth.

And that is also my case. The only difference between the mainstream mind muscle believe and my belief, as held by my proposed theory, is that this people conceptualize the nature and mechanics of the muscles of the mind to be identical to the nature and mechanics of our skeletal muscles.

Meanwhile, I do not conceptualize the muscle of attention as being like any boat muscle. The point in which I agree with them is, that just as muscles, are capable of growing stronger after being stressed, so is our attention muscle capable of growing stronger after being stressed.

The one thing which differs between me and those who decide to conceptualize attention exactly as any skeletal muscle, is the fact, that I believe that the attention muscle is not influenced by genetics to the same extent that skeletal muscles are influenced by genetics.

A very significant part of the decision of how your muscles will be shaped, how strong they will be, how flexible, how explosive, and how much room they still have for growth is controlled by genetics.

Now, I’m not saying that genetics has absolutely no say over the attention muscle, but I am saying that attention is controlled much more by your own will, your own awareness, your own conciousness, and the environment in which you are placed or decide to place yourself.

So, in other words, what I feel is the main difference between us is the belief of how much power and control we have over the development process of this muscle.

Also, another interesting difference that arrives is that these people think, just as in the case of skeletal muscles, that the attention muscle (or muscles) has a limited range of growth. Meaning that after certain point there would be no more room for improvement.

I, on the contrary, believe that God has placed within us an infinite ability to continue to grow and strengthen the power of our attention muscle.

Now, after explaining how I might be different from the mainstream group of believers of mind is like muscle theories, I believe it would be beneficial to attempt to explain how exactly I perceive the muscle of attention and how we use it in our daily lives.

First, I believe that the muscle of attention can be easily seen in action and identified by thinking of, and looking at the example, of babies, which eventually become adults, as we all do.

Think of or look at any baby thats less than a year old. Just like his skeletal muscles are not very strong due to how little time he has been using them, so is the attention muscle not very strong due to the newborn going through his very first experiences in using this muscles.

As you can easily tell, the attention span of such a baby, is very very short and flunctuates very rapidly without much control from the baby. Due to this level of strength in the babies attention muscle, what he just saw a few minutes ago will very soon not even exist anymore for the baby.

This feature, of course, doesn’t last forever. As the baby gets to use his attention more and more, just like all his other muscles, he will strengthen it more and continue to get a stronger control over it. The stronger attention becomes, the longer things still exist after having seeing them and/or experienced them.

Through the years, and as the baby grows, he is then obviously forced (or more like required) by life to use his attention muscle every single day.

The more the attention muscle grows and develops the more the baby grows cognitively. Because of its nature, we tend to take for granted the simultaneous growth of body and mind.

We might be victims to the mistaken notion that the mind/brain grows and becomes stronger simply  because of age or physical body growth.

Biological growth and development indeed has a very significant role, but people tend to neglect how the constant use of the attention muscle plays an unbelievably important role in the strengthening and growth of the attention muscle. For this reason, high stimulus is recommended for a healthy growth in the brain of a baby.

Now, just like all other muscles, the muscle of attention does not simply grow when we are children, but continues and can be stimulated to grow throughout our whole lives.

I believe memory, is only possible because of the strength of our attention muscle. Have you ever thought about how funny it is that no one of us remembers virtually anything of our first five years on this earth. And anybody who does remember something, tends to remember it in an extremely vague form.

I believe, as my theory leads me to think, that the reason why we do not remember anything is because of how weak our attention muscle was back then. But then as we use it and develop it more and more, we finally start to have an effective and extremely useful memory system.

The older we get the better our memory gets. Until a point, for some people, in which the muscle begings to biologically deteriorate, but don’t worry that’s very far towards the end side of life, and thankfully does not happen in an illful manner to everybody.

Nevertheless as you are young this muscle is, thanks to God in most cases, healthy and very willing to get some work, to be fed, and to continue to grow and develop as much as it is stimulated.

In relation to its functions, not only is this muscle imperative for the formation and storage of memory, it is also capable of providing a deep, intelligent, and profound understanding of reality to its master at any given moment in life. 

This muscle, has the incredible ability to easily and simultaneously hold hundreds of objects, images, sounds, perceptions, feelings, thoughts, believes, sensations, and a million other things which it holds together to present outr conscious minds with what we call reality.

Now, it is interesting to know, that my theory implies that the stronger the attention muscle is, the more it can hold together at the same time in your conscious mind.There is Not only an increase in capacity for the muscle but also there is an increase of speed and ease to hold all these hundreds (perhaps millions) of components together.

Also, due to the strong link with memory, a stronger muscle also highly improves the quality of our memories, the capacity of our memories, and the lenght of time which we could hold on to the memory for.

For a common experience which could illustrate the link between the attention muscle and memory, we could think of a class in which all are listening but only half are truly paying attention, or better said, using their attention muscles to grasp everything that is going on. As anyone would agree, if given a quiz at the end of the class asking to explain everything learned, the ones who paid attention will undoubtedly have a lot more in memory than those who did not pay attention. Furthermore, those who laid attention and had a stronger than average muscle of attention will remember even more than everyone else.

Under my theory, the stronger your attention is, the more you can hold at the same time in your mind, and the more you hold at the sane time the more you see, the more you experience, the more you understand, the more you capture, the more aware you become, the more you learn, the more you understand and capture reality, and the more control you have over your world.

To conclude, and not make the article too long, I just want to express the last and extremely relevant observation which I propose for my theory of attention as a muscle of the mind. 

My theory loudly preaches that attention is one of the most important muscles for survival. Under this theory attention is by far, excessively, stronger than any skeletal muscle.

With animals, survival of the fittest, would definitely mean fittest of skeletal muscle, but with us humans I believe survival of the fittest, would imply the fittest of brain power (of which the attention muscle is a major and fundametal part). 

Therefore, a stronger muscle of attention, could only dramatically improve our lives and allow us to see more and deeper into reality.

So go out there and intentionally use your attention muscle. Use it much, intensely, and consistently, and after a while you’ll start to notice its growth and the powerful benefits which accompany it.

Never stop, there is no limit. Become more and more aware of it. Get to deeply know it, feel it, understand it, and continue to strengthen it to unbelievable levels. Until it become very easy to notice that you are definitely one of the fittest in the concrete jungle.

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Attention gives you sight.

If anything exists in your life it is only because you have at some point payed attention to it, or are paying attention to it on the precise moment in which it is being manifested in your life.

Nothing, can ever exists in your conscious mind, if you have never ever payed attention to it. This does not mean that the nature, truth, and reality of something which you do not pay attention to ceases to exist in the universe, but it rather ceases to exist in your mind, which is responsible for making up your world.

This concept is not only limited to material things, but every single thing which could be held in a human mind, in my opinion, is subject to follow the motions of these theory.

This theory could be made clear by painting an example which could lead to an insight for better understanding of the theory and implications. A good example to make this theory clear would be the example of a person who has been living in a certain house for many years, without the knowledge that a few feet beneath the ground of their backyards lies hidden a treasure worth millions of dollars.

The fact that the person in this example, lacks the knowledge of such treasure even existing, clearly does not even give them a chance to direct their attentions towards the treasure. Therefore, the treasure, although it is indeed, buried in the backyard, in the mind of the person living there, it does not even exist.

As a matter of fact, in case like this example, most people would not possess the knowledge that would allow them to bring their attention to the treasure hidden in the backyard.

To anyone who can see (with their mind, not only physical eyes) the backyard in its most outer layer, in its most superficial form, would only see a typical backyard. Nothing special. nothing out of the ordinary.

But to the few, who have attained understanding of the amazing treasure lying beneath the ground, that backyard is surely not just any backyard. To this people that backyard represents something which is by far much bigger and of much greater value than how it is perceived by all others.

These, people, in possession of the extremely valuable knowledge of the treasure lying within the ground, can direct their attention towards something which goes deeper than simply the superficial outlook, they can see beyond the tip of the iceberg.

You should not let this example fool you into believing that the only things which could be missed by our attention are those things which are hidden, and buried as was the treasure in our previous example. In reality if we do not train and deeply understand our attention, then we can easily miss elephants placed in front of our eyes.

If we follow the claims of this theory, then although those elephants are in front of us, we would still not be able to see them. Therefore we might many times bump against them and generate irrational and inefficient feelings and emotions, given the fact that in a case as such, we would have absolutely no idea why we are getting hurt, and what is it that we are bumping into.

knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, and understanding open the “eye of the mind”. The more we open the eye of the mind the more we can see. Because if we reach a level of understanding about anything then we can finally start to see it. And if we can see it, then we can use it to our advantage, we can avoid it, we can control it, we can learn from it, and we can learn to also see other similar things.

Not only does attention makes us see what we have at some point placed into it, But it also leads us to see with a much higher definition what we constantly pay intense attention to. Even if something, is already capable of being grasped by our attention, still many times distractions steal the grasp attention has of them and makes them invisible for a moment. Like your breathing, the feeling of your shirt on your body, the background music softly playing, the feeling of your butt against the chair, and many other things which illustrate how something goes out of sight when attention is not given to it.

Attention, in my opinion could be infinitely developed. I believe God has given our brains an ability to infinitely adapt and develop whatever we rationally demand of it. From babies to teenagers and to adults, we continue to gradually develop our attention to hold a lot more in place at a time. We push our minds to grasp more and they adapt to growing and developing the muscle of attention. This usually happens unconsciously, therefore imagine the unbelievable levels of strength in attention which could be reached with intent, conscious, and constant development of such a powerful faculty.

The stronger your attention, your control, understanding, grasp, and use of it, the more you see. The higher above others you rise. You see more, you see from higher up, and you are at much higher levels of consciousness.

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