Living the Best Moment

As human beings, in my opinion, we tend to be barely capable of appreciating the present moment. Human beings tend to diminish the happiness, enjoyment, and satisfaction which could be provided by the present moment.

The present moment or the Now, has infinite potential to become one of the happiest, best, and most enjoyable moments of your life. In my opinion, those moments in our lives are those moments in which we are the most present, the most aware, the most alive, and the most Here Now.

We as human beings seem to all grow with the default flaw of thinking of how our lives “would have been better” If we were doing this and/or that. Which is obviously what somebody else who has a “better” life thann we do is doing.

The worst part about this default flaw in human thinking is that John believes that Peter is living a way better moment than he is at the present, and Peter is thinking exactly the same thing about John.

In this manner, shallow minds, which are incapable of seeing from higher than the average point of shallowness under which the state of consciousness of the masses falls, trap themselves in an infinity loop of trying to impress the other in order to get away from the shallow misclnception that others are living a way better moment than they are. And the masses usually allow this concept to be engraved upon the depths of their own subconscious minds.

This concept, which is planted and allowed to grow in the subconcious mind of those who are barely aware, barely alive, barely here now, and it leads to the uncouscious repetition and playing of this concept in the mind of the person, thus leading to constant conscious and uncoscious thoughts which not only reinforce and allow the concept to grow more in the mind but also generates feelings, sensations, and emotions which match and go in accordance to such thoughts.

There are so many human beings which are incapable of fully living and enjoying the present moment which they are experiencing right now, because their attention is completely stolen by thoughts which lead them to moods related to “I should have been doing this” “such and such are definitely having a way better time than me” ” I must make others think Im having a better time than than they are” “I must impress others and do things which will make them thing good about me”. And as expressed before every single one of all “the others” is thinking in the exact same way.

This is the reason why, when interacting with the average masses, it is easy to just catch a whole bunch of people who are all doing exactly the same, in exactly the same way, while thinking almost exactly the same. So, pretty much, all you see is the same exact man or the same exact woman over and over again with the only difference of the face and body of the person through which you look at the average being of the masses.

For this reason, it becomes very easy to quickly detect somebody who is far above the masses in the level of his state of consciousness. When a person in a higher state of consciousness than the state of the masses gets into a group of average masses, the enlightened person feels totally different.

Once you find an enlightened person, you finally get to see an independent, brilliant, and enlightned being which is not simply a different body and a different face, but is rather a whole different being than the average being of the masses.

The enlightened person not only feels extremely different to the average masses, but he also looks different, thinks different, sounds different, has different emotions, different sensations, experiences a different universe than the universe which is experienced by the avearge masses.

Because the state of consciousness of the enlightened goes higher than the state of consciousness of the average masses, the enlightened can see from a higher point than the masses. The enlightened can clearly see, grasp, and understand everything about the masses because he can clearly see them underneath his state of consciousness, but the masses would never ever be able to grasp and understand the stae of consciousness of the enlightened because the enlightened is way higher than they are.

It would be like a 7 year old kid trying to grasp and understand the state of consciousness of a healthy 70 year old genius. The kid Can’t because the state of consciouness of the 70 year old genius goes way, way higher than the state of consciousness of the kid. Nevertheless, it would be very easy for the enlightened 70 year old genius to see grasp and understand the state of consciousness of the kid, way better than the kid himself can, because he sees from a level of consciousness which is way higher than the kid. A good analogy would be to say that the kid can see from the second floor of a small house while the genius can see from the rooftop of the empire state building (or any other unbelievably tall skyscraper).

Now, it would be good to make clear the fact that age does not determine the level of consciousness of a person in no other way than the natural expectation of a higher state of consciousness in comparison to the one any human being had a year ago.

Every year one would naturally expect an elevation in the state of conciousness of any given individual, but unfortunately, reality is that the masses are so unaware of the brain, the mind, and its infinite power given to us by God, that they are incapable of achieving any significant elevation in their state of consciousness. Thus living many years on this earth with a state of consciousness which is almost on the same level throughout their whole entire lives, with changes being very slight elevations which force themselves after many years due to the natural neccesity to survive. Thus the only way in which the masses allow their consciousness tonbe elevated is through the natural push that the body goes for in order to keep itself alive.

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Mastering Feelings and Emotions

I believe that the fact that feelings and emotions have an absolutely important role in every single aspect of our lives isn’t a secret to anyone. As a matter of fact, after reasoning, feelings and emotions might be the most powerful force behind all of our decisions and where they lead us to in life.

Thus, if the previous statement is taken as truth, then it would be then safe to say that feelings and emotions are a key aspect to which type of life we lead ourselves to achieve. Think about it, in any type of situation you would make a decision which matches the feelings and emotions which you are experiencing at the moment. This is the reason why so many people take sudden decisions at the heat of the moment, which later are considered, by themselves to be absolutely irrational and senseless decisions.

Feelings and emotions can completely alter the entire being of a person. To the point that the same person might behave as an entirely different being under different types of sensations, feelings, and emotions.

Now, me belief is that there is an infinite number of different feelings and emotions which could be experienced by a human being. Thus a person can act, behave, feel, and think in an infinite number of ways, even if the shifts occurs close to each other. Therefore one person, could be in fact, hundreds of different people over just one week.

The fact which I appreciate the most, is that God allowed us to develop a nature in which we can experience and transform our beings millions of times, without ever losing the essence of our being. So, it becomes an infinite stream of interaction between the essence of our beings and the infinite number of different feelings and emotions which we could ever experience.

As I explained, in one of my previous posts, I still believe that we never ever, get to experience any feeling, sensation, and emotion in exactly the same way ever in our lives. There is always changes to the way we experience any of the infinite feelings, emotions, and sensations. We may experience feelings and emotions which may seem to be exactly as one we experienced before, but according to my theory we can never get to experience them again without at least some slight change in how we experience it.

The way in which we interact and deal with all of this emotions, continues to second by second stimulate change and molding to the essence of our being, the part of us which is present on our interaction with every single feeling and emotion. How any specific feeling or emotion affects us depends on the nature of the essence of our being.

The essence of our being, becomes stronger, sharper, more developed and defined, as we become more aware of it and give more attention to it. The more attention we give to our essence, just like anything else, the more we understand it, the more we grasp it, the more we see it, the deeper we grasp it, and the more we learn how to manipulate it or control it in our favor.

So if you think about it, the previous explanation, would imply that whoever does not pay attention and is not aware of the essence of their being, has very little control over their being. Meaning that, the less attention, understanding, and depth a person has towards the essence of their being, the more the person becomes like an animal.

An animal not in the incapability to reason, but rather an animal, in their incapability to have any type of control over their feelings, emotions, and sensations. To the point that a person with little grasp, understanding, and awareness of the essence of their being, can easily say that they “cannot stop themselves from doing something”. Just like an animal who cannot have any Dominion over his passions.

I am pretty sure that you and every single person you know has, at some point in their life, experienced one of those “I kind of lost control over myself” moments. Those moments in which feelings, emotions and/ or sensations reach such a level of intensity that they almost hijack all of our reasoning faculties.

This hijacking of reasoning, is exactly what happens when we have no control over feelings, emotions, or sensations. We lose all infinitely powerful reasoning, and let our thoughts, actions, and behaviors be entirely controlled by our emotions and feelings.

When we lose 100% control of our reasoning (which I believe is extremely hard for it to happen) we then enter our animalistic nature which permits for feelings and emotions to have absolute control over all of our actions and behavior.

So, after grasping this concept, one could easily agree that control or influence over our behavior, could be achieved only through the use of reasoning. Given that when there is no use of reasoning (as in when our animalistic nature gains absolute control over feelings and emotions), there is no control or influence over our behavior by us as intelligent, rational human beings.

So, this would mean that the stronger our reasoning faculties are, the stronger our control and influence over our feelings and emotions. This statement leads to another one of my beliefs according to this theory that I’m proposing. That belief is the one which states that we as human beings are in a constantly moving balance which measures how much control of our behavior reason has vs. how much control our animalistic nature has.

I believe it would be easier to grasp the concept if we  could picture the fluctuations in the balance as an amount representing what percentage of control either influence (reason vs animalistic) is having over our behavior. (I also believe that thoughts fall under the “behavior” category).

Using this method to picture the concept, we then would be able to say that if reasoning has a 75% level of control over behavior then the animalistic nature must have a 25% level of control over behavior. Or if reasoning has 95% control over behavior then the animalistic nature must have a 5% control over behavior.

Just as I said before, I believe it is extremely hard, if not impossible, for a healthy human being to reach a point in which the animal nature takes 100% control over behavior. And on the same way I believe it also extremely hard, although this time I believe there is so much more of a possibility, for a human being to reach a point in which reasoning attains 100% control over their behavior.

Therefore this would mean that almost all the time, there is a constant battle between our reasoning and our animal nature for gaining control over our behavior. The side which has more control over our behavior depends of the development of our brains and the situation in which we find ourselves.

In my opinion the more we develop our faculty for thinking and reasoning the more control we give to this faculty over our behavior, at all times. And in the same way the weaker our reasoning faculty is the more control we allow our animal nature to have over us.

The animal nature, although very necessary, for the well being and development of our physical body, is not the best choice when trying to achieve outcomes that could only be achieved in a high state of consciousness and awareness.

Any time we become aware, pay attention, and get our thinking/ reasoning process really going we increase the percentage of control which the reasoning nature has over our behavior. The less we involve our thinking, reasoning, and awareness the more control we allow our animal nature to take over our beings.

This is the reason why, men and women, can completely lose their minds for a moment or a period in which they go after a desire which their animal nature is pushing them to satisfy.

This is the reason why many people cannot even explain how or why they did, whatever their animal nature led them to do. They realize that for a moment they lost their ability to think straight and to reason in order to satisfy and animal desire, or by the involuntary take over of the animal nature in any given moment.

People with weak brains and a weak reasoning/ thinking faculty are the ones who are most prone to fall into one of this mind blanking animal nature take overs. It becomes very hard for those with a strong Reasoning faculty to lose their mind by a takeover of the animal nature.

Although, I believe, that alcohol, when excessively consumed, has the power to let the animal nature take an extremely significant hold of behavior, even in those with the strongest reasoning faculties.

By using the case of alcohol, we can then conclude, that using a moderate amount of it is very pleasurable to our beings, because it allows the animal nature to relax and take over a higher level of control over our behavior. Thus, allowing us to in some way use our reasoning without the restraints that the reasoning itself places upon our behavior.

Most of this restraints to our behavior, placed by our reasoning nature, are extremely helpful and necessary to keep us safe, healthy, and alive. But many times, misconceptions and ignorance lead the reasoning nature to cause unnecessary stress which has absolutely no benefit for our lives.

For this reason, the training and enlightenment of the mind serves as a resource to eliminate all unnecessary stress and/ or restraints which the reasoning nature might impose upon our bodies.

If you become very aware, you could realize that the feelings, emotions, and sensations which the body experiences are mainly a result of the thoughts, beliefs, concepts, insights, memories, understanding, experiences, etc. which reside inside of our minds. And most powerfully inside our subconscious mind. In my opinion, the subconscious mind has an extremely strong influence over feelings, emotions, and behavior.

Now, I also believe, that God has allowed us to have absolute control over our subconscious mind. There is nothing which can get there and/or grow there without our consent. Many people might argue that it could indeed happen without our consent, but I believe that if it seems to happen that way, it must have been the result of a lack of attention.

To me, attention is the guard which we allows us to control everything that goes inside our subconscious mind. Also that same guard (attention) has the ability and power to kick out of our subconscious mind whatever we wish, usually replacing it by a new thought, idea, concept, belief, or a mixture of all of the above.

If we use our attention to have control of what resides in our subconscious mind, then we gain a very significant say over the shape of our feelings, emotions, and sensations. By having control of our attention, we have control of our subconscious mind, and by having control of our subconscious mind, we have significant control over our feelings, emotions, and sensations, and control over our feelings, emotions, and sensations mean control over how we see our world, our unique, individual universe.

So, if you ever feel as if your feelings and emotions are controlling you instead of the other way around, then you must deeply grasp and understand the concept of using your attention to guard and gain absolute control over your subconscious mind.

Once you become aware of everything that goes on in your mind, every single second, 24/7, then you will gain an unbelievable feeling of control over every single thing you ever do. And do not be fooled, our animal nature is always willing to take control of our behavior when it should not be doing so. But a powerful reasoning faculty will keep the animal nature in check, to the point that it can even arouse or suppress it according to the wish of reason. When one reaches such levels, then one starts to master feelings and emotions.


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Shape of Emotions

A million theories continue to take shape inside my head. I try my best to transmute as many of them, with as much detail as possible, into posts. Anyways by writing the posts, I have learned (another theory) that words are never enough to transmute what is in my head into somebody else’s head exactly as I see it, feel it, and understand it. Nevertheless, words still are an extremely efficient tool in our attempt to transmit elements from our minds to the minds of others.

Now, the theory which I will try to transmit into the mind of whoever is reading this, is my theory of the mind shaping our emotions.

Unlike the theories and concepts, which I express through the posts, feelings and emotions are not so easy to express in words. We can easily label a certain feeling or emotion with a name, but it is quite hard to define the feeling or emotion in words.

Because of this (I believe) truth  we many times find ourselves telling somebody else that they need to experience a thing so that they can truly understand the feeling or emotion which is caused by it. Or we run into somebody telling us that we have to go through or experience a certain event in order for us to truly grasp and understand the feeling or emotion.

The explaining of this powerful phenomena is made even more difficult when we consider the possibility of all of us feeling one specific feeling or emotion in an extremely different way. For example, if one person says I feel happy and another person says they feel happy too, it does not mean that they are both experiencing the same exact feeling in their bodies and minds.

As a matter of fact, I believe that no two people (dead or alive) on this planet can experience any feeling or emotion in exactly the same way, ever. I believe that we have simply created many labels for emotions which have some similarities in the ways all of us experience them.

The feeling and emotion for being happy is shaped by my mind in a completely different way than it is shaped by the mind of another person. There is some pleasant similarities in the feeling and emotion for all of us, but your feeling, just like my feeling,  is something that no one else in the entire universe could ever experience in the way you or I do. It is like your fingerprint.

But it gets even more interesting. I believe that part of human growth, implies that we continue to give a different shape to the form of any unique feeling or emotion we ever experience. Thus, my feeling and emotion for happiness tomorrow will be slightly different than my feeling and emotion for happiness today.

I believe that the changes happen as we continue to develop our minds and fill it with more knowledge, insight, understanding, experiences, memories, beliefs, philosophies, concepts, etc.

When there is a significant change in the mind and way of thinking, then there is also a significant change in the shape of our feelings and emotions. And in the same way, a slight change in the mind brings a slight change to the shape of  feelings and emotions.

It would be good to clarify, that I use the feeling and emotion of happiness only as an example, but this theory and all of this concepts apply to every single one of the infinite number of feelings and emotions we could ever experience, whether they are good, bad, or neutral.

To clarify the contrast in the shape of our own feelings overtime, consider the shape of your feeling and emotion for fear or anger or excitement when you were 15 or 16 years old ( if you are 15 or 16 right now, I’m sorry for the example. And I’m extremely impressed you’re interested in reading this stuff), compare that shape with the shape of that specific feeling and emotion for you today. It should be extremely different. This proves that it has changed over time.

So, my theory, claims that a specific feeling or emotion is not only unique to the person who is feeling it but it is also unique to the time in which it is happening. So that would mean that you could experience a certain feeling or emotion only once in your entire life.

By the  time you get to feel the “same” feeling or emotion you felt before, its shape will already be altered. It might feel with exactly the same shape when analyzed from one day to the other because the change was so small that only a super aware or super conscious mind would be able to notice the very slight difference in the shape of the feeling or emotion.

Now, whenever you have one of those days in which your mind is significantly illuminated, one of those days in which you open a whole new world in your mind, one of those days where you’re impacted in such a way that you could never forget, is a great time to easily pick up and notice how the significant change in the mind perfectly correlates with a significant change in the shape of many of your feelings and emotions.

God has given us absolute control over our minds, which means that if we truly focus and achieve a high level of understanding on this matter, then we can very easily influence the shape of our feelings and emotions. And the way our feelings and emotions are shaped is one of the most important factors in how we experience our universe.

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Some of My Thoughts on Habits

Habits rule. Habits rule our brains, for as long as we allow them to. The longer the rule our brains the stronger they become. Thus, it would be smart to be aware that we are reinforcing our habits every single time we allow them to take place. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that the will power has infinite capacity to overcome any habit, regardless of how strong it is.

Every single time we go through one of our habits, we strengthen the neural circuitry which helps us to fulfill that specific habit. Or in other words, we exercise the network or combination of networks in our brain responsible for carrying out the habit which we have created.

After using the networks required for this habit, they become so strong that, just like a strong muscle, performing their task becomes easier and easier. This is the reason why the habits which we have trained our brains to do over and over again every single day seem and feel so easy to carry out.

An example which could help to clarify this concept is the following: Imagine that one day you decide to spend ten hours of your day practicing how to say a certain phrase in a particularly funny manner. You dedicate ten hours to repeating the phrase in a particular way over and over again. Say you repeat the phrase about 15 to 20 thousand times. After all that practice (use of the brain networks which help you say the phrase in the particular manner) you will have specifically strengthened the responsible networks significantly.

There would be extremely high chances of you dreaming about the phrase and the way in which you say it, which in my opinion presents one of the great mysteries of the storage and development of learning in the human brain. I believe that the brain starts to simulate and reinforced all you experienced throughout the day in a very rapid manner.

I believe the brain continues to solidify and reinforce whatever you have reinforced throughout the day. And not only that, I also deeply believe that at this time the brain starts to interconnect the hundreds of thousands of ideas, memories, beliefs, concepts, insights, philosophies, etc. already residing in our minds with all of the new stuff we have fed our brains with throughout the day.

Now, the habits also continue to be reinforced without end as long as we continue to perform them. Habits which we feed every single day, for a very long time, become very strong and powerful habits. This are the habits that will be present and clearly express themselves even if the brain is invaded with strong mind-altering substances. This habits literally become us, they literally become the biology, the chemistry, and the structure of our brains.

The habits could become so strong, that a person feels and becomes very anxious, frustrated, or irritated when he or she is not able to carry out their super strong habit cultivated for many many years.

The habits can get so strong that a person would still have a lot of trouble in stopping them even when they have consciously seen how harmful they are, and have consciously decided and agreed that they must stop that habit immediately.

On the bright side though, the same is true about good, constructive, productive, enlightening, healthy, happy, and positive habits. Habits of any sort, attract feelings, emotions, sensations, thoughts, and behavior which matches the nature of that habit.

This, then means, that we cannot only create habits of things we do, or the way in which we do them, but we could also create habits of what we feel, how we feel, which sensations run through our bodies, our moods, our thoughts, our behavior, and thus our life.

So, remember, there is no habit that surpasses the strength of your willpower. If you train it and feed it, you should easily be able to have absolute control over your habits. And if you have control over your habits, then you have much more control over your life.

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Multiple Universes

We all live in the same universe. The same Objective universe that is. But we also all live in entirely different universes. Different Subjective universes that is. The objective universe allows us all to interact with each other, and share physical laws of the same objective universe. Meanwhile our own unique universe, the subjective universes allows us to personally live in a universe that’s entirely different than the subjective universe of any other human being that ever lived.

In my opinion that is the reason why, we all get to live in a universe that’s not only entirely different than the universe of anyone else, but is also entirely different than the universe you yourself lived in a month or two months ago. We are given great power to influence the universe in which we will be living. The knowledge, understanding, and power of the mind serves as a means to change the subjective universe which we experience at any given point. Therefore we must deeply know and understand that the subjective universe which we find ourselves in today, will not be the same universe in which we will find ourselves a month from now.

The level of growth and development of the mind determines the rate and quality of change for the subjective universe of a particular person. The body is capable of sensing changes in the subjective universe which it begins to inhabit and reacts to the changes in universe by expressing feelings and emotions.

Physical health, mental health, medicine, people, teachings, encounters, learning,  and everything which has any significant influence on the mind, leads to creating a change in the universe in which the body finds itself. The body lets us know the nature of that universe through emotions and sensations.

Many people decide to dwell and reside for a long time in a subjective universe which generates negative emotions. The person might, unconsciously, slightly alter the universe with natural daily life stimulation of the mind, but they still stay within a universe which creates a negative emotional tone. This is caused by ignorance with regards to the existence of infinite subjective universes, and the power to alternate within them with the use of the infinitely powerful mind.

All the different levels of subjective universes, give rise to the opportunity for many people on a higher state of consciousness to inhabit the same universe of people on a lower state of consciousness.

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See The Whole Painting

Life is a whole huge painting. A painting which is completed more and more, day after day.  God has given us a lot of control over the painting process, although many people do not posses a clear understanding of the nature and reality of the process.

Every day, we get to paint a little portion of the whole. A day is nothing but a very tiny portion of the whole painting. Although that is not to say that a day of painting is not extremely relevant and important with regards to the beauty of the whole.

The main problem which many people encounter is the fact that they too often confuse a day’s painting with the painting of the whole. Many people allow feelings, sensations, and emotions to originate on the misconception that a day’s painting is a lifetime’s painting.

And although the constant reminder, seen between the lines of good and bad times, should be enough to provide a deep and clear understanding of the nature of painting the whole, to many people lose hope and lack patience in the misconception of a few tiny strokes, which were not the best. Also, many times they fail to realize that we can also go back and modify the painting on each new stroke which God allows us to have every single day.

So, do not commit the terrible mistake of viewing a small dot as being the whole. But, Also, do not forget that every single dot is very important, since the combination of every single one of them forms the whole.

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Gone For A Little

If anybody was affected by my absence, I want to apologize. Although I doubt that anyone besides myself noticed the fact that I did not post anything for quite a while. Therefore, this is more of an apology to myself than anything else. And maybe it could serve as something I, or somebody else , looks at in the future, in an attempt to figure out what was my mind like at this stage of my life.

After writing that first paragraph, I felt this nice feeling, stimulated by a faint distant voice within myself that just told me: there’s a good chance you’ll become somebody one day and then a lot of people will come and read this. And then I, myself will come and also read it, to realize that it was true, I was indeed going to become somebody. Anyways, if it does happen, and you are reading this in the future, maybe 2028, 2029, 2030, or whichever date I just want to let you know that this is me from the past. Which is the same me from now, if God allows me to live, but with a younger mind, and body.

And if you are an Alien that invaded earth, I suggest that you get out of our planet and go back to your planet, or galaxy, or wherever in the universe you came from. Or you must learn our language and become a citizen of planet earth. Also, you need a passport, and will send a consulate to where you come from in the universe and we will give a visa to earth only to a select few.

People will probably hold on to an irrational pride of being citizens of the earth, and will make it irrationally hard for you to obtain the abstract and vague title of being a citizen. Once you become a citizen then you will have the support of the government and institutions because you finally got the paper which says your name and says that you are a citizen. And now, a bunch of ignorant people would suggest that the paper makes you automatically better than all non-citizens who are living on planet earth “illegally”.

Hopefully, there won’t be as much ignorance and the system won’t be as irrational then in the future, but for now all I can speak is from what I experience now a days. All I see is a bunch of people, who having nothing to brag about, or to be proud of, use the fact of having been born in America as something that makes them better than those who were born in another piece of land on earth.

So, since they had to make no effort, and no type of intelligence, understanding, or insight is required to be born on America then this is the perfect opportunity to create an abstract title which would somehow make you better.

Mind you, after you get the paper that says you are a citizen, you will not get any super powers, you will not be any smarter than you were the day before, you will not be any stronger, you will not be enlightened, you will not be taller, you will continue to be absolutely the same alien you were the day before, nut now you can say you are a citizen of earth, or the States. I don’t know how that will work with you guys.

Nevertheless, i must tell you that I have an enormous amount of respect for the man and women who fought, struggled, and really worked to build the philosophy and extremely powerful structure and base for this GREAT NATION. Without a doubt one of the greatest on this earth. Hopefully it remains the same  in the future when you see it. Hopefully you don’t even exist and never see it, and this serves simply as an expression of my thoughts and opinions for other human beings.

Anyways, if you happen to exist and see this, I just want to continue to make you laugh with this ironic truth. The Great Men who founded this nation, created it with a philosophy of freedom, liberty, and open arms to all those who are tired, hurt, and willing to embrace this philosophy and this nation. Thus, the strong philosophical base, highly influenced by the Bible and our belief in God, permitted millions and millions of “immigrants” from this same earth, who were willing to adopt the values and philosophies of this land, to come over and live on this land. Have kids on this land. bring their families to this land.

And, I personally believe that this strong philosophical concept of the beliefs, values, liberty, power, potential, and dreams of this nation penetrating in so many heads from so many different parts, and with so many different points of view, is what made this nation the greatest on this planet.

Now, here comes the irony. Those great men and women who came from many different places around the world and settled down on this nation, making it a great nation in the process, had children born here. And those children had children, and those children had children, and those children had children, until reaching the generation of today. Not your today but my today. I don’t know how things will be in your today. I can only tell you about my today.

Now, these children, for some, reason forgot that their grand parents, or great grand parents came from some other place. So now since they happened to be born here, now they think they own the land. Now, they think the land belongs to them, and the ironic part is: they don’t want people from other places, because they are not Americans and should go back to their “countries”.

All I can do is laugh, and wonder how irrational they must be to have no empathy with immigrants when they “hopefully” know the story of their grand or great grand parents. So, they are in a very funny way, hating on the very same process which allowed them the fact to be born here, or you could even argue, to be born at all, immigration.

But that is basically what is on my mind right now. I felt that for a long time, I failed to express the goofy and socio analytical nature of my personality on this blog, so I decided to simply leave a combination of both those traits of my personality on this post.

In all honesty I was not planning to write about any of this, but there was a feeling which just lead me to write all of what I just wrote. I was originally planning to express the reasons why I had not been able to write much. In a nutshell I have been kind of busy, and also fell into the temptation to simply write so many f the insights which I had throughout the period of silence in the notes for my phone. Yes, alien, we use phones in my times. Yes kids from the future, we had phones with cameras and internet on them. You will probably laugh at that in the future, but right now is the greatest technology, I can’t imagine how in the universe they’ll be able to make them any more advanced than this.

Anyways, That is all I have for now, I will try to make many of the ( I believe super powerful) insights on my phone notes, public through blog posts, and I will try my best to continue to share the billions of other insights I, God willing, will continue to discover. Hopefully, this helps somebody, somewhere at some point, it has helped me a lot. So long.

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